Relationship equation

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relationship equation

When looking at the relationship between the y-values and the x-values, it's easy to see that each y-value is 1 more than the x-value. Therefore, the equation that. The most successful relationships have a low negativity threshold, says The wife's equation is the top line, the husband's the bottom, and it. Dust off those algebra books because now there's a math formula that can predict how long your relationship will be.

We know that they have equal mass. So maybe you can set up some type of relationship using an equal sign, somehow showing that this right over here is equal to that. And I'll give you a few seconds to do that. So let's think about it a little bit. What do we have on this side? Well, we have our mystery mass. And I'll represent that mystery mass by the question mark right over here. But that's not the only thing that we have on the left-hand side. We also have these other 3 kilograms.

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So let me write over here. We'll assume that we're dealing with kilograms. So we have the mystery mass in kilograms plus 3 more kilograms. That's what we have here on the left-hand side.

relationship equation

Now, what do we have here on the right-hand side? Well, we just have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 kilograms. So we just have We just have 10 on the right-hand side.

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And what else do we know? Well, we know that this scale is balanced, that the mass here is equal to the mass here. Because the scale is balanced the way it's been drawn, we know that these two things are equal.

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So we have just set up an equation. We're using question mark as our unknown.

relationship equation

We don't know what this mystery mass is. If we add 3 kilograms to it, then we see that it has the exact same mass as 10 kilograms.

There's a math equation that predicts whether your relationship will last

The same goes for your own reputation, results, and relationships. This article focuses on the relationship element. Without strong relationships, the role as a professional seller would be difficult, if not impossible. Successful sales professionals and sales organizations respect the value of relationships. They treat relationships with purpose, and work to build strong networks both internally and externally.

relationship equation

These networks represent their social capital — and the greater the investment, the greater the reward for both sides of the relationship. It comes down to putting twice the effort into providing value creating and sustaining in building relationships; when that is in place, it allows for leveraging a relationship for a specific need. Liken it to a healthy bank account.

Efforts to create and sustain relationships are your investments.

Representing a relationship with an equation

With consistency, those investments grow and earn interest over time. This entire opportunity began with social networking — a simple introduction on LinkedIn. The person who became my key decision maker within this account was with another organization at the time.

relationship equation

I began to establish myself as a resource for her via online and social outlets, and over time that led to in-person conversations. From there I invited her to a leadership forum I had founded, which provided her further resources and benefits. Even at this point, there was no sell, no asks, no identified opportunity.

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This effort was to create and sustain the relationship. In this relationship framework, from time to time you withdraw from the account.