Home depot customer relationship management

Home Depot builds digital engagement with the Pros

home depot customer relationship management

Home Depot Inc. is doing a little home-improvement project of its own this summer. It's shoring up its IT house with supply-chain and. While big-box stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot consistently provide many customers with satisfactory service, Hyken argues that. Chris Berg, Vice President of Store Operations at The Home Depot Inc., customer, we had separate order management systems to manage.

Sitting alongside the enthusiastic amateur, the Pro customer is an individual with regular needs and a different, more specific, set of requirements. Digital is at the heart of this, he said, with personalization the key: The marketing that we do to the Pro customers is now beginning to take advantage of the digital capabilities that we have. The Pro customer wants to engage with Home Depot via digital channels, added Menear, and in ever greater numbers: Clearly, the customer is changing in terms of how they engage with the Home Depot, and we have to change and be relevant to that customer if they choose to engage with us digitally.

We have been investing in that. We stepped back several years ago, looked at categories that we felt were at risk [in the] move to the digital world versus the physical world.

We began to build very specific strategies, including the merchandising team and extending some of our exclusive relationships to the digital channel that we had in the physical channel.

home depot customer relationship management

We have been building out capabilities to allow the customer to engage with us, no matter how they choose, whether that be buying online and picking up in stores. He added that Pro customers are looking for very specific things from digital engagement: The thing that customer responds to is enhanced capabilities.

Visual capabilities on the site are hugely important to the customer.

Home Depot builds digital engagement with the Pros

The data that you provide around the product is important. We have seen strong engagement with the video content at a product information page level helps drive conversions. So the customer is definitely guiding how you engage with them in the digital world. And they are requiring upgrading content.

How Home Depot Analyzes and Uses Customer Data | Hardware Retailing

How do you go about building an exceptional brand experience for customers? We call it the emotional connection.

home depot customer relationship management

The culture of the orange-apron-wearing associate making an emotional connection with the customer is critically important to our brand. As we think about the omni-channel presence of retailers in the marketplace, emotionally connecting with a face and name of an associate is critically important to our future success.

It is something we absolutely need to foster and leverage going forward as an emotional connection in this interconnected environment is now more important than ever.

Our definition of interconnected retail is where our stores drive traffic online and online drives traffic into our stores. A major initiative we are currently undertaking is a project that will centralize all of our order management systems. As Home Depot introduced new channels of doing business to the customer, we had separate order management systems to manage those different channels.

For example, what we call BOPIS buy online, pick up in-store had a different order management system than our special order and will-call system.

home depot customer relationship management

This project will provide a seamless experience not only for the associate but for the customer as well. They can choose whatever channel they would like to do business with The Home Depot, no matter where they are or what they are purchasing. This comes down to a simple concept of order alignment. We have multiple ways a customer can create an order, and we are aligning the systems, processes and structure to fulfill those orders.

In your book, you outline 52 tools for "the most amazing customer service on the planet. The tools are broken up into five areas: In terms of leadership, it's not just about being the leader of a company.

The Key to Delivering Amazing Customer Service

It's about everyone being a leader when it comes to customer service. One of my favorite tools in that category is "Act like you own the place.

Culture is the second category, and a key tool in that section is "To be the best place to buy, you should also be the best place to work. In the one-on-one category, a helpful tool to remember is "The customer is not always right, but they are always the customer.

Competitive edge is the fourth category, and my favorite tool from that bunch is "Satisfaction is a rating, loyalty is an emotion.

The Key to Delivering Amazing Customer Service

Loyalty is what you want. The last category is community. One of the biggest tools in that section is the "law of reciprocity—the more you give the more you get. Can you provide an example of how Ace uses one of these tools?

home depot customer relationship management

Ace is really good at giving back to the community. For example, I remember talking to one Ace retailer who constantly faced ad budget challenges.