Clearwater creedence revival tour meet

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clearwater creedence revival tour meet

Meet the Band: Green River – Creedence Clearwater Revival* Do you have any pre or post concert rituals? Vocal warm-ups are a must for any performance. The official website of rock and roll dynamo and Creedence Clearwater Revival icon JOHN FOGERTY. Keep current on the latest music, news & tour updates. Creedence Clearwater Revival was an American rock band active in the late s and early John Fogerty, Doug Clifford, and Stu Cook met at Portola Junior High School in El Cerrito, California. Calling After their breakthrough, CCR began touring and started work on their second album, Bayou Country ( ), at RCA.

He refused to perform them for another 25 years because the associations were too painful. If one of his old hits came on the car radio — which happened often — he would turn it off.

In fact, showbusiness seems to be unusually full of folks who things go wrong for.

clearwater creedence revival tour meet

He still has the square-jawed, blue-eyed good looks of a Hollywood cowboy. He still sings in a mighty, bluesy roar, although his speaking voice has a quizzical, aw-shucks quality reminiscent of the actor Fred Willard.

Creedence Clearwater Revival

And he still wears the flannel workshirts he introduced to rock's wardrobe 20 years before grunge — except he now sells them, too. On the table of his New York hotel suite sit two plastic-wrapped shirts, branded "Fortunate Son" after Creedence's broadside against privileged kids who wriggled out of the Vietnam draft. Most importantly, he says, meeting Julie in the late 80s rescued him from a ditch of resentment and despair.

I was angry and hurt. Somewhere at the end of this 10 year period he went fishing on a lake. While out there the phrase "A man named Ike was in the White House, big black limousines" was born in his head.

clearwater creedence revival tour meet

This turned the switch to the "on" position again, and he released his "Centerfield" album in During the second decadehe met his wife, got married, had kids and wanted to make a record again. According to him, he also tried to settle the disputes with his former label but with no results. He made many visits to the "Bayou" to meet blues masters and get inspiration from the birthplace of the blues.

He also made efforts to improve his skills in guitarplaying. An earthquake distroyed his house and it took him one year to rebuild it. Then to finish the "Blue Moon Swamp" album took him about four years. First he tried to do it on his own.

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Then he tried to find the right band finally ending up in using different sets of musicians for different songs. According to Fogerty, he was unhappy with the contract he signed with his Creedence era label, Fantasy Records, back in After the disband of Creedence Clearwater, Fantasy let him out of his contract but he had to gave up his publishing rights to all his Creedence songs as a compensation.

What does John Fogerty do now? He is supposed to be writing songs to his next studio album. What is the "Shep" album of John Fogerty?

The cover sleeve features Fogerty with his dog, Shep.

John Fogerty: 'I had rules. I wasn't embarrassed that I was ambitious' | Music | The Guardian

What was the deal with the "Hoodoo" album? It was a finished album of John Fogerty, due to be released in The bosses of Asylum Records didn't like the tapes, and the album was shelved.

Are the John Fogerty single cuts that were not released on his original albums available on greatest hits packages or box sets? So far, no compilation albums or box sets focusing on the solo career of John Fogerty have been released. You have to search for the original vinyl singles e.

Did I mishear the lyrics of "Bad Moon Rising"? People usually misheard the chorus "there's a bad moon on the rise" as "there's a bathroom on the right". In his concerts, Fogerty makes fun of it and purposely slips the "wrong" lyrics into the end of the song. What do other former members of CCR do now?

With three additional musicians in the place of the absent John and Tom Fogerty, the band performs Creedence Clearwater Revival classics. He got the virus in the blood transfer in the early 80's. His albums were released on CD in Check out International Movie Database at http: Can we expect a reunion of Creedence Clearwater Revival someday?

Creedence Clearwater Revival | Meet the Band

Since Tom Fogerty has passed away and the relations between the living former members have been strained for decades, the reunion seems unlikely. Front and centre, a rejuvenated Fogerty live in Image: The video for the former featured a clay animation of a little guy singing: There was no video for Mr Greed, but the sentiments were similar. Fearing they would be sued, Warners told Fogerty to remove the tracks. Fogerty refused, and indemnified Warners instead. Fogerty was being sued for plagiarising himself.

It was a bizarre scenario and Fogerty found himself in the witness box with his guitar, demonstrating to the jury how two songs by the same writer could sound the same and yet be different. Tom Fogerty died in of respiratory failure, the feud with his brother unresolved.

They were invited to the ceremony and told they would be playing in the all-star jam. We said it was a majority, and the court saw it that way.

Creedence Clearwater Revisited

Fogerty has preserved the honour of his creations mainly by not playing them. When he finally played a bunch of Creedence songs at a benefit show for Vietnam veterans in it was a newsworthy event. And there are signs that he may be resolving his feud with himself. In John Fogerty re- signed to Fantasy Records, thus reuniting himself with himself. Concord president Glenn Barros stated: Concord also released a collection called The Long Road Home, which is the first time Creedence songs and Fogerty solo songs have appeared on the same CD.

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