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karen gillan how to meet her

The Party's Just Beginning, written by and starring Gillan, is also her a woman in her early 20s still living at home and struggling to find a life. Karen Gillan talks us through her directorial debut The Party's Just Beginning, finding funding for the film, and what she learnt most as a writer. While many Karen Gillan fans have followed the actress since her days on Doctor Who, most of the world is getting their first taste of the actress through.

Karen Gillan: ‘I’m living with a consistent, subtle homesickness’

I am just used to getting hired, jumping into it quickly, shooting it, it disappearing for ages, and then it comes out. So it was amazing to fill in all the blanks of all the months where you are not working on the film. After I wrote the script I paired up with a producer from Los Angeles, and then we just started going to so many meetings for funding.

It took us years to get the money. There was one day in London where we literally exhausted ourselves getting meetings. And then finally one of them worked.

They wanted to fund our film to support a female filmmaker and I was really grateful for that. But then all of the other challenges were laying ahead of us to actually shoot the movie.

Five Things You Didn't Know About Karen Gillan

So I was coming off three films back to back, so it was really intense. It was a challenge but it was great. What was your biggest take away from working as a director? That I love it so much! It was just the best experience of my life. I felt so stimulated all day.

karen gillan how to meet her

I am used to acting in short bursts, having excitement, and then sitting around all day. But with this everyone is looking at you for answers all the time.

It took some while to get used to being in a leadership position. But it just felt natural. I loved having input into all of these decisions. Especially as everyone involved managed to elevate the material. What about the biggest challenge of directing? I love working with the actors and talking to them. But I equally loved the visual storytelling of the film.

So I had to gauge it in real time. I had to trust everything went as we had planned in rehearsals. Talk about being in the editing suite. This might sound stupid, but I realized that my writing has consequences.

karen gillan how to meet her

Like, someone is going to be sat in the editing suite dealing with this, whether it is good or bad. I have written since and I feel like everything has much more clear intention behind it.

Which came from me realizing the consequences that come from my writing and directing. I am not just scribbling out all of my thoughts. And what is it going to do to the overall story. Have you asked to direct a Marvel film yet? She told The A. The Next Generation, and Voyager. She told Rolling Stone that her love for sci-fi meant she "always had the potential" to be a geek, but that she "wasn't a full geek" until she joined the cast of Doctor Who. She's got serious musical chops Music is Gillan's first passion, and she grew up singing and playing the piano.

Her singing chops were featured in an episode of the show Selfieand Gillan has also proven that she can tickle the ivories. She attributes her love of music to her father, who she described as "a massive music fan" in The Herald. It was actually Gillan's love of music that led to her acting career. Transitioning to the big screen was tricky Getty Images Fans who have been following Gillan since her Doctor Who days were excited to see her make the leap from TV star to a bona fide film icon.

The transition might have seemed flawless to audiences, but making the jump isn't as easy as it looks. TV episodes are filmed more quickly since they have smaller budgets and have to produce several episodes each season, while movies can often take months to shoot. Since there's so much more time and money involved, things that might have taken one or two takes to shoot for TV will often be filmed over and over again for a movie.

Her acting career demands her proximity to Hollywood, but Gillan is finding ways to be near home. Gillan, who also wrote and starred in the film, had to fight against producers who wanted to shoot the movie in Glasgow. Gillan flat-out refused to change the film's location.

Some actors might balk at filming terrifying scenes, but it seems that Gillan has nerves of steel. In fact, the only thing that really fazed Gillan about filming the fear-filled flick was discovering that she would have to deliver a page monologue.

None of the spooky scenes bothered her, but she said that delivering such an emotionally-charged — not to mention lengthy — monologue was a challenge. She shaved her head, but she kept her hair Getty Images One of Gillan's most notable physical characteristics is her gorgeous red hair.

She had to shave off her flaming locks for her role in Guardians of the Galaxy, but she didn't let them go. Gillan used a wig made of her real hair while she waited for it to grow back. Gillan told BBC America that she would often shock people who didn't realize she was bald by pulling off her wig. She added that it's also an effective way to stave off unwanted flirting. While the star told Wired that shaving her hair was a fun experience "because it made me feel like an entirely different person," she was grateful when she was able to get away with an undercut for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

This is why she says her American accent is spot-on Getty Images It's easy to forget that Gillan's natural accent is a thick Scottish brogue. She pulls off such a convincing American accent that some moviegoers may have no clue the actress isn't from the U.

Karen Gillan

You could chalk up her flawless diction to arduous dialect coaching, but there's a simpler explanation for why Gillan's American accent is so good. According to Gillan, the average British person can pull off a decent American accent, while most Americans struggle to put on a passable British accent.

karen gillan how to meet her

Her theory is that it has to do with the movies and shows people watch in both countries.