Five person you meet in heaven pdf

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five person you meet in heaven pdf

KB. The Five People You Meet in KB. The Five People You Meet in KB. The Five People You Meet in The Five People You Meet in Heaven. By Mitch Albom. About the book. From the author of the number one New York Times bestseller. Tuesdays with Morrie. The Five People You Meet in Heaven The End T HIS IS A STORY ABOUT A MAN named Eddie a BookRags Lesson Plan The Five People You Meet in.

His first best-selling novel, Tuesdays with Morrieis a memoir about his meetings with his dying former professor. Like Five People, the novel focuses on lessons of love, compassion, forgiveness, and human connection, and the meaning of life in the face of death. With Five People, Albom introduced the theme of life after death and delved further into Christian themes. His novels, For One More Day and Have a Little Faith returned to the themes of redemption and religious lessons around the meaning of life and death.

In The Notebook, Sparks similarly uses the reflections of an elderly couple as the vantage point for a seemingly impossible love story, illustrating how love, devotion and forgiveness create meaning in life.

In his novel Safe Haven, Sparks uses the theme of faith to tell the story of a woman who escapes an abusive relationship to begin a new life elsewhere, and who finds a new family with the help of a woman who has died. Detroit, United States When Published: Religious Fiction, Philosophical Fiction Setting: Fictional seaside amusement park in an unnamed town Climax: When Eddie realizes that the shadow he saw in the flaming hut during the war really was the little girl, Tala, and that he killed her.

Cite This Page Choose citation style: The Blue Man reveals that eight-year-old Eddie was responsible for the Blue Man's death when he ran in front of the car the Blue Man was driving.

Mitch Albom - The Five People You Meet in Heaven

In Heaven, the man tells Eddie his life story, and the lesson Eddie is to learn from this first person is that there are no random acts. All lives are interconnected, and fairness does not govern life or death. The second person Eddie meets is his captain from the war. Four of his men, including Eddie, were captured with him in the Philippines. The captain was killed by a landmine as they were escaping after several months as captives of brutal enemy soldiers. Eddie was sure that there was a child in a tent he had torched, and he was going into the fire to rescue it.

As he headed into the fire, Eddie's leg was shot, leaving him a resentful cripple for the rest of his life.

five person you meet in heaven pdf

His chief resentment is an unproductive life spent maintaining rides in an amusement park as the result of the war and the injury. He discovers in this second encounter in Heaven that his captain shot him in order to save him from being burned in the tent.

five person you meet in heaven pdf

He comes to accept the act of the captain, who was determined to leave no one behind. The lesson he learns is that no one dies for nothing and that when you sacrifice something precious, such as a leg, you always gain something. Eddie just doesn't know yet what he has gained. The third person Eddie meets is a woman named Ruby, for whom Ruby Pier was named long before Eddie's time.

He meets her near a diner, where Eddie is shocked to find his father. She takes him to a scene in his family's kitchen where an old friend of his father's, Mickey Shea, attempts to assault his mother. His father comes home and chases Mickey with a hammer but ends up rescuing him from an attempted suicide-by-drowning off the pier.

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Ruby tells Eddie that his father is angry but that he can't let an old friend die without trying to save him. Mickey befriended Eddie's father in times of need. Besides, Mickey has just lost his job because of his drinking and is drunk at the time.

five person you meet in heaven pdf

His father gets them both out of the water, but he is unable to get himself up from the beach for several hours. He dies of pneumonia a few weeks later, and Eddie ends up working on the Pier to save his father's job.

Once his father dies, he stays on the job, and he and Marguerite move into the same apartment house where he had grown up. The lesson he learns from this encounter is taught by Ruby.

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She tells him that anger is self-destructive and that he must forgive. Eddie goes back to the diner and kneels beside his father, who is not able to hear him or speak to him because he has already moved on in Heaven. Eddie tells him that he has forgiven him and is letting his resentment go.

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The fourth person Eddie meets is his wife, Marguerite. Their relationship was a rewarding and fulfilling one although it went through a bad period when Eddie lost money at a racetrack. The money would have paid for the adoption of a child that Marguerite wanted very much, since she was unable to bear children.

five person you meet in heaven pdf

He called her from the racetrack to tell her that he was winning, and she was angry and begged him to come home.