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This step requires a good latency and a bit of awareness. When a mage wants to make sure you stay in CC, he will follow the first sheep with another possible cast of sheep to counter your trinket.

So wait a bit before using your trinket. This step is usually done by seasoned and experienced mages. Reverse sheep is when the mage is low in health and he aims to cast Polymorph on your spell reflect so it gets reflected back at him and he gets healed by it.

If the mage is low in health and he does that, cancel your reflect. If you want to avoid the sheep by him, you can either bash him, fear him, intercept him, or go in Bladestorm mode.

Usually when mages summon this pet, it means the mage now has an extra immobilization spell and extra damage. Whenever you get in melee range of this guy, bash his cast and rend him and kill him whenever it's safe. This pet is a good source for Overpower procs. This step is something that I do personally, I don't know if it's good or bad, and I don't know if it will be of any use for you, but as soon as the mage gets out of Ice Block, I fear him.

You can force him to use trinket using this step. Rogues will always start in stealth and aim for your back, this much everyone knows. But very few of these people noticed the secret in that fact; attacking from back. Knowing this much, I knew how to counter rogues openings by giving my back to walls and LoS objects. This alone pissed off 3 or 4 of some good rogues and they called me gay for it lol.

I was amazed by the effectiveness of this counter-move and was glad it worked. Anyways let's focus on regular fights where nothing guards your back and the rogue gets his chance to start on you.

First you need to go in defensive stance and equip shield and 1h wep and if possible have resilience gear set with corroded skeleton key on. You might get sapped at first, don't use berserker rage and just wait it out. Now he will cheap shot you secondsthen kidney shots you seconds.

Now you have two scenarios to deal with this situation and you can choose one of them, either trinket the first kidney like I usually do or wait it out.

In both ways, you have to try getting behind the rogue immediately and rending him, or use piercing howl and try to get some distance from the rogue, possibly using Bladestorm if you are slowed as well, and then charge and rend. There are other ways in which you can get a rend on the rogue in different situations: You are slowed and dead-zoned by the rogue.

He keeps running around you and keeping you locked in that deadzone. If you go away from him, he gets in. If you go in, he gets out from your melee range. Here's a simple way to counter this situation: First use piercing howl on him and get him slowed. Now that you're sure he's slowed, go in.

Go to his direction until you make him move away from you to the other direction. Some rogues will immediately shadow-step you and try to dismantle you, so you better do this step fast enough.

Trinket the kidney and use fear, run and charge and rend. But this doesn't always work. Getting a rend from the rogue's back: Players can't avoid hits from their backs, even if they have popped evasion or whatever. You can try getting a rend from a rogue's back. Maybe pop retaliation sometimes just to make them try running away and give you their backs? Also, Make sure you got Aesa or any addon that tells you when DR wears off of you, if you want to know when a reset is coming your way, in case you want to be ready with a defensive CD.

Just charge in and rend, MS, and do some damage and make sure you can get OP to proc. If he uses fear, zerk it and intercept in, and make sure you try bashing the second fake cast as soon as it starts. Good Spriests will almost always fake cast the first VT If your bash fails and you have reflect ready and no Overpower, run away from the priest and reflect his VT while running, then intercept in and charge in, just to keep him busy until bash or overpower comes back.

Make sure to BS immediately if you manage to silence the priest, since his disarm is shadow-school. Use heroic strike to increase your burst on him. Things to keep in mind: Aim for and anticipate the second incoming fake-cast and bash it as soon as it starts.

This is the best way to bash vs good Spriests. Recklessness for second fear: There will be 2 fears when you fight vs Spriests.

The first can be easily countered by Zerk rage while the second one is the dangerous one. To counter the second one, you will need to pop recklessness or Bladestorm. Get Aesa to know when the fear will be ready. Get UA as much as possible. This is a killer step to win vs Spriests. Even if you end up getting VTed, as long as there is a UA on him, you can still out-damage him. When your spell reflect, Overpower, Shield bash is on cooldown, you can stop the priest's casts with running away and charge and intercept and fear until your wanted skills get refreshed.

Only use it after the priest fears. Especially the second one. Intercept the priest when his disperse is about to end. You can sacrifice spell reflect and use it as a decoy for the spriest to cast a VT that you can foresee. Like he will waste the reflect by a spell then immediately after it he will cast VT. That VT should be easy enough for you to fore-see so you can bash it as soon as it starts.

I wouldn't recommend doing this, but this is what I do sometimes. Right after I get UA on them, I keep dealing damage and take him down faster than he can do me. Some Spriests depend on the fact that most warriors will equip 1h wep and shield when they are about to bash. Some of them don't know that warriors can simply go in berserker stance and keep their 2H wep on and do damage while still able to interrupt their casts with pummel.

You can use this fact at your advantage against any caster. There's nothing that you can do to win these kids. These are my favorite kind of duels, since I mostly win anyways lol.

While it is true that warrior vs warrior is RNG-based, there are still things that you can do to increase your chance of winning. The key to win here is bigger damage.

The question is, when both warriors are equally geared, how will you deal more damage than him? I will give you some tips: This is my personal move and motto as a warrior whenever I'm against another warrior. I mount at the start of duel and jump his charge. As soon as his charge misses, I immediately charge him afterwards. Right after you or he opens and you both clash and slash for a while, run away from the warrior trinket the slow if you have to and make sure he's slowed and intercept in and use MS or a major damage skill to increase your total damage over his.

Despire what many people might say about this, this is a powerful step and it deals quite alot of pain. Sometimes kite and run away. Or Shield block and spam revenge. Or run away from him.

Or fear if he has no rend on him. Try kiting the warrior and running away from him until the MS on you expires and then use ER to get the maximum effect from it. Minimizing the damage at start: You can start with shield block at first since the trinkets will always proc at the start of the duel.

Popping shield block and spamming revenge if he is in battle stance, or if he does the same as you, go battle stance while still keeping the wep and shield and just spam overpower. Sometimes I do this whenever I see an intercept coming my way. You could try it as well, dunno. Any incoming damage afterwards will be simply lethal. Expect nothing less than 8kk from a single shield slam from a fully BiS warrior. Prot warriors own any class in terms of pure damage, hands down.

Not even a lock can keep up with the amount of pain that a prot warrior can unleash upon you, let alone a prot warrior who gets revenge procs off of melee attacks. But luckily for you, you are Arms specced warrior with Second Wind and Crazed-something Healing talent from fury tree.

WotLK [PvP Guide] Medios's Arms warrior

The amount of stuns and charges a prot warrior gets on you, will keep your health regenerating most of the time. Still, even with the healing you get, a prot can get you rekt. Here is how to deal with them: The constant stuns should keep your health regenerating. Also, Glyph of OP helps vs these guys. Honestly, I don't have very extensive knowledge about these guys, since I haven't really memorized what spells they use at which times and so on. Most of my fighting methods with them comes instinctly rather than anything else.

I can, however, provide you with tips when fighting them: Giving your back to a tree will be extra. So as soon as you see him in bear form with low health, immediately use reflect. If he however succeeds in doing so, and you still have your trinket, then wait until he finishes cycloning you and starts casting regrowth, then immediately trinket and bash that cast.

Also, avoid dueling ferals when your wall is on CD. You will most likely lose. For a sure success, you will need a tree vs these guys. If not, then you will need wall. Otherwise, tough luck, bro. Anyways, the fight will be nothing too complicated.

As soon he pops starfall and summons trees on you, you can deal with the situation in many ways: Also remember to pop reflect if he tries to cyclone you. That includes the bear form step in feral druid section. Vs Warlock with Succubus: These guys are the most annoying of all the people I fight in duels. Simply put, Succubus warlock has the upper hand on most of the classes regardless of how well the warlock plays.

Warlocks with succubus have a high chance of beating warriors which is sad. I find it funny when some warlocks with succubuses consider themselves skilled, don't you? But enough of that.

[Guide] 2v2 Holy Paladin/Arms warrior Guide + Random tips and tricks for lesser rated players

Here are some tips vs them: Skeleton Key trinket is a huge bonus. Not a single second later. Because some good warlocks will simply take the risk and cast you to death if your health is low enough.

Aside from that, they can't fear you while you are BSing. That should give you some idea on when to reflect. I will make this one Short. Equip your burst gear or as many arpen offparts as possible and burst the guy down. Use all your CDs and show him no mercy. I have fought DKs in many styles. None of them beat what I mentioned just now. Don't go with resil setup or with corroded key.

Intervening your paladin when MS is about to run out to get it can also turn the game and make sure your paladin will survive the warrior.

Coordinate freedom with peels so your paladin can easily get behind the pillar. Tunnel the paladin the entire game with random peels or tunnel the warrior the entire game.

If they tunnel the paladin: Stick on the shaman at all times, have your paladin LoS the shaman while tanking the warrior — the shaman will run oom or die fast unless your paladin mess it completely up.

Tips and tricks Running into the bladestorm when you get hexed will break it and is a really good trick to avoid CC.

Divine sacrifice a hex to save a trinket. If the mage is arcane, the game is much more simple, train the mage till he dies, he only got one block, so he should die by the second bladestorm. Reflecting a sheep when they try to burst the paladin will often save a major CD. You should never ever lose to this setup unless you fall asleep or they get crits in a row. Sit on the lock the entire day and oom the shaman, or make hard swaps on the shaman and kill him that way.

They should never be able to kill you if you just stick on the lock, simply because his pressure will be laughable low, plus the shaman will be too busy spamhealing the warlock. Few switches on the pet aswell to drop it, if you kill it twice, you save around mins of fighting.

Save divine sac for the hex, saves you a trinket. UA the locks cast at all cause, it makes him do insanely low pressure. Fearing to force a trinket on the shaman so you can HOJ him full whenever is needed is really useful.

The Paladin should be stomping totems all the time if possible. The main thing to do here is simply keep pressure high and for the love of god, NEVER let your paladin gets feared.

On to the tactic — they have two tactics they use a lot, either: If they decide to train you into oblivion and back again, they will open with a sap on the paladin and CS KS you with tricks and everything with the priest assisting dispels. If he does, disarm the rogue and intervene charge to get MS up atleast and have your paladin pick you up afterwards. After this the fight is simply, dodge fears and create pressure on the rogue and priest. Make sure you bladestorm when the rogue got disarm down, or when the rogue is far enough away from you to avoid the dismantle.

HOJing the rogue and silence the priest only works for horde team to avoid a dispel on the HOJ while bladestorming the priest is a winner. Revenge spam does hurt a lot on the rogue jk nerfed — and even with the nerf, it can still be useful.

Disarm the rogue when he got full energy or if you really really need it, disarming him at lower energy will simply make him burst you once the disarm is down.

The fight is pretty simple.