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Bob Cratchit is a fictional character in the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Ebenezer Scrooge; Bob Cratchit; Mr. Fezziwig · Ghost of Carol (); An American Christmas Carol · Mickey's Christmas Carol. Mickey's Christmas Carol is a theatrical featurette featuring established Disney Cratchit reluctantly asks for a "half day off" for Christmas, to which Scrooge . The special then appeared, in its original aspect ratio, on the Classic. Alan Young in Mickey's Christmas Carol () Will Ryan in Mickey's Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse .. Aspect Ratio: Bob Cratchit's salary is mentioned as being two shillings and half a penny per day.

But… Giving will grow your character.

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Giving has been showing to make you feel good. Dave Ramsey has a great post on just what happens when you give. Ebenezer Scrooge was hoarding all of his money instead of giving some away so he naturally became more and more greedy over time.

The natural remedy to this is to give more. With the right mindset on money, you end up making better decisions in order to grow your money even though you have a little bit left from giving some away. Grow your wealth and grow your character by both saving and giving freely. In the story, Scrooge makes a complete one-eighty after his encounter with the three ghosts.

In fact, he was literally begging the Ghost of Christmas Future for a second chance. Then, he wakes up and makes good on his promise. When Marley came to visit, Scrooge could have given up hope. The Hand Your Dealt In a game of cards, you are dealt a certain hand by luck. You are forced to use those cards to play the game.

I needed different ones. You have to use those cards. Instead of throwing down your cards and quitting the game, you use those card to change your situation.

You work to get better cards, and the more you know the game, the better you are at playing it.

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Learn all you can about money. Learn how to invest it. Budget like a boss and only spend on what is valuable to you. No matter what has happened in your past, you can define your future. A Christmas Carol If the story of Ebenezer Scrooge would have continued through an official Dickens sequel, I imagine that quite a lot would have changed. The Cratchit family would have been living much better off with the wage increase Scrooge gave to Bob.

Tiny Tim would have lived a long life, having been given the medical attention he needed at a young age. Scrooge would have lived much longer than the short time in the future that the Ghost of Christmas Future showed him. His giving would have made him one of the happiest men on earth. What other lessons can you learn from A Christmas Carol? Scrooge's nephew Fred Donald Duck comes in to invite Scrooge to his family's Christmas dinner, but Scrooge turns him down.

When collectors Rat and Molealong with beggars on the streets, kindly ask for a simple donation, Scrooge responds to them that if he does, the poor will no longer be poor and thus they the collectors will be out of work, "and you [can't] ask me to do that, not on Christmas Eve.

When Scrooge commends him for his ruthlessness, Marley chuckles "Yup," but then recalls his sinfulness, and tells that because of his cruelty in life, he is doomed to wear heavy chains for eternity "maybe even longer".

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He warns that a similar fate, if not worse, will befall Scrooge unless he changes his ways. Marley then leaves, falling down the stairs when he tries to avoid tripping over Scrooge's cane again and letting out his signature Goofy holler. Scrooge soon dismisses the incident but is later awoken by the Ghost of Christmas Past Jiminy Cricket.

He shows Scrooge his past when his growing love of money led him to cruelly break the heart of his fiance Isabel Daisy Duck by foreclosing on the honeymoon cottage's mortgage.

This is in sharp contrast to the original novel where Isabel is the one who ends the engagement with Scrooge in a relatively amicable manner. Not long after the first visit, the Ghost of Christmas Present Willie the Giant arrives, surrounded by turkey, mince pies, suckling pigs and other delicious foods. He shows him the poverty-stricken Cratchit family, who still keep a festive attitude in their home despite their hardships. Bob's young son Tiny Tim Morty Fieldmouse is revealed to be ill and Willie foretells tragedy if the family's hapless life does not change.

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However, just when Scrooge is desperate to know Tim's fate, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the house both vanish. The Ghost of Christmas Future a hooded figure later revealed to be Pete takes Scrooge to the future in a graveyard. When he sees Bob mourning for Tiny Tim, who has passed away indicated by Bob placing Tim's crutch on his memorial markerScrooge fearfully asks whether or not this future can be altered. He then overhears the laughter of two gravediggers two weasels from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr.

Toadwho are amazed and humored by the fact that no one attended the funeral of the man whose grave they were digging for.