Word meaning glutton for punishment in a relationship

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word meaning glutton for punishment in a relationship

The meaning of the word "glutton" gives the sense of instability: to shake as in " he's a glutton for punishment," meaning persistence in a thing where one . say in the parent/child relationship, there needs to be a punishment. Relationships don't always fall apart in large, obvious moments. You can sometimes be chipping away at feelings of love, stability, friendship. be a glutton for punishment definition: to be someone who seems to enjoy doing something that you consider unpleasant. Learn more.

In short, they're a challenge. Do you always find yourself going for option two? If so, you're showing emotional masochist tendencies. Emotional masochists seek out complicated relationships time and time again. Subconsciously, they believe that fear - often the fear of losing someone - ignites passion and desire.

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Familiarity spoils the fantasy of falling in love - a challenge, however, keeps those senses in overload. Emotional masochists might be split into three categories: Many of us have emotionally masochistic instincts without fully realising it. My first boyfriend was a long-haired, chain-smoking spliff-head - I knew I couldn't take him home and that was exciting.

Then at college, I dated Jonathan, who was bisexual. Because I thought he was gay, it started as a friendship, but when I found out he'd had girlfriends, I went all out to seduce him.

I found the fact that he could walk down a street and find anyone attractive incredibly alluring.

word meaning glutton for punishment in a relationship

It was a way of keeping me on my toes. Although there was definitely a side of me that thought I could straighten him out. Looking back, he was the ultimate challenge. The thought that either affair was awkward or inappropriate didn't really occur to me at the time.

What does It Mean to be a "Glutton for Punishment"?

You can't control your heart. It's lovely knowing someone really well, but you should want someone who still surprises you. I'm in my thirties and I'd hate to become one of those smug, self-satisfied couples.

word meaning glutton for punishment in a relationship

What happens to them is that when they have children, their world explodes. If I have children, I'll be more than ready for any emotional upheaval they might bring. He feels he can support such women. On a subconscious level, replaying that familiarity you are thinking, "Maybe this time I can make it work. Rebellion is going off the set standard and disrupting the harmony between God and man.

Gluttons for punishment

It is going against the normal use of things that God has given to man. Disobedience - A refusal to submit to God and His word concerning excess, such as don't be filled with wine, but be filled with the Spirit. Drunkenness - excess; filling the need for something lacking inside one's self.

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I remember when I used to play computer games. I would do it 24 hours a day. I was to go to Cleveland clinic once and kept playing even while Mary was warming up the car. Excess does not necessarily mean the consumption of food or drink. Wastefulness - where there is excess, there is waste. God was very serious about His commands under the Old Testament laws and commands. Because of the grace we live in, I don't think we realize the harshness of God's Old Testament commands.

In Deuteronomy 21, we read about the glutton: When I read this, I didn't see a lot in it. My reaction was, "So the kid ate a lot and got stoned for it. That statement brought a lot of memories back to me. Our kids used to play pillar to post with us. All kids do it. I would say one thing and then they would go to the Mary and ask the same thing, and sometimes, we would become divided and arguing while they then controlled the situation.

When that was allowed, the house fell so to speak: And there were plenty of times I would like to have stoned some of them myself. Why do kids attempt to split and divide their parents? They manipulate to do what they want. Such things can be the seeds of gluttony. But it seems these parents in Deuteronomy did it right.

They spoke to their son and then they were united and of one mind in their chastening. But some kids just remain in their rebellion and go their own way regardless, and because of that rebellion become gluttons and drunkards: They just want to have fun.

Well, in Old Testament days, that became literally true apparently because the boy in Deuteronomy refused to listen and became loose morally, worthless and a prodigal. He had no self-control. A prodigal is a glutton, meaning riotous living, according to the Old Testament definition Proverbs And he divided unto them his living. The word "riotous" means, "excess. This verse from Proverbs aptly fits this very description of what happened to the prodigal: From riches to rags, rags stained with the pig sty of his day.

This kid was not under his Father's authority because of age, but what he did was a sign of poor upbringing, a lack of training in how to handle the things of this world, a lack of training in being responsible and self-controlled.

What does It Mean to be a "Glutton for Punishment"?

The result was gluttony, excess, a lack of control. Yet, when the Father saw that the son repented, he offered him all he had. The poor kid in Deuteronomy had no chance for repentance because he was under law, and they stoned him. But in this parable, the son was received because the Father saw his changed heart. What people don't learn because of improper guidance or lack of care, they will learn through what should have been unnecessary trials, problems and tribulations.

But when someone is rebellious or whatever and they repent, we need to support them, just like the prodigal's father did: We need to hold out grace and mercy, not react to that change as though we were the law, but as the prodigal's father.

The prodigal is a whole story over a period of time, but we can apply the father's response to such times in our lives in the same way. People don't need the law laid down to them as a constant diet. Preach law and you will get rebellion, and you end up with gluttons and drunkards and the like. The law tells you what to do, but it doesn't do a thing to help you.