Spiritual friendship definition relationship

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spiritual friendship definition relationship

Every Christian should have and be a spiritual friend. No training is necessary for this level of Mentor Relationships. Definition. The camaraderie and concern. These couples failed to define their relationship as first “in Christ” as disciples involved in a spiritual friendship of sharing, serving and caring for. Spiritual friendship can be a powerful vehicle for the journeys in our lives that make us of spiritual friendship enabled him to see his relationships more clearly. Or we can be using different words with the same meaning.

10 Marks of True Spiritual Friendship

We believe that our faith is a relational one. And we are called to love God and neighbour. But how many of us have these vital and life-giving relationships in place? We need to walk with one another, in the company of Jesus, so that we each can find the strength and encouragement to grow in Christlikeness see Luke Spiritual friendship is friendship that is rooted in Christ, for the purpose of growing in Christ.

spiritual friendship definition relationship

The basis of spiritual friendship is a shared relationship with Jesus Christ. The purpose of spiritual friendship is a common commitment to help one another grow in Christlikeness. In spiritual friendship the principal good is a mutual love for Christ and a desire to grow together in Christ.

spiritual friendship definition relationship

This is what distinguishes spiritual friendship from other relationships. In spiritual friendships the friends are centred in Christ, they seek Christ, and they strive to live according to Christ. Through their friendship they want to help one another live a godly and holy life.

spiritual friendship definition relationship

They want each other to be resplendent in goodness. How does it work? Does it actually work? What are the Elements of Spiritual Friendship?

Spiritual Awakening. Friendships and Relationships Fading Away.

I thought that no one but myself. Lewis, The Four Loves True friendship moves us past small talk and surface answers and into soul nourishment. We get past the veneer and can share side-splitting laughs as much as we share hopes and struggles. So much in our world works against forming deep friendship — our crazy busy schedules, cross country moves and subbing online interaction for in real life friendship. But God did not create us to do life alone.

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He put us in community. First, we have to BE the kind of friend we want to have.

spiritual friendship definition relationship

Then, we need to look to see what God has to say about true friendship. Here are 10 marks of true Christian friendship: A real friend shares the same truth. Godly girlfriends have more in common than same-aged kids or similar hobbies. Friendship will go deepest when friends share the same beliefs and want the same things out of life. A real friend will walk with us through the hard. Aelred of Rievaulx wrote a classic book on spiritual friendship in the Middle Ages.

Francis de Sales and St.

Spiritual Friendship and Marriage

Jane de Chantal exemplified spiritual friendship in the 17th century, and that tradition continues in Salesian communities to this day, including my own. While a great deal has been written about spiritual friendship over the centuries, my impression is that this literature is not widely known. I always remember a Lutheran seminary student whom I taught several years ago saying that my discussion of spiritual friendship enabled him to see his relationships more clearly.

As the Church continues to find new ways to engage contemporary culture, rediscovering a seemingly simple concept such as friendship can be a powerful tool for spiritual growth and discernment. Friends through Christ There are many types of friendships. Some are focused on common interests like baseball or haiku poetry.

Many occur at work and involve the sharing of work-related interests or concerns.


Most friendships begin simply and move from casual chatting to deeper sharing about life and family. Any friendship that begins to focus on the spiritual journey of life can be deemed a spiritual friendship. This does not exclude any or all the elements of friendship mentioned in the previous paragraph — in fact many spiritual friendships begin outside of a church setting. God occasionally and somewhat unpredictably brings a spiritual friend into our lives.

spiritual friendship definition relationship

They share regularly about the spiritual journey of life and seek to respond to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to have each day contain some small manifestation of love of God and love of neighbor.

Spanning divisions In recent decades, spiritual friendships between Catholics and other Christians have come to the fore. Previously, in our centuries of conflict, Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox and Anglicans tended to avoid one another. This was partially because of the silence kept at the monastery.

10 Marks of True Spiritual Friendship

But it also was because nowadays the guest house is open to all, not just Catholics. A few months later, I ran into a Lutheran minister after a lecture.

We said to each other: