Giant men meet tiny cats for adoption

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giant men meet tiny cats for adoption

Mapping Feral Colonies · feral cats: life after adoption · meet our feral colonies · report a cat colony Mason has introduced millions of people to feral cats, proving they are worthy of compassion We brought Mason in during a big Trap- Neuter-Return (TNR) event back in October. He was not a candidate for adoption. There are many cats, kittens, dogs and puppies available for adoption at PAWS' shelter in Lynnwood, and cats and kittens available at PAWS Cat City in Seattle. We welcome you Cat. Male/Neutered Little Big Foot Poodle, Miniature/Mix. Cats Available for Adoption I am a little uncertain so timid when I first meet you, but once I know you I am fine with the pets and I do not care for the other cats much because I am the lone panther-man who likes to go his own way. . Espurr is a teeny tiny cat with a big personality or purrsonality and lots of catittude.

She does not get along with a lot of the other cats because she needs to be the top cat making the rules. Although Mack tolerates the other cats he really would much rather be the only cat in his own house. All these cats are very hard on him and although he is very laid back and a totally cool dude sometimes it is just too much for him and he feels a bit grumpy about the shenanigans of those other cats.

DOB April 23, Opal Opal is very vocal, but also very shy. She will need a special someone who is willing to give her time to get acquainted. She is curious about what is going on and loves to tell everyone all about what she sees and hears. Opal enjoys the world view from the higher shelves in her cat room. DOB April 1, Cali I am so cute and so brave.

Look at me way up here on the top shelf. This is my favorite place to be. I have an orange moustache that looks so nice and I like the other cats in the room. Some people think my tail is a bit short but I like it and wave it proudly.

Cali is a calm cat who naps a lot. DOB January 1, Orson Wells Orson likes other cats. He is such good friends with them that he grooms them and they groom him. He enjoys the company of humans too because humans will pet him and brush him. Orson is a talkative boy and enjoys sharing the news of the day with you. Orson is front declawed. Then look no further!

Even though his feline roommates are sometimes annoyed with his antics, Jamison enjoys being the class clown. Although he has a grown up body, he still is a kitten at heart. His favorite toys include laser pointers, feathers, ribbons and crinkly kick toys. Jamison loves to play and has so much energy that he would do best without other cats or young children.

They swarmed over to Mason's lair, and started climbing all over him, just really invading his personal space. I was right there next to them, holding my breath and expecting him to hiss or growl and then slink away to hide under the couch When Scrammy ginger kitten started licking Mason's ear, and Mason leaned into it, I completely melted We did daily "field trips" with Grandpa Mason and the kittens, so they got lots of play and snuggle time together.

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When they weren't snuggling, they were playing and he would get SO excited! He tried so hard to be gentle, even though I could tell he was just bursting to get a good wrestle going. They chased each other around the house, he captured them and give them baths, he trilled to them to get their attention, and he flopped and rolled around on the floor like a giant kitten, it was just the most adorable thing ever!

Up until his last round of bloodwork, his kidneys were continuing to decline despite the very best medical treatment we could give him. His last tests show his kidneys have stabilized - he isn't getting better, but he isn't getting worse, at least for today. He looks great, and his weight is steady, which is a sign that he's still feeling good. We are trying to be realistic and prepare ourselves that he likely only has months left, but we are determined to make those months the best he's ever had.

Why Mason's story is so important We feel his story is such an important one to tell. He is helping us raise awareness about feral cats, the hardships they face, the love they have to give, and that spaying and neutering is a very easy way to prevent the suffering that results from cat overpopulation. He also shows us that old, broken, ferocious, "lost cause" cats still have value and are worthy of compassion.

She is brave, outgoing, social and playful. An adult home is best and she will need to stay on her duck or venison diet. She is currently hanging with other kitties and gets along well with them.

giant men meet tiny cats for adoption

She needs someone to give her attention, play time, and hang out with. She is extremely affection and deserves an extra special home. Plus, she is a beautiful girl with striking green eyes. Please submit a no-obligation adoption application to meet Bastet: She has a microchip, too.

No one has claimed this tabby beauty so she is looking for a new family.

giant men meet tiny cats for adoption

You will find that she is very friendly and outgoing. Not able to visit right now? Please submit an online no-obligation adoption application http: Please do not forget to include the FCID on your application.

She is a very sweet but feisty little cat. She is the kind of cat that likes to initiate the human contact and is not a lap cat. She needs to be an only cat in a quiet, calm environment: Would you like to meet her and have a chat? Please submit a no-obligation adoption application for Talula: Cheeto loves head scratches and is hoping you would like to meet him and scratch is head, too! Cheeto is keeping his foster family company. Please submit a no-obligation adoption application for Cheeto: Do you have room in your home for him?

Pepper hopes you do. Please submit a no-obligation adoption application to meet Pepper and play with him: He loves everybody and lives life to the fullest!

Giant Men Meet Tiny Kittens In Adorable Mismatch For The Ages

He loves to play with the other kittens in the kitten room and will always be a kitten at heart. Super affectionate, he will climb up to nuzzle your neck and reach his little paw out as you walk by to get attention. He is a true love bug! He is from a farm where the cats and kittens were fed dog food and the young kittens would never have survived the winter.

giant men meet tiny cats for adoption

He is extremely affectionate and loves attention. Kindly submit a no-obligation adoption application http: Thank you very much for your interest in Dale. We hope to see you soon.

Radar is a sweet, big boy who loves to play. He likes for you to pet him and play with him.

giant men meet tiny cats for adoption

Radar likes to play fetch, especially if the prize is a treat! His favorite toys are balls, lids, string, and playing with his food and treats. He is good with children. Radar does entertain himself and likes to lounge on the scratch box. Please submit a no-obligation adoption application to meet and play: I have been waiting over a year for my furever home. She is a beautiful dilute torbi with peachy pink tones mixed in with the gray.

All of Sarabi's kittens have been adopted. Sarabi is waiting for someone to notice her and maybe think about giving her a forever home, too. She is a super friendly kitty who loves attention and will let you know when she is not given enough. She loves to be petted. Sarabi loves to play and explore, too. Who can resist her adorable face? Sarabi's foster says, 'She does tolerate my small dog senior chihuahua and does not like other cats in particular but will tolerate them.

She needs a kind patient person to help her learn to trust and that she is safe. She has come a very VERY long way in foster! I am approximately one year old. I am a playful and fun loving cat. You could keep me entertained for hours with simply a wand toy. I would be great with children due to my gentle and fun-loving nature. Did I mention I love to play?! That is really my favorite thing to do. I also enjoy pets and affection as well. Please pay me a visit, if I sound like the cat for you!

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If you would like to give Lasso his furever home, please submit an online no-obligation adoption application http: She is sweet and loves to be petted and scratched.

Maisy is a brown tabby that has other colors mixed into her coat. Maisy is in a foster home for recovery and would love to know you would like to meet her to possibly adopt her. Maisy's foster said she is ready to receive visitors. Here is a link to our no-obligation adoptinonapplication for a meet and greet: He is featured this week for our Cat of the Week on our homepage: But unfortunately his story did not start like that.

Rewind to June Neighbors reported that they witnessed the cat being dragged by his neck to go inside. They have seen the owners kick the cat and grab him by his legs in order to throw him outside. The cat was left outside in the rain for 3 days and was also left outside during a snowstorm. Neighbors said that the cat was covered in blue paint, he was frail, and they believed him to have a broken leg.

Appropriate authorities were called, but the cat remained at the residence and continued to endure daily abuse. No animal should EVER have to endure what this poor cat did. One of our volunteers saw the post and jumped into action.