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Sperm whale Rare Animals, Life Goals, Whales, Speakers, Authors, Music .. Steve Backshall and Helen Glover must be Britain's fittest couple – but who's. Steve Backshall and wife Helen Glover with their baby (Image: Instagram) . Steve takes his passion for animals home, and the couple recently. The couple married on a Cornish clifftop surrounded by friends including actor Steve Backshall marries Helen Glover Hello Magazine cover.

I just remember that part. Forget all the sport we did, it was the chocolate cake I loved. As we walk down the mountain Helen picks up litter, while Steve stops to chat with a little girl who is staring at a dung beetle.

There is no substitute for that. In business, in sport — in many different walks of life — having those abilities is important. They learn from trial and error, making mistakes, getting grimy and dirty and occasionally scuffing themselves up a bit. It was really, really tipping down. They were all sleeping in the shelters they made themselves from natural materials. She led her team far better than I led mine and I do this for a living.

Team Helen won every task. She became a household name after Londonwhere she won the Gold for coxless pair with Heather Stanning, repeating the glory at Rio She takes the responsibility attached to living as an Olympian very seriously.

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You need to team up with charities that you believe in and that reflect what you want to represent. I never thought little old me could have any kind of influence and I really want it to be positive. Steve travelled to Rio with Helen to support her from the finishing line, something he found surprisingly difficult.

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Yet, typically, this just drives her on. This prompted a laughing Glover to respond: Glover, a talented all-round sportswoman who was once a schoolgirl cross country international for England, is the headstrong one who'll bound off ahead, perhaps too quickly. Stanning is the quiet, calmer one -- at 32 a bit older and wiser than her year-old pal -- who'll go at her own steady pace. Glover even admitted that she feared the one point when the two might end up running together could be "at halfway when Heather catches up and I try to hang on to her before she overtakes.

When they convened to be interviewed at Glover's home in the picturesque Berkshire village of Cookham, they hadn't seen each other for a few weeks but embraced as if it had been a lifetime. The gold medal won by Stanning and Glover at the Olympics in London was the first for the host team at those Games and the first in Great Britain's history for women's rowing. But it's not a feeling of loss -- more a sense of achievement, of a job well done.

Not only did they not lose a race in the coxless pairs after the world championships inwhen remarkably they still won silver even while suffering from the effects of norovirus, but nobody even came remotely close to toppling them, which is why they are still both ranked as the world's top two female rowers. A hard decision awaits Glover, though.

Such a brilliant oarswoman that she won world championship gold with another partner, Polly Swann, when Stanning was on her tour in Afghanistan with the Royal Artillery inshe has been agonising over whether to continue a career in which she has won her past 50 races. One British newspaper described the Rio triumph of Glover and Stanning as the "greatest boating double act since the Owl and the Pussycat. I've always been massively into outdoor sport and adventure.

So what a treat to find a full-grown man who likes the same things! Steve's really supportive of whatever I decide.

Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, unbeatable as rowing partners, will be rivals at London Marathon

He knows I have to make the right decision for me, and he's saying he's happy if I'm happy. She conceded that she would probably have to make her decision within the next couple of months because the more training lost, the more her chances of achieving the Olympic hat trick would be reduced.

Life with Backshall on the stretch of the Thames that supposedly inspired Kenneth Grahame to write "Wind in the Willows" is evidently one big adventure.

Their house is like a cross between the Natural History Museum and a boathouse, with a kayaking exercise machine dominating a front room festooned with animal skulls, fossils, a gigantic canvas painting of a lion and the "ethically sourced" puff adder skeleton that Glover bought hubby for Christmas.

His BAFTA for presenting the "Deadly 60," a show in which Backshall has too-close-for-comfort encounters with some of the most dangerous animals on the planet, is nestled next to Glover's Olympic gold medals.

Steve Backshall and Olympic gold medallist Helen Glover tie the knot in stunning ceremony

You just know there must be executives even now plotting to turn them into TV's first couple of adventure. That DW canoe marathon to raise money to save part of the Borneo rainforest? That could be just the start. Stanning gazed round her friend's extraordinary home and laughed about how she'd be holding down an army desk job while Glover was gallivanting around the globe.