How to view table relationship in sql server 2005

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how to view table relationship in sql server 2005

how to find table relation ship in sql server Option 1: Right-click on a table and choose 'View Dependencies'. Option 2:List tables which are. Sql Server: Quickest Way to Create Tables Relationship. Creating Create table through design view in SSMS (Quick way to create table). SQL Server Management Studio tutorials. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an ER diagram with Microsoft SQL Server This will create a diagram with the tables columns, primary keys, and relationships that were read from the.

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Is there any change script available? Luckily you also have an option to get a script for changes performed through the diagram editor. Right click on a table for which a change script is required to be generated. The last option in the menu is to generate a change script for DDL operations on the table. This option will only be enabled if there are any changes. Click the menu item and a dialog box will pop-up to save the script.

Get more detailed view of tables In the default format, database diagrams do not provide any information other than names for columns of tables. We can not see the data types or NULL options of columns in these tables. To further utilize many features of SQL Server database diagrams, we are required to have detailed information about the columns of each table.

how to view table relationship in sql server 2005

To display detailed information, select all or required tables in the diagram editor. Then right click on any selected table and choose standard view as shown in the following image Now you can see more column information in all tables. In this menu there is also an option for a customized table view.

how to view table relationship in sql server 2005

Removing a table from SSMS database diagram editor or from database Using the delete button on any number of selected tables will just remove the tables from the diagram. However you can delete any table permanently from the database along with removing it from the diagram. For this task you have to right click on the table and select "Delete Tables from Database". If you choose to delete tables from a database then a confirmation dialog will appear for confirmation of the delete operation.

how to view table relationship in sql server 2005

Deleting a relationship in SSMS database diagram editor The delete button will not work for deleting relationships in diagram editor. Relationships may be deleted by right clicking on the relation or you can select a relationship and then delete it through the Database Diagrams menu. A confirmation dialog will appear to confirm the delete operation for the relationship. To delete multiple relations at one time you may select multiple and use either the Database Diagrams menu or right click on any of the selected relationships to perform the delete operation.

A little formatting in SSMS database diagrams editor As more tables are added, these may not be arranged for easy viewing. To change the arrangement of the diagrams you can right click in the database diagram editor or use the Database Diagrams menu of SSMS as shown below. Add text to diagrams To make the diagrams more readable you can add text. To add text in your diagram, right click anywhere in the diagram and choose "New Text Annotation".

A text box will appear, you can write text and to format the text, right click inside the text box and select the formatting options.

Select all objects in diagram editor When you right click and bring up the menu you have the option to select all added tables and any text that is present in the database diagram editor.

Create Relationships Between Tables on a Diagram (Visual Database Tools)

However if it is required to also display the name of the relationship key among tables in a text form, then choose "Show Relationship Labels".

It will display names of all present relationships among the tables. To arrange the tables in diagram editor Right click anywhere in the diagram editor and select "Arrange Tables".

how to view table relationship in sql server 2005

All tables will get aligned through this option. Zoom in or out By right clicking anywhere in the diagram editor, you can get the Zoom option.

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To analyze the diagrams in any position, you can make use of the zoom option. Keep track of page breaks SQL Server database diagrams could rapidly consume multiple pages. So it is better to keep track of page boundaries through page breaks. Enable the page break view by right clicking anywhere in the diagram editor and choose this option. Similarly you can turn off the page break view by again clicking on same menu option. Recalculate page breaks With the addition of more tables your database diagram may span many pages.

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You can automatically add all the tables related to a particular table with a foreign key relationship to the diagram. To do it, right click on the table and choose Add Related Tables. Adding relation labels SSMS enables you to add labels to the relationships. This is always a name of the foreign key constraint. Nothing particularly useful, if you ask me.

To add labels right click on diagram pane and choose Show Relationship Labels. Adding annotations One useful option is the ability to add annotations to your diagram. To add the annotation right click on the pane and choose New Text Annotation. This will create a blank text field where you can provide your notes and comments. This will always be visible and export with your diagram.

Saving diagram You can save your diagram in the database it will be saved in the dbo.

View Foreign Key Properties

You will be prompted with the diagram name. Provide a name and press OK. Exporting diagram Management Studio enables you to export diagram to image. To convert it to the image, right click on the diagram pane and choose Copy Diagram to Clipboard.

You can now paste it into graphic software or into a document. Opening diagram All the diagrams saved in the database are visible under Database Diagrams folder. To open a diagram, double click it or right click on it and choose Modify option. Dataedo There is another tool you can use — Dataedo.

how to view table relationship in sql server 2005