How to meet a hipster guy names

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how to meet a hipster guy names

These hipster names will probably sound ridiculous in ten years, but there's no reason We all know that one person who loves to travel and talks about " finding. They know the best music, clothes, books, types of plant-based milks -- even baby names! That's right, we said it: Hipsters know good baby. Vintage baby names and hipster baby names often meet in the middle Minerva . Nancy. Pearl. Rowena. Theodosia. Zephyrine. Boys. Albert.

Rudy has never left the charts but is down to today. Rudy is a German diminutive of Rudolph, which means "famous wolf" and hasn't been very popular since the red-nosed reindeer came on the scene. Jude Law chose Rudy for his son, perhaps making it cool once more.

25 Hipster Boy Names That Are So Rare (And Sound Super Cute)

Picbear Ambrose did pretty well on the popularity list in the late s and early s, but after dropping out of the top in it was all downhill from there. Ambrose left the top by and hasn't reentered since.

Ambrose is Latin for "immortal one. Ambrose is also the patron saint of television. Felix has been in the top since and is still ranked today. Felix is also a top name in 6 other countries. Felix is Latin for "happy, fortunate. In the Bible, Felix was the Roman procurator of Judea and has been the name of 4 popes and 67 saints.

Felix has long been a literary favorite and was recently chosen by Elizabeth Banks and Gillian Anderson for their sons.

However, hipster parents are beginning to adopt Gabe as a stand alone name. Gabe is a short form of Gabriel, which means "God is my strength" and is still a top name. There were only babies named Gabe, compared to 10, named Gabriel last year. You can join the masses and choose the overused Gabriel, or just jump right to the short form, Gabe right away. It entered in and was in the top by It remained there for 30 years and in the top for 50 more.

Though it was off the charts for a few years, it has re-entered at Gordon is Scottish for "great hill. It entered the popularity list in and has been up and down ever since, breaking into the top several times, but never staying there long.

Hugo is now ranked and is a top name in 9 other countries. Hugo is a Latinized form of Hugh, which means "mind, intellect. This is a French boy name that means "olive" or "olive tree. This is a classic English name with origins from the Old English word "ceorl," meaning "man. A Latin name that means "youthful.

A Latin name that means "venerable. A Hebrew name that means "may Jehovah exalt. I think we see a theme here. This is a Hebrew name that means "Jehovah has healed. A Hebrew name meaning "God has given. A popular German name that means "bright" or "famed. It manes "bringer of treasure.

how to meet a hipster guy names

The name might sound like a hip, modern moniker following in the vein of other trendy place names like Brooklyn and Londonbut the use of India as a baby name dates way back. While the name has been catching on with celebs who are giving it to their babies, growing concerns over cultural appropriation mean that people ten years from now will probably frown at Westerners naming their babies after the Asian country.

how to meet a hipster guy names

Magnus Shutterstock There's something to be said for giving your child a strong, powerful name that will spur them to success in their life. Some names just have a powerful connotation, and Magnuswhich comes from the Latin word meaning "greatness," is certainly one of them. A popular name in Scandinavia, where it was historically given to kings, Magnus has seen a slow rise in popularity in the U. Many hipster parents are following suit and bestowing the name Magnus on their little boys, but does the moniker have staying power?

The name may be beloved in Europe, but in the United States it's likely to remain fairly obscure. It doesn't help that the name is similar in sound to the word "magnum," which is so closely connected to the popular mega-sized prophylactic that most parents will be unlikely to see past it.

Naming your kid after kings is one thing, but naming them after a condom is quite another. Ruby Shutterstock What could be more beautiful than a ruby? This dazzling precious stone has long been considered one of the finest jewels in the worldand is rarer than diamonds which actually aren't all that rare.

It's an underrated stone that is universally acknowledged as beautiful, but hasn't seen the same success in the jewelry world as diamonds. Why not show the name a little love? Just like your baby girl, a ruby is gorgeous and stands out, right? Unfortunately, Ruby may have already seen its heyday. The name peaked in the early 20th century and, while it is making a bit of a comeback, might just be too antiquated to be enduringly popular.

It's far more likely that in ten years it will have gone the way of Pearlanother precious stone baby name that was popular at the turn of the 20th century but has fallen wildly out of fashion in modern times. When it was first published init was controversial because of its unflattering descriptions of England and the overall greed of humanity.

Not only was it a scathing satire of politics and English customs, but it also helped give rise to the novel format as we know it today. Of course, paying homage to Swift by naming your baby Johnathan might be too subtle, and it isn't exactly a unique name, so some hipster parents are opting to name their little ones Gulliver. It's likely that these parents don't realize the unfortunate meaning of the name they are saddling their poor babies with. Fortunately, Gulliver is just too unusual-sounding to last, and it won't be long before it travels to wherever abandoned baby names go.

Ottilie Shutterstock Foreign baby names can be a good choice if you're looking for something a little bit off the beaten path as hipsters are inclined to do. That said, it can be a challenge to find a name that sounds cosmopolitan and refined, that also won't have English speakers tripping over their tongues as they try to pronounce it. It's one thing to pick such a name if you have family ties to that language, but otherwise you might just be setting your baby up for trouble.

Rare Baby Names You'll Fall In Love With

Ottilie is one of those names that looks pretty on paper, but unless you're naming your baby girl after your French grandmother, you might want to give it a pass. The name was popular with the British aristocracy at the end of the 19th century, and is catching on with hipsters who are looking to give their baby a cool and sophisticated name.

They might be trying a little too hard, though, because Ottilie is just too tricky to pronounce if you don't know any French. Salinger Shutterstock There's nothing like naming your baby after a famous author to show off your love for literature. Not all authors have names that make good baby names, though. Take, for example, J. Salinger has been beloved by generations of readers, but that doesn't mean you have to name your baby after him.

As nice of an idea as it is, it's a pretty long name that doesn't lend itself well to nicknames other than Sal, which is pretty old fashioned. Sorry hipsters, but this name isn't going to fare well over the next decade.

If you really want to pay homage to Salinger, consider naming your baby after Holdenthe protagonist of The Catcher in the Rye. Pandora Shutterstock Naming your baby after a mythological character can be a cool idea, but it depends on the character. Some, like Hadesthe Greek god of the underworld, might not be the best choice, if only because such names will open your kid up to a world of teasing on the playground.

In Greek mythology, Pandora is remembered as the first woman. That's not too bad, but she is also accused of unleashing evil and misery upon the world. Leave it up to the ancient Greeks to blame women for everything that is wrong with humanity.

While people in modern times might not be too familiar with the story of Pandora, they've definitely heard of the music streaming service Pandora.