Dallas swap meet 2012

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dallas swap meet 2012

🚨DFW VINTAGE SWAP MEET🚨 Date: December 3rd, Time: pm $5 Admission, Free Parking International Event Center LLC Royal Ln. 🔥THIS SUNDAY!🔥 * DFW VINTAGE SWAP MEET Date: August 5th, Time: pm $5 Admission, Free Parking International Event Center LLC. Galveston County Motorcycle/Car Swap Meet & Expo. Feb. 9. to Feb 10 Vendors/swap meet sellers $ per 10x10 space (Full Event) Dallas Moore . MARCH Mar 5 th Annual Windbreaker Swap meet, Livingston, MT . vifleem.info Dallas Thompson

Each year at different conventions, IHOGeek noticed a large amount of people are looking for love among legions of people just like them. This can certainly be daunting to even the most outspoken individual so they decided to organize a Geek Speed Dating event! The schedule for All-Con: February 10, Camden Toy is attending All-Con all three days! He played one of the Gentlemen in the Emmy Award nominated episode "Hush", the skin eating demon Gnarl, and the recurring role of The Ubervamp.

Photo Swap Meet – 12/1/18

Give Blood at All-Con You could save a life! February 9, We could go the "vampire" route to tie the blood drive into the convention theme, but the fact of the matter is, the donation of blood is something that we take very, very seriously. For you to take some time to generously give blood is a great and unselfish service. The person who ultimately receives your donation will probably be in a dangerous or life threatening situation.

Pate Swap Meet will offer thousands of car parts

Giving blood is easy, and Carter BloodCare even makes it convenient. You can click here to pre-schedule your donation day and time at All-Con! Pre-scheduling helps to plan your donation conventiently into your All-Con experience. Select a time and sign up: LINK Walk ins welcome; appointments will be taken first Have a good meal and drink plenty of fluids before your donation Information and Guidelines: February 8, Enjoy making YouTube response videos?

For a second year, Krystle Starr has created an All-Con fan film challenging you to do the same. Entries must be posted to the YouTube page as a response video for consideration. Entry deadline is March 14th but don't delay!

The sooner your video is posted the more views it can receive before the convention! We're all looking forward to seeing what you can do. Remember, the theme is: End of the World! February 7, Time for an Art Show inventory update!

dallas swap meet 2012

There are only a few display panels left, and plenty of room in the print shop! The Art Show tables are now sold out. All-Con may offer over events in one weekend, but the one and only must-not-miss convention feature is the Art Show. The Art Show is open daily to wander, relax, and take a brief break from all of the All-Con action.

dallas swap meet 2012

Most pieces are for sale if they happen to catch your eye. If you like excitement around your art there is a live auction Saturday evening. February 6, All-Con starts at 10am on Friday and doesn't stop the action until 5pm on Sunday!

Participating in late night and overnight content requires an occasional energy boost and NOS will be on hand in the Hospitality Suite supplying their energy drinks for those in need. For the second year in a row NOS is sending a limited supply of energy drinks for your enjoyment and consumption in the All-Con Hospitality Suite.

Whether you're trying to get through the small hours of the morning or in need of a NOS boost mid-day to see whole convention, NOS will have you covered at All-Con. Craft Cafe will present, "Knitting and Crocheting: Panelists will bring knitting and crochet project examples for people who already know the basics.

Photo Swap Meet – 12/1/18 – Art News DFW

Beginning knitters who have only used straight needles will learn how to use double-pointed needles dpns and cable needles. For the third year in a row the DFW Costumers guild invites All-Con attendees to gather together for a good old fashioned knitting circle.

Limited supplies will be available for use, but bringing your own supplies is encouraged. It's time now to start sorting through your collection, pulling out your fabric, evaluating your accessories, and sorting your production cells to find the pieces you're ready to part with -- in exchange for other exciting items! All-Con swap meets are the few places that you don't want to walk in to empty handed.

Southwest O Scale Meet

Plan ahead, pack carefully, and enjoy one of the most unique aspects of the convention! End Of The World?? Not For Super Heroes! February 3, It is the tradition at All-Con to wrap up the convention with our largest day Not even the end of the world can stop the super heroes and villains!

dallas swap meet 2012

A wise man once uttered, "Clothes don't make the hero, but they are a good start! Categories are open for villains, heroes, adults, and children alike. Presented by your friends at BDG Studios! Registration forms will be at BDG Studio's table during the convention.

January 31, The Crowne Plaza still has rooms at the discounted rate! We mailed out thousands of promotional postcards last week, and the email in-box lit up with people trying desperately to get a room.

As it turns out, there was a glitch in the reservations system so for everybody who was told there were no more discounted rooms, please try again. The hotel's phone number for reservations is: Judging from the response, those rooms are going to go fast! Two trains are operated simultaneously. Check out these YouTube videos of Mike's layout: Here are 5 pictures of Mike Ross' layout.

Click on the pictures to view a larger version of each. Mike Walter's layout is really two layouts in one room - the main layout is two-rail O Scale with a very clever and long!

  • Pate Swap Meet
  • HURST GUITAR SWAP MEET - Dallas/Ft Worth, TX area
  • Photo Swap Meet – 12/1/18

This year Mike will have operation over the full extent of the 2 rail mainline. Bill Hadley's Tarrant Traction Company: Bill's prior On30 Maine themed Monson Lakes layout hauled mostly wood products.

The forests were depleted, causing Bill to shut down the On30 operation and start his long-dreamed of traction layout. Bill expects to have some hand laid trackage operating by show time. This heavy industrial RR has 31 industries in four industrial districts.


The RR is operated by Train Orders with car cards and waybills. A six station phone system allows operators to communicate with the Dispatcher. The event is now operated by the Sidewalk Sale group, however, although they manage the lot and provide essential services, the sale is still a public domain institution.

Why is the sale referred to as being held "under the bridge"? And, under the bridge it remains. Ideal for and event outside with protection from rain.

Why do people shop at night? In the old days vendors did not have to pay for parking and the prime locations were first-come-first-serve. Thus, vendors began setting up earlier and earlier on Saturday morning and then on Friday night to secure the prime locations.

dallas swap meet 2012