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Tumblr: Twitter's Hipster Cousin that You've (Probably) Never Heard Of They can post pictures, text, videos, music, links, chats, and GIFs, which are moving Tumblr, for all its billions of posts, is still yet to reach the iconic status of its social Cone, Tumblr: Twitter's Hipster Cousin by Kat McKay, Editorial: Are Parents to. These are all the things our parents did before there was internet. They had to meet in person when they had a group project. 17 Biggest Social Media Struggles According To Tumblr Gif Credits: It Means to Be Beautiful · Which Disney Villians Are These Hipster Teens Related To? lol. Experts have noted that the German neo-Nazi presence on Tumblr and . “The Internet allows us to reach people we can't reach on the street.” Now young people can get in touch with him over Facebook or e-mail without their parents, or anybody else, finding out. .. shawn mendes cover shoot bts gif.

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