Trade relationship between australia japan

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trade relationship between australia japan

Trade and economic relationships. Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe signed the Japan Australia Economic Partnership Agreement. “The trade relationship between Australia and Japan immeasurably strengthened our countries' economic performance over the following. Western Australia and Japan have a longstanding economic relationship, based on Japan's demand for raw materials and Western Australia's capacity to supply.

Further Japanese migration to Australia was effectively terminated with the Australian Immigration Restriction Act ofwith the imposition of a "dictation test" in a European language on prospective immigrants, and with the White Australia policy. Due to this the Townsville consulate closed in However, inBritain applied political pressure on Australia to curb the import of Japanese textiles, which were damaging the British textile market in Australia.

trade relationship between australia japan

Japan reacted to the new tariffs with trade barriers of its own. After both sides realized that the trade war was unproductive, an agreement was reached in to relax restrictions. In recognition of the importance of Japanese ties, Tokyo was the second capital after Washington DC in the United States where Australia established a legation separate from the British embassy. Inthe ethnic Japanese population in Australia was interned, and most were deported to Japan at the end of the war.

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During the Occupation period[ edit ] 30 August Yokosuka Naval Base, Tokyo Bay. Buchanan led the first British Commonwealth party to go ashore in Japan. The first time a large number of Australians were in Japan was during the postwar Occupation of Japan. Australians were part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force. Around 16, Australians served in the force.

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The Australian contribution to the force was 4, infantry, 5, base personnel, 2, from the Royal Australian Air Forceand from the Australian General Hospital. For two-thirds of the period of occupation the Commonwealth was represented solely by Australians.

trade relationship between australia japan

Several Australian warships operated with the British Pacific Fleet BPF during the Battle of Okinawa and Australian destroyers later escorted British aircraft carriers and battleships during attacks on targets in the Japanese home islands. Australian forces accepted the surrender of their Japanese opponents at ceremonies conducted at Morotai, several locations in Borneo, Timor, Wewak, Rabaul, Bougainville and Nauru.

InAustralian Prime Minister Robert Menzies visited Japan with the aim of strengthening economic and political ties between the two countries.

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In a joint statement issued in MarchAustralian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso declared the "partnership" between Australia and Japan, based on "shared democratic values, mutual respect, deep friendship, and shared strategic views", to be "stronger than ever". A number of Australian politicians have been awarded the Order of the Rising Sunthe first national decoration awarded by the Japanese government.

In March Australia and Japan signed a joint security pact. Law enforcement on combating transnational crime, including trafficking in illegal narcotics and precursors, people smuggling and trafficking, counterfeiting currency and arms smuggling Border security Disarmament and counter-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery Peace operations Exchange of strategic assessments and related information Maritime and aviation security Humanitarian relief operations, including disaster relief Contingency planning, including for pandemics During the deployment of the Japan Self-Defense Forces on a humanitarian and reconstruction mission to Iraq from toAustralian units assisted Japanese Special Forces in the protection of Japanese bases.

Diplomatic relations have come under pressure over ideological differences regarding Japan's scientific whaling program. In MayAustralia started legal action to halt Japanese whale hunts[24] despite senior Australian officials and bureaucrats expressing the opinion that the legal action would likely fail. Although inForeign Minister Julie Bishop stated while on a diplomatic trip to Japan that the Australian Government does not officially supports Sea Shepherd and disproves Sea Shepherd and their violent activities in halting whaling.

In the event that you are running late, it is polite to call ahead to advise the approximate time of arrival. All appointments should be arranged with companies prior to your arrival. It is inappropriate to take friends, spouses or children to business meetings and it is also not common for spouses to be invited out for business dinners.

Product brochures and a company profile should be taken with you when you visit a Japanese company for the first time. Business meetings invariably begin with the exchange of business cards and are given and received in both hands and laid respectfully on the table. Do not obscure business cards with documents on the table, put card away in your pocket or write on it during the meeting.

trade relationship between australia japan

If time allows, have your business cards printed with your name and company name in Japanese, but not your business address as this is meaningless. Breakfast meetings before 9.

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Most large companies will not meet on Saturdays but some medium to small sized companies will accept meetings on Saturday, although this should not be taken for granted.

Seating arrangements are used in formal business meetings.

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The most important guest sits furthest from the door and the host sits closest to the door. If in doubt, wait to be seated or ask where you should sit.

Gifts are not necessary and it is inappropriate to offer expensive gifts, particularly on first meetings. Small gifts, such as company pens, can be presented once business is ready to commence or has commenced.

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It is generally considered impolite to open gifts in front of the giver. Japanese people also try hard to avoid open conflict and so may answer ambiguously or even agree to an offer that they have no intention of accepting.

One productive way of solving this problem is to prepare a brief, but clear memo describing the situation and obligations of both parties and present it as a record of the meeting. Setting up in Japan The Japan External Trade Organisation JETRO provides an overview of the laws, regulations and procedures related to setting up a business in Japanas well as an easy-to-follow flowchart outlining the basic steps and a model case which shows approximate start-up costs.

JETRO is a Japanese government-related organisation that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. These financial groups are comprised of retail banking, trust banking, investment banking and asset management related businesses.