Usag indiana state meet 2013

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usag indiana state meet 2013

Indianapolis, IN state. The NFHS and USA Gymnastics will assist in answering rules . Coaches and/or competitors during the meet shall not: a. Alaska moved their fall state meet by one weekend due to an earthquake and Level 10 Nationals are in Indianapolis, IN hosted by USA Gymnastics May. Meet Scores - Xcel NH State Championship MeetMeet Complete. May 17, - May 18, . Georgia USA Gymnastics Level 6,7 8 State ChampionshipMeet Complete. Mar 29, .. Indianapolis, IN. MEN WOM.

It's basically an advanced version of TOPs, for gymnasts between ages In order to qualify for HOPEs, a gymnast must pass both the elite compulsory and optional qualifiers, and get a certain minimum score. Junior Olympic Program[ edit ] The Junior Olympic Program provides training, evaluation, and competition opportunities to allow developing gymnasts to safely advance at their own pace through specific skill levels. Most competitive gymnasts advance through this system.

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As of August 1,the levels are as follows. Levels 6—8 have difficulty restrictions, in that a gymnast competing at one of these levels may not attempt skills above a certain level of difficulty for example, level 6 and 7 gymnasts may only include A and B skills in their routines.

Levels 9 and 10 have no such difficulty restrictions, although level 9 gymnasts may include only one D or E skill in any single routine. For example, level 8 and 9 gymnasts must be at least 8 years old; level 10 gymnasts must be at least 9 years old. Regardless of age, all beginning gymnasts enter the program at level 1 and may advance through more than one level per year.

usag indiana state meet 2013

Competitions for gymnasts at level 7 culminate in State Championships, level 8 at Regional Championships, level 9 at Eastern or Western Championships, and level 10 at Junior Olympic National Championships.

To continue to use her gymnastics knowledge and stay involved with the sport she loves, she has began judging for the High School season and recently recieved her Level USAG rating. She began gymnastics at age 8, at the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club.

usag indiana state meet 2013

Dale moved the gym to a location that is close to Lowes today. They were all class I gymnasts.

usag indiana state meet 2013

In ninth grade, she became an elite but dropped back to Class I and competed as a Class I from She won vault for her age division, placed 3rd on floor and took 7th All Around. She fell off beam twice, so did not make the National Team and settled for Westerns.

She ended up missing Nationals by.

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When the compulsories changed inshe decided to concentrate on optionals. Janine states that she and her fellow gymnasts had great respect for Noelle Buell. Her daughter competes in gymnastics for Gym Express.

Became a judge in Coached from through in Minnesota and North Dakota, then periodically throughout the years in WA, including 1 year as assistant coach and 1 year as head coach at Bemidji State UniversityBemidji, MN.

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Worked the summer of during college with her team at the National Summer Palaestrum in Michigan, and was taught how to tumble by 's National Tumbling Champ Joe Giallombardo. Program started by Dr.

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Eric Hughes, and teammate of Diane Palmer. Holds the record score on Unevens. Coached the Bemidji State University Team in Judged D3 College Nationals Moved to Washington State in NAWGJ historian and website present. Started because her sister's friend was a competitive gymnast and she idolized her.

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Competed Class 3 through Class 1 and even tried elite for one year before she dropped back to class 1. She was a class 1 for 7 years. Dale Flansas did all the choreography for her during entire club career. On the region II national team in and competed at Nationals, qualified for vault finals. Also qualified 2 years to Western Nationals, and probably 6 years to regionals.

Best event was vault and won numerous competitions on vault.