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40th Annual Corvette, Chevrolet & all General Motors Show and Swap Meet on Oct 19, in Paramus, NJ(New York City metro area) at Paramus, New Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. The Adventures of Kesha and. We want you to feel great. We offer a range of more than products, and ever since we have been delivering what our claim promises: health and. They hosted a VIP event at the Lotte New York Palace in Manhattan and the entire .. The couple who very publicly dated from and then very publicly broke Kesha has come forth and credited Adele as the person who has helped her Chris Pratt and Anna Farris riding in a black corvette in custom Seattle.

If you need inspiration from overseas, head to the Mediterranean. Tuscan-style gardens pop against black and white, and extravagant foliage adds pops of color to an otherwise neutral color pallet.

Think French Riviera with mixed furnishings, like wood benches and marble tables. Boxwood hedges can transform a large venue into more intimate spaces for more private conversation. Add floral to the hedges to bring in a romantic and elegant hanging garden look.

Bring the comforts of the indoors to them by providing everything they could need to enjoy your event. Create points of connection at water stations for guests to stay hydrated. Set up tables around the event with water infused with citrus or fruits. Guests can help themselves without lining up for the bar and the stations look absolutely gorgeous when paired with linens. Finally, for a touch of glamour and functionality, add citronella candles on tables around your event. They create a warm ambiance and keep away any pesky mosquitoes.

Keep these ideas in mind as you pull together the most beautiful event of the season, and show me how you used these trends on Facebook! It sounds like a joke, but seriously, sassies, the Phoenix Open is real and it is amazing. The Phoenix Open was held Jan. Our friends at CORT Events absolutely killed the design by taking in many forms of inspiration for different spaces and viewing areas and executing with perfection.

They delivered 12 trailers filled with more than 10, individual pieces of furniture. Sassies, executing an event of this scale takes expertise because that is a LOT of furniture. Here is the inspiration behind just a few of the beautiful spaces that CORT designed: Offering an elite oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert, CORT provided an elevated guest experience fit for VIPs who enjoyed the tournament from this box. Located on the south side of the 17th green, The Cove at 17 offered one of the most valued suite hospitality opportunities for corporate participants, elevated by design concepts that provided elegant and welcoming spaces.

Inspired by farm chic trends, the Loge featured refined wood textures, pops of greenery mixed with industrial textures and plush furniture for guests to relax. Honestly, sassies, the Loge sounds like my kind of viewing experience. Using moveable hedges and refined textures, as well as fun pops of color and eclectic patterns, The Bay Club reflected the top event design trends ofwhile serving the needs of each group in the space.

Offering access to an upscale lounge area as well as a viewing platform overlooking the 10th fairway, the open concept of the elite, members-only club, Soho House L. Every single thing at the event was recycled or reusable. So green for ! Color trends that are literally everywhere: Gray is the dominating neutral for fabric in seating this year. Desert rose tones, terracotta, deep greens are also popping up as subdued neutrals that can play well with gray and support other, more vibrant colors.

These muted tones are contrasted with black metal frames to anchor the palette and balance the light and dark tones in the space. Pantone shook me to my core when they announced the color of the year — Ultra Violet.

Exploding with zest and energy, accents in ultra violet add a sexy yet elegant ambiance to any event space. CORT Events is seeing oversized patterns and accessories in bold colors being used in a more tailored minimal way, and I am absolutely loving it.

Tribal patterns in earth tones are also playing up the visual interest. Consider your event space and guest expectations when choosing which patterns you want to play with in your event design. Gone are harsh, hard lines. Consider all the senses when designing your event space, and keep supple fabrics and textures in mind as you decide on accent pieces. Fabrics that feel rich like velvets and leathers add dimension and significance to the design concept.

The way that streaming is right now, and the way that technology has progressed, you can do things a little bit differently, you know? We're not bound to this, like, year-old, year-old method that we've been living by.

So I came up with the idea to not only put out one body of work or two bodies work or three bodies work but have them all live as one continuous album. And this also allows for me to just really - you're really getting it directly after its inception.

Singing When I was young, I fell in love. We used to hold hands. Man, that was enough. Then we grew up, started to touch. Used to kiss underneath the light on the back of the bus. Oh, no, your daddy didn't like me much. Could you tell us about your early days? As long as I can remember, I've been making music.

I - when I was 4, I think my brother started bringing me to this record shop really close to our house. And we'd go every single day. And I became obsessed with Now, where was this?

This was in Virginia. You know, back then, you were buying singles. So I was obsessed with all the singles. I'd buy all the tapes. I'd bring them back.

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I didn't really have equipment. And then my parents got me a keyboard, and I started making songs. I won a contest when I was 9 to go into a real studio and record it and blah, blah, blah. And then by the time I was 13, I had multiple record deal offers and didn't know what to do. By the time you were 13? Yeah, 13 - That blah, blah, blah covers A lot that doesn't happen to most of us.

I never saw any other option for anything else. You know, my mom always used to be like, well, what's your plan B? And I'd go, Mom, there's no plan B.

I'm going to be the biggest in the world. And she would laugh nervously and hope I got a job. I was the only one in my entire, like, bloodline never to go to college. And I don't know. I just went for it. And, eventually, I realized no one wanted to hear a chubby Jewish kid rap. So I was like, oh, well. I guess I'll make all my own music, and I'll write songs for other people. Singing He used to meet me on the east side in the city where the sun don't set.

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And every day, you know, where we ride through the backstreets in a blue Corvette. And, baby, you know I just want to leave tonight. We can go anywhere we want. Drive down to the coast. Jump in the seat. Just take my hand, and come with me. What makes a good song? Usually, when I get a feeling. I get this, like, feeling in my chest. It's like when someone really scares you or, like, you're going to get, like, hit by a car. I get this, like, weird feeling that's like a rush in my heart.

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And I think what makes a song good is - for a listener, there always has to be something, like, new happening. And there has to be little things that you might not necessarily notice that help move the song along. Singing I cannot say what I'm feeling if I don't know how to move.

I cannot say what I believe in - finally believe in you.