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Hei's feelings for Yin, and Amber, are also unclear as it is hinted that he has deep feelings for them, despite one being a Doll, and the other a. Darker than Black is fundamentally Hei's story mention of a meteor which says extraterrestrial rather than God. Loss is the easiest one to quantify: Hei lost his sister, Mao lost his body, Huang lost a lover, Yin lost her sight, Tokyo extension of Hei; as his relationship with his sister Bai is elaborated upon. Contents[show] Synopsis After meeting with Amber, Hei learns that against common knowledge Contractors can become more human than was thought to be.

There are five known members: November 11 is charged with investigating BK and his cohorts. November's ability enables him to freeze liquids, including blood in the human body he does not have direct contact with.

He is able to shape water into projectiles by freezing it and subsequently hurl them with lethal precision.

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He can also create protective shields out of frozen water. November 11 has a strong aversion to tobacco, though to his dismay, his remuneration is smoking cigarettes. Through the series, he develops a close professional relationship with Misaki.

After he discovers the true motives of the organization he works for he confronts Decade, becoming fatally wounded in the process. He later dies on the street after leaving a voice message on April's phone. Her power creates hurricanes which result in downpours, coating everything in water so that November 11 can freeze it. She can also control water more precisely, being able to engulf a person's head in water to drown him or her.

Her remuneration is to drink beer, specifically Guinness Stout in the anime. In contrast to November 11, she very much enjoys her remuneration due to her love for alcohol. She dies at the hands of Hei in season two's first episode of Gemini of the Meteor.

He is a Doll whose observation powers rely on glass as a medium. He considers November and April to be his friends, a fact that initially astonishes Misaki and November as dolls are not supposed to think outside of their programming.

April and July frequently visit November 11's roadside site of death with offers of a bouquet or cigarettes and a beer or two. In the third episode of the 2nd season, July assists Suoh by helping her direct her new-found powers against the FSB and the MIAC, and later joins up with Hei's group, although his motivations for joining them remain unclear. However, it is implied later on that he has fallen in love with Suoh. After he and Suoh are killed by Izanami, they are both seen in the alternate world Shion created, with July being a normal boy instead of a doll.

He is killed by November 11 in Episode 22 after November discovers Decade's involvement in the massive effort to destroy Hell's Gate. He has the ability to distort space around himself, allowing him to pull weapons out of thin air, as well as dodge bullets and knives.

His remuneration is revealing the secrets of a magic trick. He is also nicknamed "Magician", and he wears a red coat and a black silk top hat. He dispatches the FSB agents easily and continues his pursuit, where he has a showdown with Hei.

He is defeated and electrocuted by Hei, although he remains barely alive. Genma Shizume apparently finishes him off after Hei and Suoh escape into the sea, although no star is seen falling. In episode 12, he is still alive, appearing in Hell's Gate and asking July to return to MI6 due to the cancellation of their mission, and leaving without the latter when July refused to leave, amused at his display of emotions.

Evening Primrose An organization promoting equal rights for contractors and their existence to be made public. Contrary to the popular belief, EPR does not intend for Contractors to rise above humanity, but rather seeking a solution for the peaceful coexistence of Contractors and human beings. She went missing together with Bai and millions of other people when the Heaven's Gate disappeared, only to reappear later to fight the Syndicate with the rest of the strengthened Evening Primrose.

Even after leaving the Syndicate, she chose to keep her codename "Amber," stating that she had grown attached to it. Her appearance is also very similar to Code Geass character C. Amber's ability is chronal manipulation, which includes temporal freezing of time and rewinding of events to an unknown degree. Elaborate usage of her power enables her to gain knowledge of future events, and then respond to them accordingly.

Once time has been frozen around her, she can also pull other people out of the frozen time stream, while those still under her ability's effect will no longer detect her presence or movement.

Her remuneration is aging backwards, making her appear frequently younger. Amagiri has warned her that she cannot use her ability flippantly, saying that she can only pay off her contract to a certain extent. Amber cares deeply about and has feelings for Hei, in spite of him believing her to be a traitor.

To emphasize this, she often goes as far as to order her subordinates to avoid fighting Hei, even though this usually veers close to compromising their given mission objective. After showing him all that he would have if he used his power to close off the gate her, his friends, and his sistershe reveals the true extent of her feelings for him by sacrificing herself so that Hei may pursue, instead, the option of shutting down the particle accelerator that would destroy the gate instead of sacrificing Japan or all Contractors.

In the Ryuusei no Gemini arc, when Misaki accesses the "Files of the Future" she is seen behind her before disappearing when she turns around. His contractor ability enables him to project concussive blasts from his palms. He appears to be Amber's right-hand man, carrying out operations necessary to the Evening Primrose. His remuneration is the consumption of boiled eggs - a fact he does not like due to the cholesterol in them.

List of Darker than Black characters

Surviving the fire in season 1, he gathers the remnants of EPR and retreats into deep jungle. He is later seen rescuing Hei and Yin in Hong Kong after receiving intelligence on the whereabouts of the duo. Her ability is to teleport herself and anyone she is in contact with; however, any clothing is left behind.

Brita's remuneration is to kiss other people, which she often combines into one convenient act when teleporting others. She uses her ability to, among other actions, kidnap the researcher Schroeder for the EPR and help Amagiri get to the anti-Gate particle accelerator. Curiously, she seems to have grown accustomed to the inevitable nudity to the point of preference. She is presumed killed in Pandora's attack against "Evening Primrose" "dolls" after being almost burnt to death alongside Amagiri.

Maki's ability allows him to perform a type of spontaneous combustion on objects that he touches with his hands.

The explosions can occur remotely as he often prepares handprints before activating his ability. He uses this to cause attacks on the embassies in Tokyo. His remuneration is drinking hot milk. Maki seems to be infatuated with Amber and says he would do anything for her. He attempts to kill Hei out of jealousy, after learning Hei is the "him" that Amber frequently spoke of, convinced that he Maki is the only one fit of her love.

He is killed by November Bai is the Contractor responsible for the disappearance of Heaven's Gate five years prior to the story's setting and had since vanished. Bai's abilities are said to be vast, with generating abnormal electricity as only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to this, she also has the power of molecular reconstruction. Her remuneration is to sleep. At the time of the Heaven's War in South America, Hei was constantly together with Bai during their many operations, acting as a bodyguard of sorts.

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It was for Bai's sake that Hei originally joined the Syndicate. When the Heaven's Gate disappeared, Bai's power became Hei's, because—according to Amber—she continues to exist within him by fusion through her molecular reconstruction ability.

Hei himself remains oblivious to the fact, until the very end. Her other name is revealed at the end: Xing which may in this instance mean "star". Initially established to find out the reason why Hell's Gate was in Tokyo, it's revealed that the Syndicate has sway with the organization and has plans to commit genocide against all Contractors by eliminating Hell's Gate.

It is revealed that he is also a high-ranking official within the Syndicate and was placed in charge of destroying Hell's Gate after he had placed a termination for Hei, Mao, Yin and Huang. Hourai later shoots him after Hei destroys the Saturn Ring system. In Shikokku no Hana, his father makes his appearance. Central Intelligence Agency CIA Following the loss of the dominant superpower position, the CIA strives to restore the United States to her former glory by engaging in various international subvert operations, even as far as going for an all-out invasion on Tokyo at the end of the Season 2.

Nick and Hei become friends and both have a fascination with the "real sky". Nick turns out to be a contractor and is revealed to have the ability to manipulate electricity, apparently the same as Hei's ability. His remuneration is putting people's shoes on the ground upside-down next to each other. He became close to Hei, thinking that they were both alike, not just in their abilities, but even their dream of wanting to see the real starry sky.

He felt that of all the people, he didn't want Hei to know he was a contractor and to get him involved. After he and Hei battle for the artifact known as the "meteor fragment" Nick disappears as soon as the artifact is activated. Apparently, the meteor fragment reacted with Hei and allowed him to make Nick's "dream" come true, which is to have a rocket which looks very comical to send both Nick who became a young boy in his dream and his sister to space.

Nick's ability to have an ambition is a mystery even to himself since contractors shouldn't have emotion. An avid reader of the Art of War, he is often seen quoting phrases found in the book. Russian Intelligence Two Russian intelligence agencies appear in the series: Meanwhile, the SVR is responsible for intelligence and espionage activities outside of the Russian Federation. It is shown in the series that the SVR has stationed its operatives in various parts of Japan, including Hokkaido and Tokyo.

She is a Contractor that is able to control the resonance of sound. By resonating a frequency that is the inverse of a target's resonance frequency, she can destroy a target. This can also cause other body problems, such as a heart attack, by matching the hearts resonance frequency.

Bertha's remuneration is to ingest a foreign substance and then vomit it out; for example, she is shown paying by eating a handful of cigarettes and then vomiting them up.

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It does not have to be cigarettes but she recounts her past to Itzhak about how she had a baby, who unfortunately choked to death while ingesting one of Bertha's dropped cigarettes. Bertha is killed by Hei in trying to retrieve Yin. He is a Contractor with the ability to capture the "specters" projected by Dolls. He steals many from the astronomy division's mediums.

It appears that when he captures them he can also acquire knowledge from the controller of the specters. Itzhak's remuneration is writing poetry, although he is not very good at it, shown by Bertha commenting that it sounds like a teenage girl wrote it, and that he should at least have it rhyme. He responds that he had never done this before the contract. Itzhak is killed by Huang with a sniper rifle, but before his life ends, he releases all the specters that he had captured.

His remuneration is to eat hamburgers, and he keeps them on hand in a bag whenever he is out on field work. He will even offer the hamburgers to his enemies, that is if they are willing to submit and surrender peacefully. During a raid on a Dr. Pavlichencko's lab, Goran escapes the huge explosion in the lab and later engages April in a battle in the forest nearby.

He is killed when April tricks him into running through raindrops at high speed, which punch holes through his body.

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Later, his corpse, along with his bag of burgers, is seen alongside April's, with an associate telling Repnin, a leading FSB agent, that Goran did not live up to his expectations. His ability is to shut off the brain functions of his victims, causing them to get deprived of oxygen and asphyxiate to death slowly.

Ilya is psychotic, sadistic and depraved, and, according to him, he has murdered many women brutally before becoming a Contractor, just to watch them suffer. After he became a contractor, he became more "rational", and started using his ability to deliver a "relaxing" death to his victim. He initially debuts in Hokkaido as he murders an underground doll-trading informant in the toilet of a roadside food outlet. His remuneration is drawing sketches. Although not obliged to do so, Ilya has a tendency to draw rather gruesome images as his payment, particularly of women in death poses with severed limbs and heads.

He kidnaps Suoh, Mao and July, intending to hand them over to his superiors, but Hei manages to intercept him. Without his contractor abilities, Hei almost loses to Ilya until he manages to strangle him with his grapple wire.

Ironically, Ilya suffers the same sad fate as his past victims -- suffocating to death. She awakens to her latent Contractor abilities at the start of the second season, gaining the ability to summon a seemingly limitless swarm of flesh-devouring cockroaches and joining the FSB soon after.

Her apparent remuneration is pulling out strands of her hair. She battles Hei, and uses her cockroaches to devour her former boyfriend Nika, killing him almost instantly, before a surprise shot from awakened Suoh knocks her out.

Despite the coldness she shows towards the death of Nika, Tanya is later shown to catch glimpses of the time she and Nika spend together. She entrusted Hei with the mission to take down a Section 3 cargo before he cut off all ties with her. She also appears on the rooftop in Ikebukuro informing Suoh of her mother's scheduled arrival at Haneda International Airport. She is seen using a ray gun a miniature version of the Saturn Ring anti-Gate particles accelerator on a Section 3 contractor.

How she obtain such a weapon remains unknown, as it is developed by Dr. Schroeder exclusively for Section 3 following the destruction of Saturn Ring by Hei in the first season. It appears that she may have had a romantic relationship with Mao in the past, addressing Mao by the name Ricardo.

There is a significant emotional detachment between Mai and her father and Mai chose to adopt her deceased mother's maiden name. As a result of her father's attempts to subdue her Contractor powers, she became a Moratorium but eventually reverts to a Contractor. Her power allows her to create and manipulate fire.

Her remuneration takes the form of humming a song. She seems to think of Hei as an older brother. She reappears as a contractor of the syndicate, protecting the Saturn anti-Gate particle accelerator, and burns Amagiri using her powers.

She is thought to be crushed to death by falling debris from the Saturn system. She was found in a Romanian village after the incident and had lost both her power and memories, and was isolated from the Syndicate.

She lived together with a family in the village, which had greatly influenced her to change emotionally, she discovered simple things such as eating and cooking to be fun. She wanted to cook more for the children, wanting to see more of their smiles. She used to be one of the most notorious and feared Contractors, rumored to have killed hundreds to thousands of people during the South American War.

Her former powers are unknown, but are said to be similar to creating a vacuum. Hei notes that it was the first time he had seen her do so, to which she also notes that she's not good at it, and so was Hei.

When Havoc decided to help Hei in finding his sister by regaining her memories, she had hoped that she would be able to handle her abilities because of her change, but unable to do so, she wanted Hei to kill her because she doesn't want to kill any more.

However, Hei refuses to do so wanting to save her by getting her out of the gate, but in her confusion she later dies at the hands of November 11, unable to deliver her last message to Hei after her memories and powers returned from being near the gate. Wei has an elvish appearance with narrow eyes, pointy ears and shoulder-length black hair. His contract allows him to disintegrate anything his blood spills onto by snapping his fingers. Conveniently, his remuneration is shedding blood, allowing him to cut his heavily scarred arm so that he can spill or fling blood onto targets to use his power.

He later reappears as a member of the Evening Primrose, revealing a shorter haircut and a burn-like scar covering much of the left side of his face due to being electrocuted by Hei. He joined the Evening Primrose to get an opportunity for a rematch with Hei, who Wei states is the only person to have beaten him. Mao observes that Wei's desire to fight Hei due to feeling humiliated is very unusual for a Contractor, as there is a possibility he will die.

Pursued by the Syndicate for killing one of their operatives, her congregation is in danger of being brought down. It is she who first brings to light what contractors really are and how they differ from normal humans, this truth being the reason why she started her religion.

Her contract is the ability to transform her physical appearance to match a target exactly at the cost of her longevity. Thus, because of her skills, she had been utilized as an infiltrator and assassin. Though young in appearance to her followers, her true form is that of an elderly woman due to extensive use of her contract.

She later exhibits emotions unlike a contractor where she truly wished to create a haven for her fellow contractors. She relayed her past and ambitions to Hei as her last message, accepting her fate, which in of itself was not befitting of a contractor to do so, since she could've prolonged her life by escaping. Rumiko Ukai Japanese ; Lydia Mackay English An operative of The Syndicate even longer than Huang, Shihoko is a contractor tasked with the job of infiltrating Alma's organization to gather intel for an eventual assassination.

Years ago, she was tasked with assassinating Isozaki, Huang's partner when the two were detectives, after learning that he was linked to covering up the murder of one of the syndicate's operatives. She had gotten very close to Huang in order to figure out which of the two was working for Alma's organization, leaving Huang with an emotional scar for many years.

Her contract allows her to destroy the internal organs of an individual at the cost of regaining her human sensitivity for a short time. The remuneration can put her in a state of psychological shock due to the abrupt swing of emotion. Although she experiences human emotions during her remuneration, she realizes that her feelings for Huang were genuine because even though her contractor emotions came back, the memories she had together with him still made her feel warm.

She later commits suicide by jumping in front of a truck, saving Huang from being targeted by the Syndicate. Shichi aka Claude Shichi aka Claude Voiced by: Claude's core ability is the control of people; he can also control people's senses, putting them under illusions. He was even able to trick Hei into thinking he was Amber. His remuneration is that he must eat the petal of a flower.

Claude possessed a high degree of irrationality, unlike most other contractors. He does not seem to care about his own safety, but is only intent on causing chaos whenever he can.

This may stem from his nihilistic attitude towards the world which he has displayed on several occasions. His main goal is to awaken Izanami, for he believes that she will create a world where Contractors would rule over humans. He manages to capture Yin, and at first his intentions seem to be selling Yin to the highest bidder. However, he calls all the major intelligence agencies at once, causing them to arrive all at the same time and engage in a massive four-way fight. The Chinese are the first to get through to him, and Claude seemingly strikes a deal with them.

However, he later calmly throws the money he gains out of the window, and tricks Hei into awakening Izanami. The Chinese agents tackle him for his betrayal, and Claude willingly allows himself to be shot three times in the stomach. He lives long enough to be killed by Izanami. Minor characters Umitsuki Apartment residents. Louis, Babo, Joshua, Irene. She is usually seen chasing Mao away from the house.

She also likes to compliment Hei for being such a good boy. He speaks very rarely and mostly tends his plants. The plot, however, is not the most important aspect. Hei is a ruthless assassin who earned himself the nickname of the Black Reaper because he was able to kill Contractors without any Contractor powers.

In the first series he takes on various covers such as a university student, and he also works at a restaurant. It turns out that this job is selected for him to complete his missions from the Syndicate which is mysterious and never revealed.

He is in the cell controlled by Huang alongside Yin who is a doll. He's true personality is ruthless and violent, but throughout the series he becomes more caring. Yin is uncommunicative at the start but gradually shows her love for Hei through various ways by the end of the series and more obviously in the OV As. Huang was dumped by a woman he loved she was a contractorpossibly turning him into the bitter old man he was in Season 1, but towards the end he meets with her again and finds out the truth, and ends up sacrificing his life for the Contractors for whom he had expressed disdain earlier on in the series.

Season 1 develops the relationship between Hei and Yin, with them becoming closer to each other nearing the end and into the OV Asbut unfortunately interrupted by the emergence of Izanami. Hei becomes a drunk after he loses Yin, showing what an impact it had on him.