Birdo and yoshi relationship quotes

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birdo and yoshi relationship quotes

Finally putting an end to the "Is Birdo a boy or a girl" debate ( .. Yoshi lays eggs, hes the female of this relationship It's a quote. Birdo. Birdo is the thirteenth character in the Mario Party series. Its primary color is light purple and pink. a diamond ring, it also has some sort of relationship with Yoshi as they are the automatic partners in Quote: “Clearly this is a for me. Birdo, known in Japanese as Catherine is a fictional character in the Mario franchise. Her first . He also commented on the relationship Yoshi and Birdo formed in Mario Tennis, stating, "They were both sexually chaotic as individuals" as.

Thanks in advance for your patronage! And another shop for me! I see a shop that might be worth taking over This district is mine from here on out! That makes two shops! I wonder if I'll ever dominate this whole district I won't be happy until I have at least one more shop in this district. My third shop in this district!

I should try to get all of them! Not many shops left. Hope I can still buy something! I wonder if I can still snag a shop? Come on, die, help me out! The shops are all sold out, huh? OK, no more Mr. No more shops to buy? Time to rethink my strategy! My shop's been supercharged! If I keep this up, I'll be rich in no time! I just made money. I mean, it's just a bit of money I'll admit it, Player's name - I'm a little jealous. Thanks for the bonus, Player's name!

It's all about teamwork! Why don't we trade shops? We'll both get something good out of it! Meh, that was nothing! You're never gonna get rich with these prices Don't give up just because you're in last place! Maybe my donation will help I suppose it could have been worse These prices aren't so bad!

Birdo's sexual journey: From NES to N64 to Wii

The last thing I wanted to do is give more gold to the person in first place! I hope I manage to stay on top. It's kinda fun up here in first place! First place is so close I can almost touch it! Where should I go next? I'd better think this out? You should get bonus points for that perfect landing, Player's name!

That's a lot of money, Player's name! You want me to hold on to it for you? Come on, folks - time to go shopping at the expensive stores! Land on the priciest shops! You wanna share some of that luck with me, Player's name? I guess it's time to take a little breather. I hate losing out on a big payday! I'm all rested up and raring to go!

Gotta make up for lost time! Rest up while you can, Player's name. Things are gonna get wild around here! Guess thee are a few handy cards in that deck! Am I lucky, or what? I'm gonna have to make the most of this! I should have picked a different card.

I really picked a bad one, didn't I This card will definitely come in handy! Sorry, but those are the rules! That was so mean of you, Player's name! Where'd you learn your manners!? Maybe I should follow Lakitu Prices seem to drop wherever he goes! Sorry, but it's not really in my best interest to accept that offer This is quite a shop you've got here, Player's name. Defending your shop, huh? That's pretty clever Player's name!

How's it going for you so far, Player's name? Me, I'm doing A-OK! Forget about everyone else, Player's name This is between me and you! But you're not going to raise the prices too high, are you? Which way are you gonna go, Player's name? Not that I care or anything Where'd you go to business school, Player's name?

You know all the tricks! You're getting close to district domination, Player's name. I'll put a stop to that! Sorry 'bout that, Player's name! I promise all your gold will go to a good cause! Don't go too easy on me today, Donkey Kong! I'll use everything in my power to beat you and Player's name! Let's all sing Player's name the Happy Promotion Song! Let's win this game together, Player's name! You aren't trying to monopolize Player's nameare you?

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Look at you go, Player's name! How in the world do you do it? You'll give Player's name a big head!

birdo and yoshi relationship quotes

Long time no see! Let's get back to the action, Player's name! You're almost there, Player's name But I'm not gonna give up! Time to head back to the jungle Maybe I'll do better next time! I guess I'm not cut out for big business. So you think you're stronger than me, do ya, giant statue?

birdo and yoshi relationship quotes

C'mon- let's arm wrestle! Wanna go for a spin? Check out that castle! I bet that king is all kinds of big and powerful " Castle Trodain "Hoo ook…ook!

A castle way up high in the sky!? I bet they've got some magic bananas around here! This looks like a peaceful little island. I wonder who's in charge here Cool castle, ya big boss turtle! I bet this place has all kinds of neat traps. This is the place to find hotshot heroes, huh? Gotta soak up all the sunshine and turn it into new Kong Power! This spooky ship doesn't scare me! It's the floating in water that kinda freaks me out There's something weird about this place, but I just can't put my finger on it What kinda place is this?

Those tunnels look like they go pretty deep! How 'bout making a big spaceship that looks like MY face?

birdo and yoshi relationship quotes

People would pay to see that! There's no way you can beat me, Player's name! Time to bring home the bananas! This is a pretty fierce group.

birdo and yoshi relationship quotes

Everyone's in it to WIN! Time to show these other fellows who's boss! Who cares what number I roll? I'm gonna win no matter what! King of the jungle comin' through!

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I wish he had cool games like this in the jungle! All we ever do is swing on the trees Which way to go? That die is so tiny I hope I don't crush it in my giant Kong paws!

I want to invest! What're the chances this next roll will land me right on my shop? Come on, die - help a Kong out! Come on, die-gimme a rad roll! I wish we had cool games like this in the jungle! All we ever do is swing on trees Let's do this thing!

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I've got my eyes on a particular shop Maybe I'll flex my monetary muscles and buy it out! But I bet I'm gonna have to fight to keep it that way I'm hanging on to first place by a thread! I got my first suit. I've got half the suits! That means I've got I've been all over this board looking for suits. One more and I'm home free! I'm looking forward to my promotion! Think of all the bananas I'll be able to buy As soon as I get my promotion, I'm gonna be the strongest Kong in the world!

It's not much, but it's mine. This shop and I are going places! Meet my new best friend. This shop and I are gonna go far together! You're gonna be the first of many for me in this district, little shop! I've got a taste for the district now! It's gonna be all mine! That makes two for me in this district! Where'd all the shops go? I gotta get my paws on whatever I can!

I've gotta get my paws on one of those empty shops! I was hoping to buy up a few more shops. Where'd all the vacant shops go? I shoulda paid more attention! I really hate putting more money into your pocket You're already in first place! I need to make that shop waaaaay bigger! You just made out like a bandit, Player's name! How come no one ever told me anything about stocks?

No time to invest right now! I need to concentrate on playing this game! I'm gonna have to hold off investing any money in this place until I buy some stock!

I've got a new friend - actually, I've got a bunch of new friends! I love buying stock! What a cheap place! Someone better put a little TLC into this shop! You sure you don't want to charge me a little more?

No one's gonna try to steal that shop now, Player's name! That's a pretty powerful shop you've got there, Player's name! Big and strong, just like me! I see the shop, I like the shop, I buy the shop. It's as easy as that! Now it's on like Donkey Kong! Stay away from me, you little cloud rider!

You wanna trade shops with me? You're getting stronger with each roll of the die, Player's name! That's a pretty sweet power-up you got there, Player's name! Right on the money! You've still got it, Donkey Kong!

You've got pretty good aim, Player's name! Looks like Yoshi finally sprung for a rock.

  • Daisy's Relationships

This version of the game features an extra adventure mode in which Yoshi wanders around collecting cookie ingredients and was only printed in very limited numbers around copies. This sweet game regularly goes for — dollars. Of course Rare rates Yoshi below classic character Diddy Kong.

ROM hackers have found several other cut transformations, such as the ability to turn into a plane, a mushroom and…a tree? Gee, wonder why that thrilling transformation was cut. Granted in only works in one specific area in one stage, but still, getting to swallow and digest that squalling pest is pretty therapeutic. Slider, the rad guitar-strumming dog of Animal Crossing fame. Once the team meets up with Daisy, Peach shows deep concern towards her friend.

Daisy will join the team after the player finds a Toad statue to prevent Peach's garden from flooding. After the player recruits every teammate in Peach's Ice Garden, Peach will name everyone that is on her team, also referring to Daisy as her friend. Peach is mentioned in many of Daisy's character bios. Mario Party 6's website mentions that Peach missed female companionship until Daisy moved into the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario Kart 7's website refers to Daisy as "Princess Peach's royal buddy. On the Mario Power Tennis website, Daisy wrote a letter to Peach, also referring to herself as "Your sister-in-arms", which is a close relationship between two females. In Fortune Street, Peach and Daisy may speak to each other at times if they're both participating in the game.

If Peach is about to win the game, Daisy will encourage Peach. Win this one for the ladies! If Daisy is about to win the game however, Peach becomes upset and says: I'm shocked that you would run off to win and leave behind your sister-in-arms. It could be suggested that Peach and Daisy have been friends since they were toddlers. One of Daisy's Italian bios also suggests that she and Peach have been friends for a long time.

Mario Kart 8 features a "Women of Racing Organization" sponsor in some courses. Peach and Daisy can be seen on one of them together with Birdo. A different version of this sponsor can be spotted in Toad Harbor which features both of the princesses without Birdo. The ending cutscene itself shows Daisy happily getting along with Peach, and she grabs onto Peach's arm while they look at the trophy together. For their special animation, they spin around several times before posing, then they high-five and wave to the audience.

Peach is the only Mario character who Daisy has a special animation with. Daisy's biography in the Wii U version of the Rio Olympics states that Daisy plans on eating at the finest restaurants and go shopping with Peach in her free time. Daisy also mentions Peach in-game as well, saying she was glad she didn't go shopping with her yet and she'll save that fun after she wins the current tournament.

When Daisy is seen golfing towards the beginning of the intro, Peach can be seen with Mario and Luigi, and is shown to be excited as Daisy swings her club.

While Peach and Daisy are normally portrayed as best friends, the Mario Strikers games portray them as rivals in Challenge Mode.

They are seen facing off against each other in the Super Mario Strikers intro. Daisy is Peach's rival in Mario Strikers Charged. In the Kodansha Deluxe Mario manga series, released from the late 's to the 's in Japan, Peach and Daisy are friendly rivals. They are rivals when it comes to winning Mario's affections, but outside of that they are shown to get along well. Bowser Edit Daisy and Bowser are on negative terms with each other. In Mario Party 3Daisy becomes frightened by Bowser and punches him into the sky, as Bowser "was in her way.

In Fortune StreetDaisy sees Bowser as a joke and unthreatening, She even sarcastically states in one of her quotes: Bowser has bad chemistry with Baby Daisy but neutral chemistry towards adult Daisy. However, after he and his son are defeated, Daisy takes pity on the two and invited them for food with her friends, showing Daisy's forgiving side.

Daisy also finds Bowser extremely annoying when he further worsen situations like as seen in Mario Tennis Aces 's Adventure Mode after Mario Peach and Daisy defeats Lucien's team of the possessed Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi, Bowser makes matters worse when he decides to take the evil Legendary Racquet Lucien and it's Power Stones for himself to gain more power and then Daisy angrily expresses "That Bowser makes me SO mad!

Rosalina also has a quote in which she mentions that Peach and Daisy took her out for desserts to celebrate her clearing the Gymnastics Semifinals. They are also seen together in an official artwork for Mario Sports Superstars playing tennis against Mario and Peach.