Gta 5 car meet spots on skin

29 Awesome GTA 5 Easter Eggs - IGN What's new in Realistic Car Meet V? -new spot lights for vip cars -new city. GTA 5 packs in references to Thelma & Louise, Red Dead Redemption, Max In an out-of-the-way spot in the hills behind Los Santos you can find a that features a list of cars to boost that is only visible under a blacklight. There is a random face textured into the sides of one of GTA 5's mountains. The group is set to restricted, which means you must request to join the group and join the Official Discord and make an appliance under.

This seems to be a reference to the TV show Lostbut that isn't the end of it.

gta 5 car meet spots on skin

If you get close enough, you can hear an audible tapping sound. Talk about attention to detail!

gta 5 car meet spots on skin

You encounter a bunch of stopped trucks with blaring horns and dead bodies strewn about the place, both of the human and dog variety. If that wasn't enough of a reference to the drug deal gone bad from the excellent No Country for Old Men, if you head down the hill, you find a wounded survivor and a flashing silver case.

gta 5 car meet spots on skin

Once you grab the case, people end up chasing you to get to the money, and you'll have to fight them off to prevent another time-wasting trip to the hospital. If you're around a nearby cliff at 7 pm, you'll see two women in a convertible being chased by cops. If you manage to get close enough, you'll see two guitars and sombreros in the back seat too.

While the movie ends more poetically, with the car freezing in midair before the credits roll, the GTA recreation ends rather predictably, with the car and the women smashing into the rocks below unless you intervene. It's a great reference to an equally great movie. Once the game has been fully completed, several different types of alien spacecraft show up. Some of them are the classic flying saucer shape, with FIB markings, suggesting that they've either escaped from government imprisonment and bear the markings, the agency has reverse engineered their own craft, or the FIB have taken the saucers for their own purposes.

The other type looks like a stealth fighter with black panels and a more angular look.

Unfortunately, there's no way of interacting with the craft, as they're immune to damage and more specialized weapons can't lock on. This also means no joyriding in them, which is a massive shame. However, if you happen to be playing on PC, there's a mod to do just that isn't there always?

This level of detail includes the lead three characters themselves, who have lives outside of the story missions. It's even possible to find them strutting around in the open world.

29 Awesome GTA 5 Easter Eggs

If you follow them or more accurately, stalk them they'll start getting irritated and warn you to back off. Secondly, only Michael De Santa can complete the mission, and thirdly, it's hidden very well indeed.

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There's no message informing the player about the mission. It's subtle, but unmistakable. In a radio segment he can be heard promoting his new performance-enhancing Bullshark Testosterone.

gta 5 car meet spots on skin

There's also an entire in-game website devoted to the performance-enhancing drug. Drive-Inspired Jacket A discount store near Trevor's landing strip sells a jacket that's an obvious nod to the one worn by Ryan Gosling in the movie Drive. But it's a friendly crab on the back instead of a much more threatening scorpion.

Gone in 60 Seconds Around the middle of the campaign a story mission takes you to a garage that features a list of cars to boost that is only visible under a blacklight.

This setup is an obvious nod to the Nic Cage "classic" Gone in 60 Seconds.

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In the game's prologue, if you drive under the bridge when making your escape, you can find an actual alien frozen beneath the ice. The first is crashed underwater, near the northernmost portion of the map.

Chiliad, but reportedly only during a thunderstorm. If you move closer she'll disappear, revealing the name 'Jock' on the ground, seemingly a reference to her suspected killer. There's no other way to put it.

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Some think the face looks a lot like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. But we think it's more likely a member of the GTA 5 team. One of Trevor's random transitions has him following someone on a scooter shouting only semi-coherently about how they're scooter brothers. This is a reference to a fan-made Youtube clip from GTA 4. And yes, Roman is on his friends list.