Arcadia high school california track meet

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arcadia high school california track meet

Arcadia Apaches track & field. Custom Products. Visit Store · Custom T-Shirts. Apaches T-Shirts. Custom Bags. Apaches Bags. Custom Warm Ups. Apaches. Arcadia High School Track & Field and Cross Country - Arcadia, California. License HY-TEK's Meet Manager Apache Invitational - 10/30/ Arcadia County. View event, athlete, and team results for this meet. Date/Time: Apr , ; Location: Arcadia High School, Campus Drive, Arcadia, CA, USA (Get Directions) .

A family friendly spot.

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Not too crowded at night either. Parking can be found on the street or in a parking lot off of Campus Drive. A great alternative to the Rose Bowl loop. I use the track in the evenings. This is a nice and safe place to workout.

Arcadia Invitational

My only complaint is that there should be signs explaining track etiquette so that the runners and walkers don't interfere with each other. I love this track. I've got two dodgy knees and one messed up ankle, and I can put in miles on this track and while I might be sore the next day, I'm still okay to walk. By contrast I ran 2 miles on pavement and my knees were killing me the next day. The only downer, and this is not a criticism of the track so I'm not deducting any Stars, are the clueless walkers oblivious to track etiquette.

Anyone who knows anything about running tracks knows walkers and slower runners use the outside lanes, but not the Walkers of Arcadia High.

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Couples will walk hand-in-hand. Gaggles of Asian Moms will walk abreast. They all toddle along as if out for a Sunday stroll, and they all use the inside lanes.

arcadia high school california track meet

It's a great track, if you can put up with the Walkers. One of the most well taken care of tracks around. I am in awe that it is actually opened to the public. Most of the time, when a track is this nice, it is often closed off. I come here about three times a week to run off everything that I have eaten.


The track is crowded most days with walkers and other joggers, however, that doesn't necessarily stop me. If most walkers would learn to walk on the outside lanes and not the inside lane that would make the experience so much better.

arcadia high school california track meet

Buuuuuutttttt, I guess beggers can't be choosers! This place is very safe also. I am the person that feels that almost everyone in Los Angeles county and damn near Cali for that matter is either a rapist or murderer.

I feel totally safe at this track as I like to let my mind wander as I am listening to music and running.

arcadia high school california track meet

The boys locker room and bathroom by the baseball field is disgusting. Like a Turkish prison. What a shame to spend all the money on external appearances and let the infrastructure rot. One of the prettiest tracks I've ever been to! The boyfriend and I come here to train frequently. PROS - Open to the public except for during school hours - Accessible - Attractive track and field - Kept clean - Bathrooms, when open, are adequate and stocked with toilet paper - Lit at night CONS - Can get crowded with other joggers and walkers - Football and soccer games cockblock training sessions - When the bathrooms are locked, there's a porta-potty, which is convenient but disgusting!

After its passage, workers began construction and Arcadia High welcomed its first freshman and sophomore classes in September However, many students had to attend their first year of high school at First Avenue, the oldest school in Arcadia, erected in The new buildings were built in the next two years and by the school year, all high school students in Arcadia were together at Arcadia High.

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The change was influenced by the U. Supreme Court decision Tinker v. Des Moineswhich stated that students do not "shed their constitutional rights They gained the right to elect a representative to attend school board meetings and speak for the student body.

Since then, enrollment has rapidly increased.

arcadia high school california track meet

In the s, the demographics of the school dramatically changed. A large part of local property taxes are absorbed by the state, and Arcadia is the lowest funded unified school district in Los Angeles County. The two story structure includes general and special education classrooms, three computer labs, a television studio, graphic design and digital photography classrooms, and the high school's career center and health, counseling and administrative offices.