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zonal swimming meet sitting

City of Leeds Swimming Club and Leeds City Council Swim Training . Zonal Strength and Conditioning . session, this consisted of sit ups, press ups etc. Swimming Championships and Competition Hosting Agreement. award will be selected from the nominees of the Zonal Emerging Swimmer of the Year. .. The chief timekeeper shall assign the seating positions for all timekeepers and the. Shooting. Swimming Triathlon. Volleyball (Sitting) Placement at Regional/Zonal Championships or Regional Games. 3. Placement in.

When a team wins a rally, it scores a point and the right to serve, and its players rotate one position clockwise. The athlete does not have to be in contact with the floor at all times. If the ball lands on the boundary line, it is considered to be in-bounds. The opposing side is awarded a point and the serve. Katie Holloway Two-time Paralympian Katie Holloway is the face of Team USA's sitting volleyball team and a strong believer in the power of both able-bodied and adaptive sports.

Proving that you don't need two legs to be an outstanding athlete, the six-foot, three-inch teenager excelled in both volleyball and basketball at Lake Stevens High School in Lake Stevens, Washington. She was recruited to play Division 1 basketball at Cal State Northridge, making her the first and only woman with a prosthetic limb to play NCAA basketball.

Women's Sitting Volleyball Team and quickly proved her mettle, scoring the most points for her team in her Paralympic debut at the Beijing Games on their way to winning silver. The models presented below are examples.

zonal swimming meet sitting

Physical Impairment Visual Impairment Intellectual Impairment Each player on a team is allocated one of two sport classes: It is also a way for parents to meet other parents and also to get involved by volunteering. There are 4 levels of licences a meet can have: Level 4 being the lowest and 1 the highest. If a meet is licenced, times obtained will be registered with ASA rankings.

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All our club meets are licenced at level 4 and open to all age swimmers in our club. Open meets are only open to swimmers 9 or over. They will be licenced at level 1—3, the higher the level the faster the swimmers it is aimed at.

Sitting Volleyball: Paralympic Classification Interactive

Swimmers from different clubs compete as individuals. At a Gala clubs compete against each other with a team of swimmers. These tend to be unlicensed so times do not get posted to ASA rankings. Swimmers are selected by the coaches. The club competes in 2 leagues: The National Arena League which is a national competition and takes place with three rounds in October, November and December.

The National Arena League is split into 7 areas see chart. This is divided into five divisions over three levels: Hart SC sits in Division 2 West.

zonal swimming meet sitting

The Hants and South Coast Leagues which has several smaller leagues just for clubs in the area aimed at different levels of swimmers. We choose the ones we want to take part in each year and this year will take part in the Minor League and Premier League. A Guide Competitive pool swimming goes from the grassroots to the highest levels in the Olympic programme.

There are two types of pool swimming competitions: Always pay particular attention to the qualifying times for Open Meets as these vary considerably. In all cases, the minimum age for entering an Open Meet is 9 on the last day of the Meet some of these Meets are not suitable for Masters - please check conditions.

For Club Championships there is no minimum age except for all m single stroke events, freestyle and IM. Swimmers are not expected to enter all Meets: If in doubt, please speek to your coach for advice on which Open Meets to enter.

zonal swimming meet sitting

Licensed swimming meets The ASA operates a system of licencing to ensure that appropriate competition is offered to all abilities. There are presently four licence levelsLevel 1 being the highest. Each level has different organisational requirements, such as entry time limits, provision of electronic timing, qualification of officials, swim down facilities, etc.

For competitors, the more significant differences are the level of ability at which they are targeted and the way in which entries may be limited. Level 1 For swimmers seeking up to National and Regional qualification. Lower limit times only the swimmer must be faster than a specified time.

The ASA sets a minimum standard for the lower qualification time. Held in long course pools 50m only. Level 2 For swimmers seeking up to National and Regional qualification.

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Held in short course pools 25m only. Upper and lower limit entry qualifying times apply the swimmer must be within a specified time band. Qualification times vary widely and may be dependent on the date that the competition is held within the season but may not be faster than National Qualifying times.

zonal swimming meet sitting

Held in short course 25m or long course 50m pools.