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I got the Eryn Ending, Apollonius also got to go home to his Sister so it was a nice happy happy joy joy ending. Read about the other endings. Fairy Fencer F Clé Steam Eryn powered up. "If I decide to get serious, I'm capable of all kinds of things." You saw Eryn's ending. A Lengthy Relationship. Fairy Fencer F is a game developed by Compile Heart for the Playstation 3 and was This act awakens Eryn, the fairy who dwells within the Fury, who immediately . Bittersweet Ending: All three of the endings have the same deal with the the Goddess, but Fang staying with Tiara in an all but said romantic relationship.

As the story progress, she started to soften up to the point she sacrificed herself just to save Fang. Story At the beginning of the story, Fang just arrives at Zelwinds City, and after being told he would be granted any wish by pulling out a sword in the city which turns out to be a Fury, he releases Eryn after removing the sword. Fang immediately asks Eryn to get him food, but is ignored while she explains to him the responsibilities of a Fencer, which Fang ignores as well. Fang initially does not want to be a Fencer but after Eryn tells Fang that she will wither away and die without any memories Fang agrees to be a Fencer.

Due to him not getting food, he steals bread, believing it was a "free sample" and is sent to jail. On the third day, he is rescued by Eryn but is reluctant to leave prison until Eryn reasons with him. She notices Tiara's offer to have tea with her sounds too nice but Fang doesn't listen and is paralyzed. After Fang defeats a bandit who tries to force Tiara to give him her Fury, Tiara offers them shelter and the food of a "5-star chef" at Sunflower Inn in exchange for his help in reviving the Goddess.

Eryn has her reservations but Fang accepts. At the inn Tiara shows themhim Qui's ability of taking them to the sealed bodies of the Goddess and the Vile God, which Eryn immediately recognizes. However it seems he wasn't the only one to go back in time with Eryn now. Sherman and Ryushin went back with them but got seperated, as Sherman becomes a cold and ruthless young man after Tiara's death having quite the impact on him and is still the main antagonist.

This route was expanded as filling plot holes from the PS3 version and giving more spotlight towards Ethel and Karin. The Vile God route has Sherman and Eryn as the main protagonists after Fang accidentally assisted in the revival of the Vile God and the party failed to stop the Vile God, they were sucked in a portal with Sherman and Eryn being the last ones.

When Sherman comes to he finds himself at the Sol Plain with Eryn and Ryushin they agree to explore and see if they could find anyone else. They come across Tiara who much to their shock has a Fang-like attitude as well as bullying the hoodlum bandit that attacked her in the first timeline and are forced to engage battle with her, Sherman defeats her and she runs away. They head to the Sunflower Inn to ease up and find out any information they can. Sherman shows Eryn a newspaper telling her they went back in time and agree to search for Fang while gaining unexpected allies along the way like Ethel and Apollonius.

While their former allies are now working for Dorfa or a bounty hunter in Pippin's case. After much searching they finally found Fang while they were disguised and infiltrated a party held by Dorfa, but one of their worst nightmare came true as Fang is now the president of Dorfa. They encounter Tiara again and using his quick wits and his wealth, Sherman manages to recruit Tiara onto their side so he could keep an eye on her.

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Can't Live Without You: When a Fencer dies the Fairy they're linked to also dies. The party actively exploits this whenever a Fairy and their Fencer get separated, since the fact that the Fairy is still alive is proof that the Fencer is too.

Towards the end of the game, or the Goddess path in the Advent Dark Force remake, the party lets Dorfa lackey Paiga lead them into a trapthen pull an excellent one of these on him.

Hmhmhm, nobody make a move, or I'll press this button again. Now, you guys just stay where you are while I move to a safer position.

I don't think so! O-Oh no, the button! Wh-When did that creature get behind me!? While you were monologuing, I had my fairy sneak behind your back. Your luck ends here! Each time you remove a seal from the Goddess, a piece of her armor breaks away with it. She's pretty much naked once you remove all the seals.

In the first timeline of the Goddess story, Emily asks Fang to hold onto her Memento Macguffin which has some medicine, unaware that Fang is the one that killed her brother. In the second timeline, if Fang is Level 40, Apollonius will get poisoned and Fang remembers the medicine and uses that to heal his poison.

However, in the Evil Goddess timeline, the medicine is a key ingredient in a formulation that must be made to cure of alcoholism before he joins the party, though he never drinks it and doesn't join.

In the Vile God timeline, it just ends up as a dropped plot thread. In the Evil Goddess timeline, there is the Septerion Club. The Septerion Club is headed by Sherman, who having returned to the new timeline with his memories intact after the party defeated the Vile God, is hoping to bring to the world his idea of a perfect brand of justice in a world in which the Vile God no longer holds sway. Unfortunately, his idea of a perfect brand of justice is prosecuting everyone who was formally a member of Dorfa, now exposed as having supported the revival of the Vile God.

Those that they don't persecute, they force to buy their special brand of wine at a ridiculous cost and indenture into servitude those who can't pay it. Fang is disgusted by this and vows to unravel the group's ambitions and begins trying to recruit former Dorfa members as an Enemy Mine.

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The Septerion Club is also supported in battle matters by a group called the Justice Society. The Vile God route shows what a world under Dorfa's rule would be like. This time, they don't even bother with maintaining good PR, as shown by how they outright take people prisoner and torture them to death in order to sustain the Vile God.

Additionally, the normally kind Galdo is changed by the alterations to the timeline to become a sadistic and ambitious Dorfa enforcer, and is killed off before Fang can try to remind him of his past self.

The Evil Goddess route also has work camps, but with the addition of the Septerion Club forcing people into debt and making them drink addictive and harmful wine. Fang is also unable to save Sherman and Apollonius, and Galdo is horribly maimed by Junown. If the player checks on any of their Fairies; even those they would normally get much later in the game, they always have something new to say for every single event that occurs or is completed throughout the game.

Did You Get a New Haircut? In a minor subevent called " Notice Me", Ethel asks Fang if he notices anything different about her.

Fang says she cut her bangs, but she replies that her skin is silky smooth now because Tiara taught her how to take care of it and comments that Fang is "bad at noticing changes. Not only is the player required to win this time, the Vile God has Final Boss tier stats by the standards of the other routes. Justified because carrying over fairies is required to pull out more than 16 furies in the first timeline.

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Fang feels the new order that Sherman has created is twisted and evil and immediately travels to the Hellhole Prison that is the Justice Society Camp to liberate imprison Dorfa members and try to invoke this. It fails with Hanagata and Paiga, but works with Marianna.

Sherman murders Hanagata in the second timeline to usurp control of Dorfa and their plan to revive the Vile God. Exploiting the Fourth Wall: Fang can talk with an NPC labeled by the game as a "bandit. Fang says that he read it on the screen. At one point, Lola offers the party Dorfa brand bunny ears, which you can wiggle using your brainwaves. As it turns out, Ethel already owns a pair. She can also be considered one for Nu Both also were considered nothing but an enemy or obstacle in the eyes of the protagonists at first, but on subsequent meetings wished to save them from their fates as human weapons and help them live an ordinary life.

A Big Eater who pulls out an unknowingly Empathic Weapon and is soon thrust with the task of saving the world. Fang's appearance more or less resembling Wataru Kurenai. Fang can also be compared both in appearance and personality to Zelosthough less agressive Fang similarly initially wanted nothing to do with anyone or anything that he was dragged into.

As with Zelos and Adelle, Fang had essentially, and on more than one occasion, told bandits they could have Tiara If they're even capable of taking her. Pippin likes to tell long stories and is anciently old like a certain Excalibur likes to.

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Albeit, unlike Excalibur; he is not as rude. Of course this wouldn't be a Compile Heart game if it didn't have any. However said for a Compile Heart game its rather tame compared to its predecessor games. In true Compile Heart style, the tutorial is impossible to skip. Though in Advent Dark Force, you can skip whatever you want to.

The game makes it clear that although you have the option to unseal the Vile God, it would be an incredibly dumb idea to do so. As it turns out? Godly Revival does not affect the story, events or ending of the game in any way. You gain nothing from completely unsealing the Goddess. The only consequence to unsealing the Vile God is triggering a Bonus Boss fight, and that is only if you remove every single seal. The game excuses this afterwards by stating that a complex ritual is required in addition to Godly Revival to truly unseal either being after the fact, as well as multiple times during the story.

Yet still played somewhat straight in that the only thing the determines this is how many swords you pull out of the Vile God prior to the route determination.

Swords pulled out of the Goddess either before or after this and swords pulled out of the Vile God afterwards still have bupkus effect on the plot. In the Evil Goddess route in Advent Dark Force, you actually defeat the Vile God before being thrown into the past and the game explains things this way Hey, so we defeated the Vile God before we came here, right?

So what about that thing in the sealing spot? It's not the real thing. It's his astral body.

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As long as he's in that space, he hasn't fully revived. It's not his physical form, but it can affect his physical form. Like a kind of spiritual body.

Still don't get it What if I just said it was like About halfway through the game Fang and Eryn and thrown into the past and encounter the party members from before again, however these characters are at the same level there were from the previous timeline despite the fact they are from an earlier time so their levels shouldn't be that high.

Pretty much an Acceptable Breaks from Reality though as it'd be really annoying to have to train them up again. The game does try Hand Wave it as being an "effect of the singularity," though. A few storyline boss battles will get interrupted to show a cutscene where your party is struggling, regardless of how well you're doing. One second, you'll be effortlessly whittling away the boss's health, only to watch your characters struggle to stay conscious the next.

It wouldn't be so bad except that the game never tells you which battles it's going to do this with, and you don't get a chance to heal between these "phases" of the fight. Advent Dark Force generally makes it better - generally you know you're in this situation if you encounter a boss that either takes almost no damage from your attacks or deals attacks far more devastating to your party than would normally be possible or both.

And it remains true in New Game Plus as well, where even if you're on levelthe enemy will generally will have so much HP and defense, that there's no chance, except possibly maybe if you're playing on Amateur mode. Which means it's perfectly possible to have characters fighting and defeating themselves, since you have to fight many of the characters that later join your party at various points in the game.

After Tiara is captured in Kidnar and you control her for the dungeon, you are perfectly free to leave the dungeon and have her wander around back to the town that is your base of operations, or into any dungeon you've unlocked.

Not played entirely straight though in that all of the usual "talk" options in town will be missing. If at any time you pull out all the Goddess's swords, you will get a scene in which Fang and the others discover the Goddess still isn't reviving and Fang wonders why.