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Jobs available now · Career tools and resources · Employment and award Manages existing partnerships within established agreements or contracts; Establishes new relationships outside NRC and expands sphere of influence to and technology and their economic and social benefits to Canadians. Using private career colleges to recruit international students leaves “We've been able to leverage the relationship with Hanson and now we have Cambrian is one of six Ontario colleges which have agreements with International students who graduate from a Canadian postsecondary institution can. History, politics, arts, science & more: the Canadian Encyclopedia is your September , Prime Minister Brian Mulroney signs the agreement to compensate the Japanese-Canadians for . Post-Political Career of the anti- apartheid movement in South Africa and his relationship with Nelson Mandela.

By now he was the leading Conservative organizer and fund-raiser in the province. Despite never having run for office, he was a strong candidate for the leadership of the federal party infinally being eliminated on the third ballot.

Mulroney again ran for the Progressive Conservative leadership ina low-key effort in response to charges that his campaign had been too slick and showy. He beat Joe Clark on the final ballot: Leader of the Opposition As leader of the Opposition and Member of Parliament for Central Nova in —84, he proved a skillful manager, concentrating on healing party wounds and building a solid electoral machine. Moderate and conciliatory by nature, he called for a strengthened private sector and less government intervention in the economy, minority French-language rights, and closer Canadian-American and federal-provincial relations.

In the general election of he ran an almost flawless campaign against Prime Minister John Turner 's Liberals and won seats, the largest number in Canadian history. The party took 58 of its seats in the province, the breakthrough that Mulroney had promised would take place under his leadership. He was sworn in as the 18th prime minister on 17 September Economic and Constitutional Reform The first two years of Brian Mulroney's administration were marked by indecision and scandals in his Cabinetbut by the spring of he had launched the two important initiatives that would mark his first term: The FTA went into effect 1 January However, the Meech Lake Accord slowly unravelled, and its collapse in June was at least partly attributed to Mulroney's widely quoted "roll of the dice" in scheduling the final first ministers' conference so close to the deadline.

His government reached a new low in popularity with the imposition of the new Goods and Services Tax GSTwhich went into effect 1 January Mulroney had to stack the Senate with supporters in order to get the bill through the upper house.

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Critics blamed the severity of the recession of the early s on the FTA, but the Conservatives continued their policy of open trade and negotiated a North American free-trade agreement which this time included Mexico. Mulroney's popularity according to the polls was lower than that of any other prime minister in history as he attempted to arrange yet another constitutional pact in the fall of The so-called Charlottetown Accord see Charlottetown Accord: Document was pieced together after numerous commissions and negotiations, but it was rejected in a nation-wide referendum.

Environment and Apartheid Although Brian Mulroney is best known for his economic and constitutional policies, his record in foreign affairs and the environment is also significant.

It includes working horizontally as well as vertically within and outside NRC with the goal to win cooperation from stakeholders. The scale progresses from obtaining support and collaboration primarily from known groups and partners to winning, engaging and leveraging new partnership opportunities that represent commercial potential for NRC as a whole.

Level 1 Maintains contacts and works collaboratively Keeps networks active by sharing information and communicating frequently and openly with stakeholders, highlighting the win-win nature of collaboration.

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Fosters a climate of trust and respect with others; treats partners fairly, ethically and as valued allies. Cooperates with individuals and groups across NRC by being honest and transparent in all interactions and responding effectively and efficiently to requests. Expresses appreciation to others who have provided information assistance or support.

Engages others by presenting ideas and arguments clearly to get a point across. Level 2 Secures support from existing networks and strengthens partnerships Convinces others by identifying benefits for all; looks for ways to increase the value of the partnership for all parties.

Investigates with others ahead of time in order to obtain and prepare relevant data to build support for an idea.

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Manages existing partnerships within established agreements or contracts; negotiates adjustments when mutually beneficial to do so. Builds a business case for an idea by applying sound logic and relevant business or technical knowledge. Genuinely cultivates personal bonds with colleagues across NRC in order to enhance performance throughout the organization. Discusses issues and exchanges information with partners to identify areas of mutual interest and benefit. Understands the internal dynamics of other groups and draws on them to facilitate project execution or persuade others.

Level 3 Identifies and capitalizes on new partnership opportunities Seeks and influences new relationships outside own unit and identifies new collaborative partnerships that better position NRC's programs and services. Identifies and creates opportunities to partner through networking and participating in cross-functional, multi-stakeholder groups. Proactively pitches a business case to gain visibility, promote acceptance, encourage support and raise the profile of the idea.