Famous quotes from five people you meet in heaven

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famous quotes from five people you meet in heaven

The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom: Important Quotes and Analysis. Find the quotes you need in Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven, She will hold his hand and tell him God is proud of him for being a good boy. Summary and reviews of The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom of having received exceptionally good reviews (even from tough critics such as.

It is significant to know when I read because it is one of the reasons why this book just stays in my mind. I pictured myself as Eddie. An old man with so many bruises physically and emotionally draging the last breath he had to carry before he died and saved a little girl's life. With a cause he died which for me is amazing! Then he met the five people that bumped into his life for a second and even for a lifetime that he might didn't remember or know them before when he was alive.

These five people were there to answer all of his unanswered questions about his life and why God had purposes with him in his life even when he thought that he had no value at all - This too amazes me still; have you EVER wondered why are you here on earth? And the story evolved from there.

famous quotes from five people you meet in heaven

And all the classic questions that I believe WE all are facing now are written so nicely by Albom. With jokes, with poems, with simple everyday words. Albom didn't preach within this book which I think it is the risk of writing such subject - and the fact that he didn't preach makes it universal for all races and religions to read.

And be spiritually touched. And so how does this effect on me with the broke-up?

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I was angry all the time and didn't understand why I was treated so bad by a man and how I thought I have not a value to go on. Then a friend's death which rolled me back to the time I read this book in the first place reminds me of how life goes on and how life NEEDS to go on.

God has purposes with us, even if it means only to be a bell-boy of a grand hotel, or to be a mistress, or to be a virgin queen or to be an ordinary guy standing on the train station. Little things matter the most. On the account of this book, I got to know that Albom had written another grand book about life-death-God previously before this book.

After this, we will choose our heavenly dwelling.

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There we will wait for newcomers whose lives intersected ours on earth. We will be one of the five people they will meet as they learn the meaning of their life on earth. He addresses two life questions that every individual wrestles with and desperately seeks answers to: What is the meaning of my existence? Albom is an excellent writer and is sincere in his effort. This story causes each one of us to wrestle with these key questions of our existence and eternal destiny, issues many choose to ignore but must inevitably face.

He also teaches some valuable life lessons. For these reasons, the story is enjoyable and thought provoking. In some ways he gets us closer to the answer, but never really gets there. Christians will find that he gives us some appetizers, but fails to deliver the main dish. In what follows, I will present a biblical critique of this story and explain how Albom scratches the surface but never finishes the quest for meaning, significance, and eternal hope.

The Quest for Meaning What is the meaning of my existence? Does my ordinary life make a difference? Will I look back on my life with regret, feeling that I contributed nothing significant in my lifetime? These are issues most people ask throughout their lifetime and seek answers for.

Every person who has understanding can know his or her life was worthwhile.

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Therefore, even small decisions and actions we take can significantly affect the lives of others. Look at what Morrie did for me talking to me. And I wrote a book to try to pay his medical bills and went from one person to another person and people come up and say your book changed my life. How did that happen? In the story, the main character Eddie learns in heaven that he impacted the lives of others both positively and negatively, often unintentionally.

Why should we care if our lives affected others? Therefore, our lives have no ultimate meaning, and impacting the lives of others is meaningless, for our final destiny is extinction. If God created us for a purpose, then we need to find out why He created us.

The answer to the meaning of life is directly tied to the origins question.

famous quotes from five people you meet in heaven

Since Albom does not answer the origin question, he cannot provide an adequate answer for the meaning of life question. The Bible teaches that we were created by God to love Him, love others, and fulfill His calling upon our lives. Any answer that does not include God as a centerpiece of the answer will fall short, and Albom basically leaves God out of his version of heaven. Albom gives us a very different picture.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven – A Biblical Worldview Critique

Albom developed his idea from a story his uncle, Edward Beitchman, told him when he was a child. One night his uncle was lying near death and woke up to see his deceased relatives standing at the foot of the bed. And I began to explore this simple concept: With each encounter the main character Eddie is taught a new lesson that puts the pieces of his earthly life together so that it begins to make sense.

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Some lessons bring joy, others bring remorse, but the pain is a cleansing process that results in inner peace. Our souls are much bigger than this. How quickly we would get bored once we discovered the impact our life made and then spent eternity in a heaven we dream up for our pleasure.

Earthly pleasure becomes painful when we get too much of it. The heaven described in the Bible is very different from this earth. Our joy is not wrapped in repeating earthly pleasures but is found in a person, Jesus Christ, who is the center of all creation.