The pearl relationship between kino and juana

Comparing and Contrasting Characters

the pearl relationship between kino and juana

Nov 29, The Pearl that Kino and Juana found changed their lives forever. "He struck her in the face with his clenched fist and she fell among the. The difference between these two acts symbolizes the way Kino's Though she does not look into the pearl with Kino, Juana recognizes that Kino's visions are. The relationship of Juana and Kino in “The Pearl”, by John the trust, love, and devotion felt between the couple, however in the middl.

Juana and Kino begin what appears to be their daily morning routine.

the pearl relationship between kino and juana

Active Themes Kino watches a crowd of industrious ants and coaxes a shy dog that has wandered over to their hut, as Juana makes the cakes and sings to Coyotito. It is a morning like all others, safe and whole.

the pearl relationship between kino and juana

A tone of safety, quiet, gentleness, and mutual care is established. Active Themes Breakfast sounds come from neighboring huts.

Two roosters look to be about to fight.

the pearl relationship between kino and juana

Their hut is permeated by natural sunlight. While nature so far the ocean, sun, ants has been a source of peace and quiet, here it becomes a source of danger, in the form of a poisonous creature.

the pearl relationship between kino and juana

Kino steps up as protector of the family as he seeks to take on the scorpion. Active Themes As the scorpion moves further down the rope, Juana prays in a whisper, an ancient prayer as well as a Hail Mary. Active Themes Kino is reaching for the scorpion when it freezes in place and flicks its tail. Kino stands by, feeling helpless. The family was powerless to the attack of evil; all they can do now is try to cure its effects. They all know that a scorpion bite can easily kill a baby, if sufficient poison has seeped in.

Active Themes Just as Kino is admiring her fortitude, Juana demands that the doctor be gotten. Active Themes Her request, both wonderful and surprising because the doctor never visits their neighborhoodspreads quickly through the neighbors.

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When word gets back that the doctor will not come, Juana decides that the family will go to the doctor themselves. That her request is considered wonderful, because rarely fulfilled, reveals just how marginalized the brush-house community is from the city. It also illustrates Juana's remarkable dedication to her family. Active Themes The neighbors follow at the heels of Kino and Juana as they walk to and arrive at the city, replete with plaster, stone, and fancy gardens. Juana answers, 'We will, Father.

And we will be married now.

Greedy Over Needy (The Pearl Rap Battle between Kino and Juana)

Kino has said so. Juana is suspicious, but she listens to Kino and allows the doctor to treat Coyotito.

the pearl relationship between kino and juana

She is becoming frightened by the pearl and can see that Kino is as well. That night, Kino is attacked. Juana turns on the pearl. It will destroy us…Throw it away, Kino. Let us break it between stones.

Let us bury it and forget the place. Let us throw it back into the sea. It has brought evil. Kino, my husband, it will destroy us. The next night, Kino is attacked again.

Comparing and Contrasting Characters

Let us destroy it before it destroys us. Let us crush it between two stones. Let us - let us throw it back in the sea where it belongs. Kino, it is evil, it is evil! Juana tries to sneak out of the house and throw the pearl back in the sea, but when Kino catches her, he beats her.

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After leaving her on the beach, he begins to walk home and is attacked again, but ends up murdering his attacker. Juana finds him and treats his wounds. As he regains consciousness, the first thing he asks about is the pearl.