Bobby and connie relationship trust

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bobby and connie relationship trust

Granted, the relationship between the two was never really displayed, given the show's . Bobby and Connie are about to see each other naked when Kahn enters, people on the extremely tiny list of those he trusts - "I'm not even on that list!. True, but the B&B-H revival was fantastic so I trust them to only go Connie and Bobby have an on again, off again relationship where she is. Kahn "Connie" Souphanousinphone, Jr. (born August 4, ) is the daughter of Kahn in later episodes, however, she and Bobby show signs of restarting their relationship. She is Throughout the series Connie and Bobby date on and off.

He earned his halo for helping her. Hank's reaction to anything Luanne did in those days was usually based on whether or not it would help get her out of his house. But when she tells everyone she enrolled in community college, he's genuinely excited and tells her "That's great!

Then he gets a call from Hank telling him that the psychotic gun club president has taken Hank, Bill, and Boomhauer hostage.

At first, Dale is going to flee. Then Bobby comes out of the house. Is that my dad? If he's not going to make it home for dinner, ask him if I can have his pork chop. Bobby, you'll be having your dad's pork chop every night for the rest of your life. That's the saddest thing I've ever heard. Bobby, you will not be having your dad's pork chop tonight or any other night.

You hear that, Hank? Bobby's not having your pork chop, damn it. I'm on my way! In "Texas City Twister", Hank has been called out by Peggy for being way too stiff and way too in control of his emotions. They spat and Hank tells her in his own Hank-esque way to go to hell, but just after she leaves a tornado is announced to be heading toward the trailer park where Hank was making Luanne go back to.

What does Hank do in response?

bobby and connie relationship trust

Rush to the trailer park just to let her know he was sorry. Even when the tornado hits, Hank holds onto a telephone pole just long enough to let go of his emotions and let Peggy know how much he loves her.

bobby and connie relationship trust

You're my best girl! You mean everything to me! When we were apart today, that was hell! I couldn't wake up in the morning without your beautiful face beside me! It helps that John comes to realize Dale is a good man, and steps aside so Nancy can be with him. Hell, Dale went above and beyond for John Redcorn in this episode, he went to Redcorn's home just to apologize for hurting him and offered John a free hit to make up for it. Redcorn didn't go for it as it wouldn't solve anything for his many problems, especially his case of land his people own.

Dale suggest FOIA Freedom of Information Act and began working long and hard for Redcorn, something he was taken aback to, since Dale has no real reason to fight for him, Dale just helping out a friend, which was enough for Redcorn to see Dale was always a good man and felt ashamed of ever cheating on his wife. Any moment that shows that Dale truly and honestly loves his wife, using his genuine and And all the episodes that show Dale's unconditional love for his son Joseph.

In the episode where Peggy learns about the affair, she's hell-bent on telling Dale the truth, but stops when she sees him doting on Joseph and realizes that even if they aren't blood, those two are most definitely father and son and it would be wrong to take that away from them. John Redcorn might be Joseph's father; but he's Dale's son. No matter what your feelings on Peggy, you can't help but "awwww" a little at their relationship. The end of "Raise the Steaks".

Appleseed manages to smuggle the cattle from the organic cattle ranch from Hank's yard to a safe haven. He follows up on his promise to write him when he thinks it's safe. Enclosed is a picture of Appleseed with a young calf with the caption, "I named him Hank!

In an episode that begins with Peggy and Bobby looking through an album of their old terrible Christmas photos, Peggy spends the episode frantically trying to get her family together to finally get a good one with a popular photographer.

The episode closes with a similar shot of a photo album, containing the new terrible family photo, only this time the wide shot reveals that it's Bill looking at the album with a smile on his face. On the first episode, where Bobby resorts to misbehaving so his dad can pay attention to him after refusing to tell Peggy or Hank that the child abuse investigation was called off due to the social worker's incompetence: No, you make me proud.

I've been disappointed by just about everything else in this town, but you? Dammit, you're my boy. Heh, you know better than that. Now you just listen here. You see that boy? Now I want you to get out of my house. I mean now, before I give you a black eye! The episode where Bobby has the opportunity to become a Lama. He's faced with doubt because he's told he can't marry if he goes through with it, so during his final test, when he's told to choose "anything he sees on the rug", he chooses Connie, whose reflection he can see in a mirror.

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Made even better by a conversation between two monks afterwards: That was Sanglug's mirror! He did not pick it. But he used it! It's a tough call. But it's mine, and I made it. In "Propane Boom II: After reading the last birthday card she received from Buckley, she breaks down and grieves, but she is able to console herself by using the puppets from her Manger Babies show.

I am so alone Sir Reginald Featherbottom the Third: You're right as rain, what what. And such a pretty young thing as well. But I don't want to look pretty anymore Oh, that's just rubbish. Every girl wants to look pretty, right ho.

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The scene then quickly turns humorous as she convinces herself to try on a wig made from multi-colored hair her friends at beauty school made for her.

Though if you really think about it, all of the students at the Beauty School were utter Jerkasses to her. If anything it was more of a joke on Luanne. There's also Kahn's speech at Buckley's funeral.

Granted, the relationship between the two was never really displayed, given the show's centralizing on Hank, but it comes off as believable enough, and it's nice to see one character give him a proper eulogy. One must remember, though, that Kahn's friendship with Buckley came about solely because Hank didn't like Buckley.

Then there's how Kahn tells Luanne to stop burying her feelings and that it's okay to cry for Buckley. The end of the two-parter "Returning Japanese".

Cotton makes peace with the woman he fell in love with after World War II and with whom he fathered Junichiro, and just before they leave for the airport, Cotton of all people! Followed by Bobby running to his and said girl's usual meeting place, where they joyfully play DDR on the street. How about the fact that Cotton Hill, curmudgeon that he is, was honestly in love with a woman, and she honestly loved him back?

Or the part where he proudly introduces both his sons to Emperor Akihito? This whole two-parter is full of Pet the Dog moments that show Cotton at his best. In a smaller example, he asks Peggy for a photo of Hank and Bobby to show to his old girlfriend, and actually says thank you when she does.

Considering the normally venomous relationship between these two, that speaks volumes. Don't forget Hank's reaction to finding out that he's always had a brother. I have a brother. I really wish we could've grown up together and hear people say, look out for those Hill brothers. While it's unspoken, Hank clearly also loves the idea of vending machines with beer and you could imagine him thinking that Japan isn't half bad because of it. Probably the most heartwarming one was the episode where, after a despondent Boomhauer has fallen in love with and been jilted by a female version of himself, Bill genuinely and kindly coaches him back to happiness.

Considering Boomhauer had earlier shoved Bill aside to put the moves on her let's assume Bill had a shot at her at allhell yeah. Episodes involving either Hank learning to accept Bobby for who he is not likely to be remembered the next episodebut still or Hank and his unabashed love of his hound dog Ladybird are also likely to invoke this.

Ladybird is one of the few carbon-based life forms the emotionally repressed Hank will freely and unabashedly express pure love and affection for, so even episodes featuring her that aren't particularly emotional in and of themselves are likely to warm the heart. In the dog dancing one, Hank and Ladybird may have lost the contest but the ending where they're in the garage and "After Midnight" comes on the radio and LB wants to dance anyway, and then he allows Bobby to cut in while Hank dances with Peggy, with the garage door open.

The final episode "To Sirloin with Love", where Hank and Bobby finally find something they both enjoy that doesn't make Hank embarrassed and doesn't bore Bobby- grilling and distinguishing cuts of beef- and the final scene where everyone in the neighborhood comes to the Hills' backyard for barbecue. The flashbacks that reveal that Hank taught Bobby about cows and beef cuts ever since he was a baby, which led to Bobby knowing a lot about steak and flaws in beef cuts 13 years later.

The first one comes when the Hills finally manage to get a bus to take them to an another airport, but give up their seats to another family. The second one comes near the climax of the episode, when Thanksgiving has come and gone and none of their flights have managed to leave, after constant trouble, getting caught in the rain, having no food, etc.

Having been determined to get to their plane, but now having all missed the events they were hoping to get to, the Hills and all their neighbors share Boomhauer's pizza and the bits and pieces of food they can scrounge up to have their own personal Thanksgiving dinner. The end of "Boxing Luanne", when Luanne is getting pounded by Freeda Foreman, and all the skeezy men who have spent the episode drooling over her body start cheering her on for real.

One of her classmate who has been harassing her early in the episode ask for a picture with her because he is genuinely impressed that she went the distance. And how about the ending of Peggy's "Turtle Song"? Just as Hank is believing that he may genuinely have lost her, she finishes her song thus: In the episode where an old flame of Boomhauer's was going to marry his loutish brother voiced by Brad PittHank confronts Boomhauer on suspicion that he was trying to sabotage their relationship and asks him straight out if he was.

Boomhauer looks him in the eye says no, and that is all Hank needs to hear to believe him absolutely. It's a wonderful reminder of the power of a true friendship. Even better, this episode proved that there really was a girl that Boomhauer genuinely and truly loved. Seeing a guy whose longest relationship was three days admit that he was truly in love with her was just heart-meltingly warm, I tell you what.

Hank isn't the sort to step out of his comfort zone very often, so it's always great to see him do it to help someone who really needs him. Bill later snaps and starts dressing up as his ex Lenore, and Hank rescues him from an extremely awkward situation at his Christmas party by donning a dress of his own, and standing in for Lenore so Bill can finally vent to "her" and start getting over his pain. So what do Hank and co. And Kahn happily accepts.

The Veterans Day episode where Cotton, unable to participate in the Veterans Day parade since he has to work a crappy job as a restaurant greeter that he actually is competent at, he's just criticized for helping out in places outside of his dutiesbegins to contemplate suicide, when Didi oblivious to Cotton's state of mind asks him to watch Good Hank. Hank, who knew that Cotton was depressed, rushes to his house, and is shocked when he hears a gunshot; turns out Cotton had G.

You cried your first time [firing a gun], and you was three! The best part is that Cotton was going to kill himself so Didi and G. Then theres the implication that being forced by Didi to spend some time with G. Cotton was depressed not just because of his money troubles but because he felt his glory days were long behind him and he didn't have anything to live for and G. A son who ain't a sissy like Hank.

In that same episode, Cotton gives Bobby a letter of recommendation to West Point. For reference, a recommendation letter from a Medal of Honor recipient is considered very Serious Business by the U. Armed Forces and he gave it to Bobby. That's how much Cotton respects his grandson. Cotton admits that Hank is a better father than he is You ain't in competition with me.

Hell, if it's a contest on who's the better daddy, you win! I mean, you made Bobby! All I made was you. The Father, the Son, and J.

Hank tells Buck "I love you", something he never told Cotton. Cotton is mad through most of the episode, especially when Hank can't stomach it to tell his dad that he loves him and instead says "I hate you".

But at the end, when Hank apologizes for making Cotton mad and Cotton shoots President Carter's limo with a nail gunwe get this. I love shooting a nail gun. I love shooting a nail gun too, Dad. This scene from earlier in the episode. Cotton shows up at Hank's door so the two can shoot down a Christmas tree, something they do every year, only for Hank to tell him that Buck Strickland already gave him a tree. Cotton actually looks almost heartbroken that Hank doesn't want to share this moment of father-son bonding, only to quickly hide his emotion and try and lure Hank - "Bah!

Only a man with a narrow urete would think that skinny stick was a tree! It's one of those moments in the series that show deep down inside, Cotton truly cares about his son.

Bobby and Connie are about to see each other naked when Kahn enters, freaks out, and grounds Connie while banning Bobby from his property. When Hank hears about this, he's actually quite happy. At the end of the episode when Connie steals her father's ladder to peek over the fence and see Bobby, Hank helps him pick out which ladder to use so he can get up to Connie for some kissing. Despite the context as he had accidentally seen Luanne naked and made the mistake of telling Josephit's oddly sweet to hear Bobby describe Luanne as "practically my sister".

The ending of "Unfortunate Son", when Cotton Hill not only admits that Hank did everything right during their escape from the veterans he Cotton had set off, and that he screwed up, but he gives the Vietnam vets he'd previously insulted and looked down upon his respect and states he's honored to have them join the Arlen VFW.

I guess it was a bad idea to get everyone together. I guess I just— Cotton: Dangit, Hank, don't apologize! You did everything right. Sometimes you can do everything right and still lose.

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It ain't your fault. You gave it everything you had. That's all I ever asked from my men. Thanks for trying, soldier. Cotton pauses, then smiles back. A moment later, the veterans stop closing in on them. That's all we ever wanted to hear. Doubles as a Tear Jerker once Ronnie starts speaking.

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When Dale has an accidental discharge in "Soldier of Misfortune," he explains it to Hank by using a propane sales metaphor, at which Hank is aghast. Peggy kissing Hank on the cheek when he wins the Blue Flame of Valor in season 4's Hanky Panky, and then handling the visual aids as he gives his speech.

Another word for spouse is "helpmate", and this moment is a very good demonstration of that term. When she receives her first period, Hank winds up having to help her get sorted out, and overcomes a fear of total embarrassment and emasculation to help her buy the things she needed from the women's health aisle.

Then there was the time the two sort of bonded thanks to the bluegrass group the guys in the alley put together until Hank became almost as controlling as Kahn, though both get better by the end of the episodeand finally, when her parents go off the deep end and become rednecks. Hank finally puts his foot down when it looks like Connie and her family will become homeless. For her sake, he manages to snap Minh and Kahn back to reality by pointing out that throughout everything Connie never once complained or stopped trying her hardest.

Bobby is supposed to help Bill with his barbecue, but when he sees that it'll involve hard work, he runs. When Hank starts asking Bobby questions about the work, Bill covers for the boy by saying it's a family secret and Bobby promised not to tell.

Later on Bobby goes to apologize, asking for a second chance no matter how hard the work is; from this we get a few nice scenes of Bill and Bobby working together and bonding. And then we have the end of the episode. Bill's family recipe was so successful that Buck Strickland wanted to market it nationwide; however, Bill's cousin Gilbert shuts down the venture because he considers the idea shameful and akin to whoring out the family name.

After being shot down one last time, Bill returns home and finds Bobby cooking and actually improving the recipe. He sadly explains that he can't sell the sauce When Bobby finally confesses, Cotton decides to keep taking the blame because as he says: But Bobby's got his whole life ahead of him.

If I can take a bullet for my grandson, I'll do it! That's how I make my livings. Long Story ShortDale is mistaken for a clocktower sniper and Hank convinces the police to let him talk Dale down. Hank confesses to the prank that started all of this and Dale says that Hank was one of the few people on the extremely tiny list of those he trusts - "I'm not even on that list! Dale swears to dedicate his life to propane and watch over Peggy and Bobby It goes to show that Hank and Dale, despite their differences and Dale's sometimes insane measures, are True Companions.

Oh God Hank you're dying, I'll never forget you, I will bury you in my backyard, I'll dedicate my life to propane, and don't you worry about Peggy - I'll keep Bill away from her. I'm fine, Dale, but if you're serious about the propane, I've got some pamphlets Dale unbuttons Hank's shirt to find the bullet-proof vest.

You were wearing a bulletproof vest! You thought I was gonna shoot you. I thought you'd kill yourself right after. Subverted in "Bills Are Made to Be Broken"; a promising young football player ties Bill's record for most career touchdowns, but suffers a Game-Breaking Injury that will put him out for the season.

At the next game, the opposing team lets him score the record-breaking touchdown, which is a CMOH for everyone except Bill and his friends, who see it as unfair since the player didn't earn it. Hank to the crowd: May God have mercy on you all! It doesn't help that later we learn throughout the episode the kid is a Jerk Ass and dating two girls at the same time.

The actual heartwarming moment comes when Bill gets back in the game to re-tie the record. She replied "Oh, yeah! I mean, a lot. Especially when I started out. On June 1,she became the second woman after Barbara Walters with ABC in to co-anchor a major network's national news weekday broadcast the first solo national news anchor title in the United States goes to Katie Couric at CBS. Gingrich said she could not say what her son thought about First Lady Hillary Clinton on the air.

Gingrich to "just whisper it to me, just between you and me," and Mrs. Gingrich replied that her son thought of Clinton as a "bitch. Gingrich would whisper this statement it would be promised that the statement would be off the record. Chung had become the object of some of the most ferocious criticism, justified or not, ever directed at any network anchor as a result of her now infamous interview with Speaker Newt Gingrich's mother, Kathleen.

For instance, a few women created "Bite Me, Connie Chung" shirts in response to the interview. In she conducted an interview with Gary Condit on Primetime Thursdayfocusing on his relationship with murdered Washington, D. She was a guest host of the morning program Good Morning America. After short-lived host Lisa McRee left the program, Chung declined to take over on a permanent basis, saying she did not want to broadcast 10 hours a week in the early morning hours.

Though her arrival at CNN was heavily hyped by the network, her show was panned by critics. CNN changed her show from live to tape-delay to improve its continuity.

Although it performed moderately well in the ratings aincrease in viewersher show was suspended once the Iraq War began. During the war, she was reduced to reading hourly headlines.