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The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) () .. hoping to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage, but nature takes its course imagery/some violence) overall Film- 60% The plot was interesting, the characters. It's clear from the get go that Victoria is in control of the relationship, but it's the other, connected by theme and idea but not be a separate plot. It was on this phone that the murder plot was outlined in January She was taken to Lebanon for an arranged marriage to a much older.

Tara almost manages to stab him again, but is knocked out again by Nick.

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Tara regains consciousness on the torture table and immediately asks what percentage the meter is at. Tara, somewhat nervous, urges them to get her shift done quickly, but Tony reveals they will be pushing higher than the usual six percent this time. Tara starts to protest that they had voted on six percent and breaks down in tears, begging to be released. But the group took another vote while she was knocked out and decided on this instead.

She desperately tries to hold them back and in the process, cuts Kai, fatally wounding her. Tony, distraught and enraged, tries to kill Tara but Nick convinces him to keep her alive. Tony agrees, but demands that he gets do what he wants to her, and the rest of the group agrees.

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Tony severely damages Tara's larynx with a wrench, removes some her skin with a grater and cuts her arms open with a knife. With little time left, the remaining five agree to break their collarbones at the same time. Tony is chosen to break everyone's collarbones, but can't force himself to break Tayler's. The projector flashes a new message of the woman congratulating them and instructing them to place the vials in their gadgets in the door allowing them to escape. Sam kills everyone as they leave the room, though Tony has just enough time to warn Nick before Sam stabs him in the stomach.

Soon only Greg and Tayler are left in the room while Nick is unable to get back in. Greg, still under the influence of the oxy pills, admits to Tayler that he knew about this cult that feels everyone deserves pain and agony, but he never believed the rumors were true. Sam is revealed to be the one who orchestrated this scenario. Nick chases Sam into the room seen at the beginning where Sam, having removed his gadget, kills Greg with a signal sent from a computer, locking Tayler up again.

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Tayler tries to escape by inflicting burns on her back with a countertop grill, and hurting her already burned hand. Sam, amused, admits that he was one who had suffered injuries in his life and yet survived, believing, that everyone deserves pain to be innocent. Sam then activates the device containing the poison on the back of Nick and Tayler's necks. Despite the poison, Nick is able to kill Sam with a screwdriver and takes some of the meds left in the room that counteract the poison. He also uses another device to remove the one from his neck.

Nick rushes back to the room, able to see Tayler through a monitor on the screen but unable to reach her as she dies. Through heartbroken, Nick uses bolt cutters to free himself from the building and escape. Some time later, Nick is seen in a restaurant, his injuries healed, ordering waffles and cream. As he looks out the window, Nick spots Diane hitchhiking with a redneck and goes after her, leaving money on the table. Hours later, Diane tries to offer the redneck and his wife a sample of her products, but he drives off.

Diane, disappointed, heads back to her car, only to confronted by Nick, who slams her head against the car, knocking her out. Nick stuffs Diane in the back and puts on "Lethal Injection" on the radio and comments what Diane said earlier: I love this song.

Advertisement She blinked back tears in court as a taped conversation between her husband and escort agency boss Sleiman outlined a plot to kill her on a romantic beach walk.

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She said yesterday that they seemed to have enjoyment in their voices. Good and bad luck played their parts in the case going to trial. It was bad luck for Sleiman, 32, and her lover that police tapped the Gold Coast public telephone that Rolls, 41, used to call his mistress in Melbourne. It was on this phone that the murder plot was outlined in January Police were tapping the phone on an unrelated matter.

The good fortune was Ms Rolls', after detectives took action. She was taken to Lebanon for an arranged marriage to a much older man when she was Sleiman was allegedly beaten and abused before she returned to Australia, where she became involved in drugs and worked in the sex industry to support her habit.

Sleiman weaned herself off drugs but fled Melbourne after a violent confrontation with a client, meeting Aaron Rolls in Queensland.