Meet the mayoral candidates baltimore

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meet the mayoral candidates baltimore

On November 2, , the city of Baltimore, Maryland, elected a new mayor, the 47th in the .. At a press conference at a National Governors Association meeting, O'Malley stated he was laying "the framework" for a presidential run. Baltimore City Green Party To Hold Contested 3-Way Mayoral Election Meet the Candidates at Green Party Office Opening March 19, Seven Democratic candidates are vying for their party's nomination on June The winner will run against Republican Gov. Larry Hogan and.

meet the mayoral candidates baltimore

Background[ edit ] Kurt Schmokethe incumbent Mayor of Baltimorewas serving his third term. He announced in December that he would not run for reelection the following year, [1] [2] the first time an incumbent Baltimore mayor did not run for reelection since As the state of Maryland did not attempt to prevent African Americans from voting through Jim Crow lawspolitical coalitions often involved African American community leaders.

meet the mayoral candidates baltimore

Theodore McKeldinwho served as mayor from through and from throughwas one of the first political leaders to work with African American community leaders. State Senator Clarence M.

Meet the Democratic candidates for Maryland governor

Mitchell, IV called the takeover racist. City leaders, including Howard P.

meet the mayoral candidates baltimore

Rawlingsa member of the Maryland House of Delegatesand William Donald Schaeferthe Comptroller of Maryland and Schmoke's predecessor as mayor, feared that none of the potential candidates had the vision to continue the urban renewal that took place under Schmoke and Schaefer. Schmoke called the race "his to lose". However, Mfume lived in nearby Catonsville, Maryland[2] and did not move into Baltimore until March, which would leave him short of the one year residency requirement.

meet the mayoral candidates baltimore

David became a managing partner at nineteen for one of Washington, DC's largest pizza franchises. He went on to become a police officer, resigning after five years because he saw a flawed system that was not serving justice and because of discrimination in the ranks. He later went on to open several successful businesses including a restaurant franchise which also doubled as a night club entertainment.

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Reforming education is a high priority, including improvements to school facilities with among other things better heating and cooling systems. Army and National Guard for 10 years. He has also served as a Leadership Organizer and member of the Leadership Council at United Workers since where he has worked on giving communities control over development and housing costs through land trusts as well as working on creating living wage jobs.

meet the mayoral candidates baltimore

He studied political science at Morgan State University. He will re-focus the Baltimore budget so that it will benefit all Baltimore communities not just wealthy developers.

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He wants to stop closures of recreation centers, firehouses and community schools; and make sure children do not have to travel long distances to go to school. McCray believes housing is a human right and will encourage community control of housing, through programs like Community Land Trusts.