World economic forum meet in delhi

How to follow our #wefindia meeting in New Delhi | World Economic Forum

world economic forum meet in delhi

A host of union ministers, including finance minister Arun Jaitley, and top industrialists will take part in a three-day World Economic Forum. What are the key themes of our India Economic Summit , and how can you follow the meeting on our digital channels?. The World Economic Forum will host the India Economic Summit in Delhi from 4 to 6 October. Under the theme “Creating Indian.

India Economic Summit to become biennial event from 2019

The meeting will take place in New Delhi from October. Here is our guide to how to follow wefindia on our digital channels, as well as how to watch sessions online.

world economic forum meet in delhi

Join the conversation Twitter The official meeting hashtag is wefindia. Follow tweets on this hashtag to keep up with everything going on at the meeting.

The World Economic Forum's official Twitter account wef has over 3 million followers. You can also follow our communities: Facebook You can also join our 4 million followers on http: We will post highlights from the meeting and stream selected sessions live. Instagram Follow us on Instagram, here http: LinkedIn Follow the meeting on our LinkedIn page at http: YouTube Live streamed session videos will be available on YouTube.

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Read and share our content Our Impact For almost 50 years, the Forum has been the catalyst for global initiatives, historic shifts, industry breakthroughs, economic ideas, and tens of thousands of projects and collaborations. Find out about our impact here: For now, it teems with huge billboards atop buildings and even on buses, promoting India and Indian companies, while the narrow roads made even narrower by heavy snowfall are full of lounges set up by the private and public sector from the country where Indian delicacies are flying off the counters.

Chai and pakodas are in high demand and so are vada pao and dosas. Then, there are plenty of Indian companies with their own setups alongside those of the global ones. The five-day WEF affair seems to be bigger this year and so does the snowfall, as the first day itself saw roads getting closed and serpentine traffic since morning.

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Flush with nearly three times its usual population, the Swiss resort of Davos is teeming with black business suits for the WEF annual gathering, but it still cannot deter the skiing enthusiasts and those coming for medical tourism.

There are warnings that the snow-laden town in the Swiss Alps can see temperatures dipping to as low as minus 30 degrees this season. But that does not seem to have dampened the spirits of those having come to the annual talkathon of the rich and powerful from across the world -- something that has become synonymous with this place for nearly five decades now. The event has also brought thousands of army, police and other security personnel from across Switzerland and some neighbouring countries as well to secure the summit being attended by over 70 heads of states and governments.

Davos World Economic Forum: Modi to address opening plenary, Trump on final day

But it has a much older and fascinating history of its own, being a place of eminence for medical tourism as also winter sports. Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the famous detective character Sherlock Holmes, moved to this town along with his ailing wife that reportedly helped her live longer.

Reuters Photo The Geneva-based WEF is hosting its 48th annual meeting here beginning Monday, where more than 3, leaders from across the world are expected to participate in a high-profile talk fest for five days.

world economic forum meet in delhi

To cover this global elite jamboree, there are nearly 2, journalists and support staff as well. While such a high-profile event leads to all hotels and rental apartments being occupied, the die-hard winter sport fans still throng this place as the WEF week also means relatively smaller crowds in ski areas and on mountain cableways.

The only drawback for tourists is that they cannot stay within the town, which has less than 10 medium-sized hotels and about 40 small ones, including in nearby areas like Klosters and Dorf.