How to assert your dominance in a relationship

How To Be Dominant With Women (Use Mind Control To Dominate Her)

how to assert your dominance in a relationship

Don't you hate it when your girlfriend suddenly takes control and becomes the dominant one in the relationship? Well, who doesn't? I won't beat around the. You're responsible for her, for the kids, for the relationship, for the . When she does a good job, it's your duty as the dominant figure to .. It's interesting to me that you seem to advocate asserting dominance over a girlfriend. “Derek, I need you to teach me how to be dominant with women, fast.” “Whoa, hold your.

If she already has a job, then do your best to make sure you make more money than her. Make the major decisions Do your best to be the mature one in the relationship.

Be the one who handles all of the money, and who mainly makes all of the final big decisions. Be the one who keeps a budget and who controls her spending. You have the final say.

How To Be Dominant In Your Relationship

This is how you dominate a relationship. You make the decisions, and you make the decisions right, whether or not you made the best decision or not. Be the alpha male Let me explain what it means to be an alpha male. When you go on dates, you never let a woman pay for anything. You are the leader. The friends that you have look up to you as the leader, and if not, you get new friends.

But be careful, the more you use it, the less powerful it will be each time. Ghost on her for three days This means ignoring her calls while having the self-discipline to not contact her. Reappear with a bombshell text Your first message to break the deadlock should go like this: Let her imagination run wild.

By the way… Do you notice the range of emotions we are taking her through here? And finally confused and shocked by your break up message.

Control Your Partner: How To Be Sexually More Dominant In Bed

Remember that pain bonds people on a deep level? No woman will let you go out like that. She will also want to know your reasons. At this meeting is when you will seal your domination over her. Use Fractionation on her.

Control Your Partner: How To Be Sexually More Dominant In Bed

Fractionation is a Mind Control technique. It was reputedly first discovered by Sigmund Freud, the preeminent psychologist. Later, it was used by hypnotherapists to treat their clients.

In layman terms, Fractionation is about making a woman emotionally addicted to you. But a word of warning: Make no mistake now… Techniques like Fractionation are psychologically manipulativeno question about it. Do it, but do it with your eyes open.

OK, enough with the lecture. Within minutes, you could learn a valuable skill that will put you in control of all your relationships for the rest of your life. Enrolling in the Masterclass is easy. All you need to do is click on the link below: Unfortunately, asking for permission all the time will degrade your image in the eyes of women and they will end up respecting you less because of it. Never ask her for her opinions. Her opinion, as you already know, may not be helpful at all. Manipulate Her Emotional Weaknesses Have you ever wondered why women seem to behave so irrationally, and can be completely unpredictable at certain times?

There are certain vulnerabilities which are hard-wired inside the female psyche which make them behave like that. And because they have no control over these vulnerabilities, they have no control over their irrational and unpredictable behavior as well.

how to assert your dominance in a relationship

Yes, it can be that easy! No credit card required. Seriously, it will change your life, and I am not saying that lightly. Flex Those Emotional Muscles Fact: Be strong enough to stick to the decisions that you make.

how to assert your dominance in a relationship

Seducing a woman takes a lot of heart and a lot of emotional, not only physical strength. Have a strong backbone and avoid asking for too much advice from other people just to justify your choices. Flex those emotional muscles! This tactic is found on Page 7 of the Action Checklist which you can download for free here.