How to keep a relationship during college

how to keep a relationship during college

7 Ways to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship in College only to become one of the many couples who part ways during their first school break?! So talk it out now—and keep the conversation going when you're apart. That's what Danai Kadzere, a junior at Harvard College, did with her boyfriend Keep the jealousy out of the relationship by reassuring each other that you Let your partner know he or she's in your thoughts during a busy week for him or her . Just because we suffer in school doesn't mean our relationships have to as well.

Communicate, communicate, communicate The buzzword of any LDR newly defined or not is always communication. If you miss your partner, tell him or her you do! Openness and judgment-free communication are the best ways to prevent jealousy.

how to keep a relationship during college

Keep the jealousy out of the relationship by reassuring each other that you care and are still invested in the relationship. Prevent other arguments by being upfront about things that might be bothering you.

If you have a problem with an aspect of your relationship, tell your SO about it but make sure you keep an open mind to his or her response!

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Accept that issues between you and your SO are going to arise. The best way to keep them from being detrimental to your relationship is to address them early on and in a calm and rational manner. Let technology become your best friend Take solace in the fact that technology has made LDRs way more doable. Use apps like Skype, Snapchat or FaceTime and even simple text messages to keep the spark between you and your SO alive.

Technology can help keep the romance alive in your relationship, too.

7 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Going After Graduation

Spira suggests going on literal dates via Skype. Try connecting by cooking and eating the same meal, reading the same book and then discussing it together or even playing the same online game! You may not be able to go on night-on-the-town dates over Skype, but connecting through these smaller and more intimate activities will help you appreciate your partner and the time you spend with him or her even more. Buy each other calendars and fill them in with both of your schedules.

This will help you work out a Skype and phone-call schedule. Take note of bigger events, too.

how to keep a relationship during college

Knowing these important events can help you do anything from work out a visiting schedule to being able to wish him luck on a big work presentation. Remember that small surprises matter One of the benefits of an LDR is that you now have an excuse to do random, special things for your SO and hope that your SO does these for you, too!

This time is when you can really get to know the other person and realize more reasons why you love them! Constantly comparing your relationship and significant other to other couples will only poison your relationship. Nothing feels worse than being compared to someone else.

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Maybe you wish your partner was funnier, or cleaner. This article can explain it better. Just understand that you will love more about your partner than you will dislike, and you need to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Being intimate with your partner simply means setting aside private time to really get personal with them.

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If you are intimate often with your partner you will show them that you love and appreciate everything that they have to offer and that they are a priority in your life.

Make sure that once you have gotten over an issue, it stays that way. Constantly bringing up old arguments or wrongs that your partner committed can only send your relationship backward.