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No Safe House (No Time For Goodbye, #2) by Linwood Barclay

No Time for Goodbye is a thriller novel written by the Canadian author and The Sunday Times reported in its year-end bestseller list that the novel led . Linwood Barclay (born ) is an American-born Canadian author, noted as .. The film also explores the relationship of James Gregory and his wife as their life . No Time for Goodbye has ratings and reviews. Linwood Barclay has written another thriller that will keep you turning the pages the . I was able to figure out who did what before the end of the book but that was not a bad thing. . Enid was obsessed with the child, kept Clayton from having a relationship with . This item:No Time for Goodbye: A Thriller by Linwood Barclay Mass Market Paperback $ In Stock. "A terrific page-turner that keeps you in suspense until the very end. If you like Alafair Burke, author of Dead Connection "No Time for.

No Time For Goodbye

And that was one of the problems I had with No Time for Goodbye. He delved right into the action in that book which was excitingbut I felt that as a result, we didn't get to know and care for the characters as much as we should have. That problem is nonexistent here - Barclay is hitting us with not only an amazing, fast-paced thriller, but characters that we already know intimately. When Cynthia was 14, she woke up one morning to find her mom, dad, and older brother missing.

The beds weren't slept in. No note was left. Her whole family just vanished without a trace.

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The book takes place 30 years later, and deals with how Cynthia is seriously fucked-up because of this, and how overprotective she is of her daughter - and it's a thriller because people are getting murdered and the truth of what happened to Cynthia's family is finally coming to light.

In this book, the sequel, it's 6 years later.

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I'd hoped that after what happened in Book 1, Cynthia would ease up on how intensely overprotective she is of her now year-old daughter, Grace. But nothing has gotten better. In this book, Grace is deliberately acting out - smoking, parking with older, good-for-nothing boys, and getting into all sorts of shenanigans - because her mom is suffocatingly overprotective. There were medications she could take, of course. But she didn't like how they made her feel, and really, wasn't it a good thing to always be on guard?

To be ready for whatever bad thing that might come along? You couldn't allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security, right? Except it was no way to live.

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When Grace wants to go to to a clothing exchange with her friends that is at night, and she won't get home until after midnight, of course Cynthia gives her a flat "no. Cynthia feels terrible about what happened and realizes she's out of control. So she decides to move out and live in her own apartment for a while. Then add drug and gun smuggling, lots of murder, kidnapping, and tax fraud to what this family is already going through, and you've got this doozy of a thriller that really starts fast and keeps going at a breakneck speed.

I like Barclay's writing. It's not beautiful, but it's good for a thriller. Grace sometimes thought her mother had her so convinced something awful would happen to her that she just wanted to get it over with.

No Time for Goodbye

The anticipation was always worse than the event. Are they alive and living another life in another state? Cynthia struggles daily with her life as she tries to cope with her background. After her family disappeared she had to live with her Aunt Tess. Now a strange car starts showing up, Cynthia believes she has seen her brother, and notes appear in the house Her husband, Terry is torn between wanting to believe his wife and struggling with the fact that she might be losing it.

The stress has taken over, he's sure and he is afraid that she might be imagining the things that are happening.

Terry, Cynthia, and Grace, their eight year old spunky daughter go on one hell of an adventure to figure out what happened 25 years ago and how it is affecting them all today. Twists and turns, daring rescues and hair-raising events will keep the reader intrigued throughout the whole story. Now, twenty five years later, she may find some answers This book has whet my appetite for more from Mr Barclay.

An eerie, thrilling, adrenaline ride that's not to be missed! No Time for Goodbye doesn't falter and has all the ingredients to keep you hooked 'til the end! Amazing book, read in one sitting! Full of suspense, keeps you guessing till the end.

I could hardly put it down Cannot wait to read the seque. It is a great read, with lots of twists and turns.

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I had to read all this in one sitting, I just couldn't put it down.