Meet and greet goals o2l pictures

51 best Meet and Greet Goals images on Pinterest | Meet and greet poses, Magcon and Magcon boys

meet and greet goals o2l pictures

@Jakewhitesides This will be a cute picture to take together ☺ ❤ Meet. Meet And . Nash Hayes Grier, Nash Grier, Meet And Greet Poses, Bae Goals, O2l. meet and greet goals · come here Wesley and touch my butt whenever you want Meet And Greet Poses, G · Meet And Greet PosesG PhotosMagcon BoysPicture. Humor is the goal, not shock and awe. . As of now, she is on tour with YouTubers Wengie and KarinaGarcia. but was either blurred or covered up and they were cute little chibi/anime drawings most of the time .. that should be considered: MirandaSings, GraceHelbig, TimmyFellDownTheWell, O2L, etc.

Oakley's " I Had a Vision of Love " video, which walks viewers through his life goals, can inspire kids who feel directionless.

Bubbly British vlogger whose comprehensive reviews of beauty products and hair and makeup tutorials have led to her renown as a lifestyle expert. With big blue eyes, loads of personality, and charming British-isms she says "fringe" for "bangs"Zoella has attracted a huge fan base of young girls -- and advertisers -- as much for her encyclopedic knowledge of beauty products as for her Mary Poppins-like homespun wisdom.

The channel is unapologetically about the joys of shopping, and, consequently, Zoella has advertisers eating out of her hand. Found footage of an amazingly prescient, pre-YouTube Zoella videotaping herself packing for a trip shows her fans that this vlogging stuff really wasn't a fluke.

meet and greet goals o2l pictures

Aspiring actor who has vowed to post a YouTube video every day. Handsome, earnest, and funny, Graceffa is one of YouTube's first vloggers to hit the big time: He's appeared on two seasons of The Amazing Race. The guy really gets around: He does guest appearances all over YouTube and usually adds a humorous -- if not particularly stimulating -- presence.

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Graceffa's content is pretty mild. In fact, much of it seems like its self-promotional stuff he can use for auditions. In his " Draw My Life " video, Graceffa explains how he overcame obstacles such as an alcoholic mother, an absent father, and a learning disability.

O2L Meet and Greet

Boy-next-door looks combined with wry observations of high school life make Nash's videos magnetic to teen girls. He often features his friends in his videos, making it look as though he's leading an average, everyday American life.

meet and greet goals o2l pictures

He's a self-proclaimed God-fearing Christian. Nash has had to apologize for comments that were seen as racist, sexist, and homophobic. Recently signed to YouTube's AwesomenessTVyou can expect bigger and better content from this self-made star -- and that includes sponsorship deals with premium advertisers.

Over 1 million The basics: Is there anyone you want to collaborate with a song or a single?

meet and greet goals o2l pictures

Miley Cyrus would be awesome! Dude that would be amazing. What would you describe your musical style as? Pop dance, pretty much that. I'm trying to stay away from too mainstream. I want it to be on the radio, but its got to be a little different from everyone else. Because that's how it gets popular! What was the craziest thing that has happened with a fan or just in general this year?

Like weirdest thing they ever did? Uhhh, do you want me to be honest with you? Yeah, I want you to be straight up.

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It actually just happened down there. We're at an event right now and we just got done with a meet and greet. When she was taking a picture with me she wrapped around me and slowly put her hand down and slapped my butt!

What did you say? I was like oh! Yeah, you don't really know what to say to that!

52 best M&G goals images on Pinterest | Meet and greet poses, Magcon and Magcon boys

What do your friends think of all this? It comes out on the 19th. On Tuesday on Vevo!

meet and greet goals o2l pictures

Both of you are a part of the very successful YouTube channel O2L. What's your favorite part of being in O2L? Just having best friends. They are like big brothers! Yeah we're always with each [other], got each others backs. We fight a lot a lot, but it's because were so close. They are really sarcastic, too. Is it stressful to get your YouTube videos on time, on your day? It can be, but we have gotten so used to it that it's not even like a chore.

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It's just, I've got to fit it in my week, someday! Yeah, because you guys both have your personal channel and O2L. I am trying to do my personal channel, trying to start that up again. You're more involved with your personal channel than you are for O2L? Yeah, right now I am. But I am going to start that up again soon. Do you like Twitter, Instagram or YouTube the best? I would have to say YouTube, just because I started off that. Yeah, YouTube always wins.

But between Instagram and Twitter, I like Twitter the best, because you can talk to [people] and they are so funny. They're really, really funny. Is Twitter the main social network where you talk to your fans? Do you talk to them on Instagram or YouTube? Well, it's kind of hard. They don't ever see my replies back to them, because its in a huge comment section.

So you do comment back to them? If they say something really nice, I'll be like: You get so many. You can just sit there for hours. What's your favorite Starbucks drink? I have a couple, but right now my favorite is the white chocolate mocha Frappucino. I got one today actually.

For Christmas time I am going to going with white hot chocolate. It's like white chocolate, but it's hot laughs. Or the caramel apple cider. Have you ever tried to make your own Starbucks drink? I used to be addicted to Starbucks. I would look online - what are the ingredients?

I would be like: And it tasted horrible! It never turns out the same! Have you ever gotten the cotton candy one?