Honda prelude rear wheel drive swap meet

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honda prelude rear wheel drive swap meet

Honda Prelude UK shared a post. Nigel Clark to Honda Prelude UK new rear wheel bearings & rear discs & pads, in very good condition, drives lovely. Looking to swap for a 12 to 16ft half cabin cruiser The prelude is in excellent Honda Prelude Hardly Driven Second Owner - Female driver. The Honda Prelude is a sports coupe which was produced by Japanese car manufacturer The four-wheel independent struts, brakes, and engine were all borrowed from the . The front and rear bumpers were revised on the new Prelude The rear front bumper .. "Rijden met Honda Prelude" [Test drive: Honda Prelude].

But as the wing is an option for lesser models, and the alloy wheels are the same as those on the 2. Badge-spotting helps identify this Corrado as the one with the correct number and arrangement of cylinders. Five-spoke Speedline alloys are a bit of a clue, but they're all you get, for otherwise, all's as before.

The Corrado's the oldest design here, but still quite a looker, despite its out-of-vogue chunkiness. It's as unusual and distinctive as the Honda, and conceals its humble Golf origins.

honda prelude rear wheel drive swap meet

During an early-morning motorway cruise to Exmoor, the two-door foursome have the chance to reveal only a part of their natures; an important part, nevertheless. Honda and VW assail the ears with a bawling match between rubber and tarmac; of the pair, the Japanese car is the bad dude of the decibels, though the Corrado is only half a holler away. If there's excessive wind or engine noise, neither gives you the chance to find out. Both have suspension that, when traversing motorway joining strips or poor repairs, seems over-firm; they're even more harsh, and noisy too, on fractured, fissured, urban roads.

The Rover's ride quality isn't that much better in town, but at least it's quiet about its agitation. However, what all its higgledy-jiggling shows up is that body rigidity suffers a touch from being targa-topped.

The 's glass roof is comprised of a couple of panels which can be either tilted up at the rear individually or removed entirely, together with their centre dividing strut. A reflective coating on the glass holds sunrays at bay during top-on summer runs.

On the motorway the slight flexing isn't so apparent. Road roar is well suppressed, too, the engine being the greatest disturber of the peace. Overall noise levels are considerably lower than in the Corrado or Prelude, but the BMW leads the way for hush and harmony.

After any of the others, the Bee-Em is a haven of tranquillity: Its chassis almost six inches longer in wheelbase than its closest rivals here soaks up the lumps and bumps, while a stiff shell and good sound-proofing sponge up the din from all other sources.

Occasionally wind can be heard trying to nibble its way through the door seals, but it's much improved over early 3-series saloons in this respect. The airiest, most spacious, most comfortable cabin and seats of the quartet also endears the BMW to the motorway traveller.

Back-seaters will like it best, too: In spite of having the shortest wheelbase, the well packaged Corrado is next best for back-seat riders.

honda prelude rear wheel drive swap meet

The Rover's mean on headroom though there's plenty of space for legs while the Honda, which from outside looks the big boy of the group, will keep only Lilliputians happy. And Lilliputians' luggage is all the Prelude's boot is good for. Largest, by a couple of suitcases, is the Bimmer's boot, which can be extended further by folding the split rear seat.

Both the Corrado and Rover have folding seats, too; of the pair, the VW has the largest, best shaped luggage area. But enough of level-headed appraisal. Time for judgment by heart and soul. Exmoor beckons and the shortness of the day begs no further delay. First for the shakedown is the slowest against the stopwatch - the BMW.

Though its mph top speed is second only to the Rover's mph on a flat road the Turbo should be good for its claimed mph maximumin a through-the-gears grudge match its 8.

honda prelude rear wheel drive swap meet

Not that you need test gear to tell the Bimmer's off the pace in a straight drag race. It's got nothing like the low-down, crackerjack go of the others.

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Part of the problem is that although it has the second best power output - bhp at rpm - it's also the heaviest. Not even the newfound mid-range muscle provided by the VANOS variable camshaft timing system can help it out.

VANOS the initials stand for something that doesn't easily translate from German leaves the power of the cc valve twin-cam straight-six unchanged, but increases slightly maximum torque - now lb ft - and allows it to peak at rpm, lower than before. Microchips and a hydraulic switch valve control the camshaft timing. At engine speeds less than rpm the timing is retarded, reducing valve overlap to improve combustion, and making the engine run more smoothly.

For cleaner running some exhaust gases are sucked back into the mixture, cooling it and cutting NOx emissions and more efficient gas flow at higher engine speeds, the inlet cam timing is advanced, to increase valve overlap. Once the i is up and running, the sports car emerges. Throttle response sharpens, gets urgent. Storming performance is yours for the taking if you keep the tacho needle screwed round to the far side of rpm. For the BMW, holding high revs is no sweat.

Honda Prelude Engine Swap Pt.1

It thrives on them, laps 'em up. The engine's so dreamily smooth the rev limiter can sometimes be the prompt to change up, It never loses its decorum, yet at the same time sounds enough of a beast to satisfy the zealot. And it has other ways of rewarding the discerning. It makes you think harder about the way you drive, rather than just blundering along as front-drivers give you the freedom to do, It gets you more involved in the driving experience, and in the car's dynamics; it gives you a clearer understanding of the relationship between throttle inputs and steering.

All things you might think you don't really care about - until the Bee-Em stirs something in your psyche. It helps that the 3-series' sophisticated multi-link rear suspension takes the uncertainty and fear out of rear-wheel driving. In the dry, the back end wilfully resists the most concerted efforts to unstick it; it will let go on a rainy day, but you've got to provoke it. At moderate speeds, the Coupe's billowy damping can fool you into thinking that body control goes to pot at ten-tenths.

Instead, the 3-series shows remarkable composure, feels beautifully balanced. Across the moors, it's exhilarating.

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There are two reasons for this: The drawback is you've got to drive it like a competition car before it delivers the Big Thrill. The glorious soundtrack is composed by the VTEC-headed cc four-banger twin-cam. Saving on engineering costs doesn't seem to be a priority at Honda - this is a new engine, in addition to the current Prelude 2.

Each camshaft has two sets of lobes - mild and wild. At slow to middling speeds, the low-lift squad does the work, to help make the torque curve more presentable than it would be in a normal valver.

The high-lift lobes are hydraulically muscled in at about rpm, and start the fireworks display. The bhp engine sounds so good when it's cooking you'd swear a recording of Senna's F1 car is being piped into the cabin. It's a rapturous noise, especially at the point when the cam lobes swap over - it'll have you endlessly shoving the Prelude's short-throw gearlever around the box, just for the buzz of hearing it. It has enough fourth-gear punch to spar with any rival here.

And enough flat-chat go to outpoint all but the Rover. Like the BMW, it feasts on high revs, converting them into lightning-fast throttle response. Quick response is an attribute of the all-wishbone chassis, too. It's bestowed by the four-wheel steering, an electronic system, which takes into account vehicle speed and the rate at which the steering wheel's being twirled, in addition to steering angle.

Up to 18mph, the rear wheels steer in the opposite direction to the fronts, enabling the car to turn more tightly. At high speeds fronts and rears turn the same way, increasing stability. And at medium speeds it depends on the steering input, although the system reduces the counter-steer effect as road speed rises.

It takes a bit of getting used to, although the benefit in town is immediately obvious. There's a slight feeling of detachment through the narrow-rimmed, leather-bound wheel, at its worst at low speeds, and still evident at higher velocities.

In all but the tightest corners, the Prelude exhibits a stability and neutrality that inspires great confidence. It is possible to bamboozle the control box - pile into a corner too fast, a lot of lock on, scrubbing off speed as you go, and suddenly the system can elect to steer the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the fronts.

Unsettling for both car, and driver. It doesn't happen often, but it's worth remembering that it can. It's also worth bearing in mind that in extreme situations the Corrado, too, can give a little waggle at the back.

honda prelude rear wheel drive swap meet

Tight corner, too fast, turn too soar for the apex. In two days of hard driving over the moors this happened only the once, but it was a lesson learned.

Nevertheless, it doesn't detract from the fact that the Corrado is one of the world's most dependable handlers, a great forgiver of mishandling.

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But it isn't a dullard. Stick your index fingers into both corners of your mouth. That's how the Corrado makes you feel. As in the Honda, its hard-edged low-speed ride doesn't translate into flat-out jitters.

The faster you go, the greater the feeling of control and reassurance. It doesn't turn in as briskly as the Prelude, but its steering communicates better, puts you closer to the action. Neither lets you forget through which end the power is channelled, though. Talking of power, what a difference it makes to your perceptions of speed and progress, having six, rather than four, normally aspirated cylinders, Going fast seems so undemanding in the Volkswagen compared with the Honda, though the two are very evenly matched at the test track.

The Corrado's transversely mounted, bhp single-cam 2.

CRV Rear wheel conversion

Mid-range lustiness is just a toe-twitch away. Keep stretching the right hoof and you release a fresh burst of brio. There's no hysteria, no frenzy, just snarl and thrust.

honda prelude rear wheel drive swap meet

Thrust is something the Rover's not short of - any gear, any time. That is its strength, and its downfall. Because, sadly, under its chic, feline skin, this Tomcat's a dog. Forget the, 'An, but it's so much cheaper than the others,' argument. Its deficiencies are more fundamental than that, and price is no excuse for its flaws.

Consumer Guide had named the Accord a Best Buy on many occasions, and did so again for After praising the new models on many counts, the editors concluded: The wagon, designed in the U.

It wore specific rear-end styling with a single-piece liftgate. The SE mirrored like-named predecessors in having standard leather upholstery, but was also the first Accord to include four-wheel disc brakes with antilock control, an important plus for active safety.

It also boasted horsepower, 10 more than EX models. Previous SE Accords had been issued in the final year of a design generation as a sort of farewell gesture, but that wasn't the case here. ABS remained unavailable for other models, but a driver-side airbag became standard for all Accords. With the American market becoming ever more affluent, Honda became the first import brand to offer a separate luxury line, launching the Acura nameplate in The Acura Vigor was basically a stretched Accord with slightly different styling, a five-cylinder inline engine, and upscale trim and features.

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Sized and price between Acura's flagship Legend models and entry-level Integras, the Vigor aimed to answer to the well-received V6 Lexus ES at Toyota's luxury division. The Vigor proved a much tougher sell, however, though it would lead to more-popular midrange Acuras. Both included unique alloy wheels, leather upholstery, and premium Bose audio system, but the sedan was the only '93 Accord equipped with a passenger-side airbag.

Consumers had shown a marked preference for airbags over motorized shoulder belts, and twin inflatable restraints would soon be universal. Accord had taken some knocks for not having an available V6 engine like most other midsize cars. Even so, Consumer Guide said Honda's mainstay seller still "shines for high refinement and good performance even with the four-cylinder engine, plus fine ride, sensible controls, an airy low-cowl cabin with terrific all-round visibility, and standard [driver's] airbag.

The CD changer in the trunk, a dealer installed option, may not eject; CD magazines will be exchanged for redesigned units. Cars with high mileage may begin to shift more harshly; this may be corrected by adding a bottle of Lubeguard conditioner to the automatic transmission fluid. The parking brake may not fully release because a rivet on the brake rod is too tight. A squealing noise from under the hood is likely to be caused by a worn alternator bearing; it may have failed because the belt tension was too great.

Steering noise, If there is a squeak or squeal in the steering, especially when making a slow, tight turn, look for a label on the power steering reservoir that says PSF-V additive was added.

If the noise is still present after additive was installed, the right-side end seal on the steering rack will have to be replaced. Honda Accord Safety Recalls Front seatbelt release buttons can break and pieces can fall inside. Improperly attached washer in cargo area light may have fallen inside during assembly; if tailgate is open and switch is in its middle position, washer can cause short circuit that causes switch to overheat, resulting in fire.