Clandestine relationship definition google

Iran-Contra Affair - HISTORY

clandestine relationship definition google

It is believed that President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe were involved in a clandestine affair. #scandal#monica lewinsky#bill clinton#olivia#down. Clandestine marriage means the marriage entered in secret through an agreement between parties. This type of marriage is usually solemnized in secret , and. The Iran-Contra Affair was a secret U.S. arms deal that traded missiles and other arms to free some Americans held hostage by terrorists in.

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Still, the president instructed his National Security Advisor, Robert McFarlane, to find a way to assist the drug-dealing Contras, regardless of the cost—political or otherwise. At the same time, Iranian-backed terrorists were holding hostage seven Americans diplomats and private contractors in Lebanon. Reagan delivered another ultimatum to his advisors: Find a way to bring those hostages home.

InMcFarlane sought to do just that. He told Reagan that Iran had approached the United States about purchasing weapons for its war against neighboring Iraq. There was, however, a U.

And, as an aside, the arms deal would secure funds that the CIA could secretly funnel to the Contra insurgency in Nicaragua. Three of the seven hostages in Lebanon were also released, although the Iran-backed terrorist group there later took three more Americans hostage. Reagan initially denied that he had negotiated with Iran or the terrorists, only to retract the statement a week later.


It was then that Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Northof the National Security Council, came forward to acknowledge that he had diverted the missing funds to the Contras in Nicaragua, who used them to acquire weapons. He assumed Reagan was also aware of his efforts.

clandestine relationship definition google

Tower Commission The American press hounded Reagan over the matter for the rest of his presidency. During a subsequent Congressional investigation, inprotagonists in the scandal—including Reagan—testified before the commission in hearings that were televised nationally. It was also common among the classical Greeks and Romans, pre-industrial Europeans, historical Japanese, Chinese and Hindus and among the traditional Inuit of the arctic, Kuikuru of the jungles of Brazil, Kofyar of Nigeria, Turu of Tanzania and many other tribal societies.

There are different types of infidelity. Researchers have broadened the definition of infidelity to include sexual infidelity sexual exchange with no romantic involvementromantic infidelity romantic exchanges with no sexual involvement and sexual and romantic involvement.

Myriad psychological, cultural and economic variables play a role in the frequency and expression of infidelity. But one thing is clear: Mate poaching is a pronounced trend.

Mate poaching is also common in 30 other cultures. The Dangerous Passionby David M. Studies show the possibility of a gene that correlates to infidelity. InWalum and colleagues investigated whether the various genes affect pair-bonding behavior in humans; couples were examined; all had been married or co-habiting for at least five years. Men carrying the vasopressin allele in a specific region of the vasopressin system scored significantly lower on the Partner Bonding Scale, indicating less feelings of attachment to their spouse.

Moreover, their scores were dose dependent: Men carrying the gene also experienced more marital crisis including threat of divorce during the past year, and men with two copies of this gene were approximately twice as likely to have had a marital crisis than those who had inherited either one or no copies of this allele.

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Last, the partners of men with one or two copies of this gene scored significantly lower on questionnaires measuring marital satisfaction. This study did not measure infidelity directly, but it did measure several factors likely to contribute to infidelity. Several scientists have offered theories for the evolution of human adultery.

clandestine relationship definition google

I have proposed that during prehistory, philandering males disproportionately reproduced, selecting for the biological underpinnings of the roving eye in contemporary men.