How spice up your relationship

Boring Boyfriend? 20 Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

how spice up your relationship

Check out the best techniques to spice up your relationships at Take a chance tonight and spice up your relationship with. One way to reconnect and add some stimulation to your relationship is by doing new things together. Come up with a list of things that you would both like to try. Spice up your relationship with these ten tips to help you have more sex and enjoy your partner.

Increase your libido Last but not the least, you need to boost your libido. There are many foods which can increase your libido and sex drive. These conditions serve as a control factor, you can set rules such as no sleeping with clothes on and that different styles should be used interchangeably.

You and your partner should always take time to prepare yourselves both emotionally and psychologically. Simple kissing and cuddling for a few minutes will always get you into the mood. Romantic songs such as cool love songs will blow your moment, tune on some soft music to capture your mind from external distractions so that your mind is fully involved in the whole activity. Concentration spices up your whole moment.

Create a serene environment for your activity, clean and romantic. Get the right sleeping pajamas and comfortable bedding.

how spice up your relationship

Ensure that your pajamas are light and loose, you mattress should be comfy and attractive. Romantic scents and perfume from your pajamas does it all. With concise direction and different styles you avoid monotony of styles and spices up the entire relationship. Use different styles for different days. A little wine and dance. You and your partner can toast to some romantic wine and dance to some soothing music. This will set the mind properly for the activity ahead and gets the two of you into the right tune.

how spice up your relationship

Be outright and aggressive. Nothing is more erotic than using a little aggression, tell her what you want and how you want to take her. Surprisingly this might turn her on more that you. Each day, your first date. Surprise her every time, make her feel special and loved. Offer her comfort and kiss her gently away from her worries and concerns.

This turns out to be very romantic and captivating. You consider the drive-thru a tad on the boring side. Only to hit Taco Bell. They are open late!

How to Spice Up Your Relationship

Definitely one of the signs that he's getting boring. Watching your boring boyfriend sitting on the sofa scratching himself was not what you had in mind when you said you wanted to spend all day with him and wake up with him by your side. You wanted snuggling on the sofa, reciting poetry, feeding each other chocolate dipped strawberries, while watching romantic comedies on television.

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What you got was Al Bundy. Not what you were thinking! You used to spend hours at night under the stars talking about your hopes and dreams. Now the only time your boyfriend looks at the sky with you is to decide how long until it rains. A little more boring, than romantic. The first thing you need to address is you. Are you contributing to the lack of spice in your life? You might be a little on the boring side yourself. There is nothing wrong with getting comfortable. It tends to be a positive sign of a safe and content relationship.

However, it can eventually lead to dissatisfaction if allowed to go on too long or too an extreme.

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A couple days a week, grab your grubby gear and get comfy. The rest of time, dress nice. Take care of yourself physically and emotionally. Bragging about him to your family and friends; especially if he is in earshot, will have his chest puffed up in no time. When his male friends are around, toss a complement his way in front of them. Try not to make it look staged or over the top. It could come off as signs of being sarcastic and snarky.

Find that happy medium. Be consistent with the complements. When your boring boyfriend is not busy and you have a few moments, have a conversation with him about some of your favorite memories of the two of you together. Thing she bought you, places you went, romantic trips, sexual encounters, dreams you wished for together, or hopes you still want.

how spice up your relationship

Throw out little nuggets. Keep it to praising what you have done together. You remember that night we stayed up till 4 a.

That was a great night. What do you want for breakfast? Touch is one of the most important parts of an intimate relationship. Sex does not count.

This strategy is about innocent touching. When you walk by your boyfriend, place a hand on his back, his arm, or his shoulder. Offer to scrub his back in the shower.

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Surprise Your Boring Boyfriend: However, to care about someone is to pay attention to their needs and wants and to provide for them.

So instead of being subservient or feeling that showing extra care for someone is somehow a negative on your character, do this as little or as much as you see fit. These actions are signs of how much you care about him and that you notice him. Ask your boring boyfriend to watch a TV series with you.

Pick out a few different ones for him to choose from. It can either be one that you can binge watch together or a few current ones that you can anticipate and discuss together throughout the week. Make the choices from categories that you both like, but try to keep the topics exciting sex, fighting high energy type shows or comedies. Having something in common together is vitally important to sustaining a relationship.

You can also pretend that he comes to the house as a service man and the two of you have an immediate sexual attraction that must be acted on. Make dates for sex. You make dates to go see a movie or have dinner, so you can also make a date to have sex. This is especially necessary for those of you with children. Schedule some alone time for love making, and be sure to remove any children's gear from the bedroom or - better yet - check into a hotel.

Remember - during this time, you are lovers, not parents. Take turns planning sex dates. By taking turns planning activities, it makes both of you think about what the other one desires. She may desire a romantic room lit with candles; he may desire a hot bath and a massage. Take a weekend away. If you can arrange it, take some time away together. Stay at a relaxing bed and breakfast or get a little more creative.

There are hundreds of themed hotel rooms out there - do a little research and have a sexy good time. Get the adrenaline flowing.