Make 2016 the year you your relationship with god stronger than ever

make 2016 the year you your relationship with god stronger than ever

But after my Easter church this year and the strange spiritual experiences I had, this .. I asked of experiencing something stronger with him but I had no response .. Throughout the relationship, I was leading her on and making her love me, I am here to tell you that God is more real than he has ever been, He is here!. June 14, It's less than 1% of the variation in overall marital satisfaction. Do you think happiness should be shared but anger should be suppressed? . Gottman's research shows that 3 years into the relationship, if you're not fighting . How they made it through and how they're stronger because of what happened. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a rut. We want to grow more in our relationship with God, but we just feel stuck. Maybe you find yourself regularly ignoring.

It is not so much about him knowing, but it is about you knowing where you stand, how weak you are in some areas or how strong you are. What are the things that will cause you to fail and what you can easily overcome.

make 2016 the year you your relationship with god stronger than ever

Please keep in mind, if we have a weak faith, then when trials come this will be shown. Do you need to have more faith when hard times comes? Do you have an angry problem that you need to deal with? Are you a patient person?

make 2016 the year you your relationship with god stronger than ever

These things will be reveal when your tested. Facing and overcoming the different mountains in our lives God may want to bless you. Job was a very wealthy man, but he was also a man that feared God as he served God faithfully.

Job was satisfied with all that he had accomplished, he had a beautiful wife and children, and he had a striving business, what else could any man want?

But God was not satisfied, he wanted Job to have more, he wanted to give Job a double portion of blessing. So he allowed the enemy to test Job Job 1: Many times we are going through somethings is because God wants to bless us but to do that we must go through some trials, we must be tested.

The trials we go through are not to destroy you, but they are to elevate you. It may not be that the Lord wants to bless you materially, but he may want to promote you at your job, in ministry or any other form of exaltation. When you endure the hardship, then you will fully understand what the Lord was doing and you will have joy. It may be rough now but glory comes after the pain.

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After the pain you will bear fruit, you will be bless, you will be promoted. God will test you and put you through trials so that you may know him more.

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Job knew Job, he had a relationship with him, but when Job came out of his months of suffering, when God delivered him he testified that his trials and all that he been through allowed him to know God at a deeper level. He developed a much closer relationship with God because of all he had to endured.

Whether it may be that for a moment you could not pay your bills and properly feed yourself and so had to rethink how you spend your money and find creative ways to buy goods, and earn more money. The truth is your experiences help you to grow. However, the sad truth is that many of us have allowed our experiences, our test and trials to break us, to make us bitter, to give up on life instead of making us stronger and better.

Here are 8 Things You Should Start Doing If you are going through something right now, if your being tested, if you are going through some trials right then you need to allow the Lord to do what he wants to do in your life. At times you will not understand why your going through some of the things your facing, but you should understand this, it is for your good.

5 Biblical Steps For Restoring Broken Relationships

For example, I am sure when you were going to school you never understood why you had to learn some of the things that were taught to you, I am sure you wanted to skip some classes, maybe even skip school all together.

But I am sure that those lessons have had some positive impact on your life today or sometime in the past.

Question, did those lessons destroy you? Some of the task that were given to you though hard at times, did they destroy you? The same is true for the trials you are facing or will face. My advice to you is to go through it.

The truth is you will not always know when your being tested by the Lord. Tweet I have a friend who says that relationships are like gardens, they must be cultivated.

She also said that the most difficult thing to restore is a broken relationship. Though it is difficult to do, broken relationships can be restored and as with other issues of life, the Bible has guidance for this.

Here are 5 Biblical steps for restoring broken relationships. Cultivation of a relationship requires hard work and much love. Lovingly remind others in a broken relationship that you care for them.

Tell them you are committed to restoring the relationship and keeping it healthy. Ask them if they are willing to do the same.

make 2016 the year you your relationship with god stronger than ever

Commitment to the relationship is the first step to restoration and all parties in the relationship must be committed to it. Humble Yourself Commitment, humility, time, forgiveness and proper communication … Do this now, my son, and deliver thyself, when thou art come into the hand of thy friend; go, humble thyself, and make sure thy friend.

God loves a humble heart and He will be glorified when you take this brave step forward and admit how your actions contributed to the breakup.

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Your humble attitude will show the love of Christ and possibly cause others to do the same. When our relationship with the Lord is right all other relationships on earth fall into place. Then when He gives an answer trust Him to make it happen. Ask Forgiveness and Grant Forgiveness For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

When you ask forgiveness the forgiving party forfeits their right to ever bring it up again.

make 2016 the year you your relationship with god stronger than ever

We can choose to remember the transgressions no more, just as the Lord does Isaiah Forgiveness is a key component to restoration of a relationship. Remember the Rules of Communication Moving forward with a healthy relationship requires proper communication. These four simple rules are easy to remember and priceless when applied.