Five people you meet in heaven eddie

Five People You Meet In Heaven Character Analysis

five people you meet in heaven eddie

Aug 14, Eddie The protagonist and main character around who the story centers; at the start of the story, he is killed on his 83rd birthday. When he. Eddie is the protagonist of The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Albom never specifies Eddie's last name, but everyone on Ruby Pier calls him. A member of the human “freak show” at Ruby Pier during Eddie's childhood, and one of the five people Eddie meets in heaven. He is an anxious, lonely, and.

Through meeting the five people in heaven, Eddie sees an appreciation of this things he had done while living on earth; he was also able to achieve integrity to replace the regret that he faced throughout his life. When Eddie was a child, he and Joe were playing ball outside.

The ball bounced into the street and Eddie ran after it. The Blue Man, who was practicing his driving, almost hit Eddie but veered away just in time. Since the Blue Man was already nervous to be driving, his close encounter with Eddie shook him up even more.

He began swerving on the road and having a sort of anxiety attack. He pulled over to regain his composure and ended up hitting a truck, which brought him to his death. The Blue Man teaches Eddie his first lesson, which is that there are no random acts in life; all actions are intertwined in some way to affect the life of someone else. If Eddie had never chased his ball into the street, the Blue Man may have never died. While they were at war, the Captain made a promise to Eddie and his other soldiers that he was not leaving anyone behind.

The Captain suffered through the prisoner of war camp and even the escape with his men. Eddie had been so angry with his father because he thinks his father has ruined his life. He blames his father for all the bad things that has happened to him.

five people you meet in heaven eddie

It eats you from inside. At this point, Eddie realized how great a man his dad was, even with his quirks and felt sad he showed anger towards him.

Marguerite was the only woman Eddie ever loved.

Eddie still loved Marguerite with all his heart. Upon seeing her in Heaven, he was overwhelmed with emotion. He missed her so much and was happy to see her.

five people you meet in heaven eddie

They talked about their past and how things ended. She became sick at 47 years old and passed away. Eddie wishes he could have spent more time with her on Earth. Tala is the girl who was in the fire and was the shadow that Eddie saw. Tala is a young girl and badly burned. She was told by her mom to hide in the hut when the soldiers were burning the village.

The events in Vietnam are certainly sad, but Tala has a different view on it. Throughout his entire life, Eddie had been influencing and helping kids stay safe through his work. He walked around Ruby Pier and made sure all the rides would not break down.

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Focus on our own work and let the world take you where it needs you most. Rather, I will look to be a person who asks good, penetrating, and thoughtful questions and who is a good listener.

Also, I will focus on reading body language and adjusting my actions accordingly to make the other person feel comfortable. He was killed as a result of Eddie running in the street after his ball.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven – Book Review

The Blue Man teaches Eddie his first lesson, which is that there are no random acts in life, and that all incidents are intertwined in some way.

The Captain The second person Eddie meets in heaven; his former war captain. He explained that, although he shot Eddie, he kept his promise by not leaving him behind and even sacrificed his life so Eddie and two other soldiers were able to live.

five people you meet in heaven eddie

He also teaches Eddie that when one loses something, they often gain something else. Ruby The third person Eddie meets in heaven and also Ruby Pier's namesake. She teaches Eddie to let go of his anger and to forgive his father for the damage he caused in his life.

Marguerite was the only happiness in Eddie's life.

five people you meet in heaven eddie