Revolution charlie and monroe relationship goals

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revolution charlie and monroe relationship goals

See more ideas about Revolution, Revolutions and Tracy spiridakos. Charlie Matheson and her relationships whit Sebastian Monroe, Connor and Jason .. 21 Times Seth And Summer From "The O." Were The Ultimate Relationship Goal . Charlie and Monroe scout in Revolution What we want in Revolution Season 2 >> It would be a stable, married couple with great jobs. Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey's Office Scene Reenactment Is BFF Goals. You'll probably need a couple viewings of Ralph Breaks The Internet to . And if Miles and Monroe are back to their obvious tension, Charlie and but he's also the one who'll do the things no one else will to meet his goals.

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You were the one that started all of this They both enlisted in the Marines when they became adults. Before shipping out for basic training, Bass had a brief sexual relationship with Miles' then-girlfriend Emma Bennett. After Bass and Miles shipped out, she found out she was pregnant with his son. However, her parents refused to allow her to tell him and Bass had no knowledge of his son until many years later. InMonroe's family was killed when they were hit by a drunk driver on the way to a Harry Potter movie likely Deathly Hallows Part 1, since it came out in As he was getting drunk and contemplating suicide in the cemetery, Miles arrived and talked him down.

revolution charlie and monroe relationship goals

Bass was in the car with Miles when the Blackout occurred, texting a woman named Susan. The Blackout disabled all the vehicles forcing the two Marines to walk to their base. Upon arriving, the security detail prompted the Marines to present I. D to enter, Monroe was lacking his identification, but noted an unidentified member of the security would vouch for him.

Monroe then raised his arm, revealing a tattoo with a large "M" in a circle and "Monroe" beneath, which prompted the unidentified security member to allow him entry.

Miles Matheson

Post-Blackout Eight weeks after The Blackout, Bass decides to accompany Miles Matheson when he announces that he is leaving the base and going to Chicago, as Miles is the only family that he has left. They took handguns from the base munitions depot and departed. As they walked from Parris Island to Chicago, the two happened upon a young couple in an orange tent who had been murdered and their supplies taken.

A little farther down the road, they encounter two men beating a third over his supplies. Bass initially says that they should keep going, but Miles confronts the pair.

Monroe is shocked when Miles shoots the two men, but he helps Miles carry the beaten man to safety. Eventually, Bass, Miles, and Jeremy Baker formed the Monroe Republic in order to keep the region from falling into complete anarchy.

Sebastian Monroe

Monroe, when he was the dictator of the Monroe Republic. Eleven years after the Blackout, Miles felt that Monroe's lust for power was undermining his ability to govern the Republic and attempted to kill him, but was unable to pull the trigger. A drunken and depressed General Monroe summoned Tom Neville to his office in Philadelphia and tasked him with hunting down those responsible for helping Miles.

Bass remarked how there was a part of him that wished Miles had pulled the trigger, and insists that Miles cannot be hunted down, as he is not an ordinary man but the creator of the Militia.

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Around this time, rumors began to circulate that Monroe had gone mad with power, even among Militia troops. He also began preliminary work on restoring electricity to the Republic at this time.

Neville is brought before him to answer for snooping around in the basement. He then remarks how his work at getting the power back on is necessary to the survival of the Republic. Monroe then loads his pistol, disengages the safety, and offers Tom a drink. He then explains that the prisoner Tom saw was Miles' sister-in-law.

revolution charlie and monroe relationship goals

To further their efforts at restoring power, he promotes Neville to captain and charges him with finding Ben Matheson, all the while encouraging Neville to be ruthless in his pursuit. During that time, Monroe has held Rachel Matheson hostage in hopes that she would help him in his endeavor to turn the power back on as Miles originally planned. Sebastian and formerly Miles Matherson had trained and led their soldiers to the point that their army was feared across the continent.

Monroe sent soldiers to go and find Ben Matherson, as he knew something about turning the lights back on. So Monroe sent Tom Neville, a highly skilled Captain, and a company of troops. After months of searching they finally found him. There was a fight, in which Ben Matherson was killed. Later, at Kimberton Pennsylvania, Monroe himself is interrogating a captured Rebel, but kills him when he is unable to extract any information. Personality Bass is charismatic, charming with an all-or-nothing personality.

He comes off as emotionally fragile when it comes to personal relationships. Although he was deeply devoted to Miles and viewed him as a brother, like many brothers do, Bass was sometimes jealous of what Miles had sleeping with Emma and as he hinted, coveted Nora.

Monroe saved Charlie's life twice: Some would certainly point out that there's a part of Bass that may have some small affection for his best friend's niece.

Is it weird I find Monroe very attractive?

revolution charlie and monroe relationship goals

Season 2, Charlie and Monroe have more interaction and these two just couldn't help but get snarky with each other, but not like when it's Rachel and Monroe where as she said it's like gasoline and a match. Charlie seems to have more common sense than Rachel.

revolution charlie and monroe relationship goals

Sure Charlie hates Bass and tried to kill him but after she found out that her mother was wanted by the Patriots and after Bass saved her, Charlie realized his value to their team.

Bass is a psycho killer and someone has to be the bad guy or else Miles would have to be and he already expressed disdain for the job. These two also make a good team in the heat of battle. The writers love to tease us about a possible sexual chemistry as when Bass came to Willoughby with Charlie, Miles was very upset: I wouldn't let him touch me. Then there was that lady warlord in New Vegas who took one look at Charlie and said, "Picking them kinda young.

Needless to say, Bass was not thrilled. It was mostly because if Rachel found out she would definitely kill Bass despite what Miles says, but Bass didn't lash out at Charlie.

revolution charlie and monroe relationship goals

I guess he figured yelling at her would be pointless.