Data tasha yar relationship quiz

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data tasha yar relationship quiz

The Data Quiz (Star Trek: The Next Generation). Trivia All Quiz by Kestrana Crew member he had a relationship with in "The Naked Now"?. Trivia Quiz - Star Trek, The Next Generation: Characters: Lt. Data Quiz Type: Personality Quiz Which member of the crew does Data have sexual relations with, and later keeps a holographic D. Lieutenant Tasha Yar 5. It didn't continue romantically: at the end of The Naked Now, Tasha tells him, "I'm only going to say this once: It never happened", and as a.

data tasha yar relationship quiz

Но она этого не сделала. - Плутоний и уран, - повторял Джабба.

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В дверях появилась телефонистка и поклонилась: - Почтенный господин.