Relationship goals vs reality video websites

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relationship goals vs reality video websites

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relationship goals vs reality video websites

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relationship goals vs reality video websites

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Let me clear all of this here. So the area of the actual dining room is 1, times larger, and so if the drawing had an area of 1, then the area of the actual dining room would be 1, So what would I have to multiply each of the dimensions by to get an area factor of 1,?

relationship goals vs reality video websites

Well, if I multiply this dimension by 40 and this dimension by 40, we see 40 times 40 is 1, You might say, hey, Sal, how did you figure out 40? Well, the 16 is a big clue. We know that 4 times 4 is equal to 16, and so if you gave a 0 to each of these 4's, if you made it 40 times 40, then that is going to be 1, So this information right over here tells us that the scale factor of the lengths is That would result in an scale factor for the area of 1, So that's a good starting point.

Now let's go to the actual dining room on the blueprint.

relationship goals vs reality video websites

So the actual dining room on the blueprint doesn't have these dimensions. We just used that to figure out the scaling factor. The actual dining room on the blueprint has a length of 3 inches.

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So maybe it looks something like this. They don't give us any of the other dimensions, so we can even imagine a 3 inch by 2 inch, 1 inch, whatever we want. We could even imagine a 3 inch by 3 inch square. They only care about the length.

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Now let's multiply both of these by a factor of And we only care about the length here. They actually say what's the length of the actual dining room. So let's multiply it, and obviously, this is not drawn to scale. Let's multiply this times a factor of So 3 times 40 isand this, of course, is what we're referring to as the length.

Now, you might be tempted to say OK, we're done. This will be But remember, this is inches.

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So what is inches in terms of feet?