How to meet a famous youtuber

meet famous youtubers

how to meet a famous youtuber

Youcon?? No such thing. I believe you are talking about Vidcon. At Vidcon you can meet just about ever youtuber, But sadly, Vidcon has just. 14 Times YouTubers Hung Out With Majorly Famous People Anthony and Ian ( Smosh) meet the entire cast of The Hunger Games. famous. Creating great video content is only half the battle when it comes to finding YouTube success. In order to join the . Famous YouTubers are not made in a day.

If you find you like the type of people on YouTube, consider what you can contribute online.

How to survive VidCon and meet as many YouTube stars as possible

Start a channel and cultivate your talent. YouTubers hang out with other YouTubers. Events, projects, onset, etc. If your channel becomes successful, who knows! You might end up in the same circles. This would be the more natural way to meet, get to know each other and maybe even date. Love for the right reasons. I guess what I am saying is, look beyond just the videos. Be a loyal fan.

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YouTube personas would NOT exist without you. Whether or not Rap Battles exists in five years depends on if you keep watching it.

how to meet a famous youtuber

Whatever the channel, genuinely share their videos, enjoy their music, and proudly sport the swag merchandise. But do so because you dig what they do, not just being a super-fan in order to one day have their babies. Sorry, that is scary-town.

how to meet a famous youtuber

You changed my whole life. The challenge with online interaction through various social media platforms in every time zone around the world is that it demands time spent on their phones and computers.

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Doing some research on this post, I found some interesting stuff. Did you know that the original brainstorm for YouTube was a dating site? Ironic, considering this blog topic. I identified with a number of the quotes, minus Kassem G, whom I am sure was kidding. Every few minutes, frenzied screams erupt, followed by a stampede of teenagers rushing to catch a glimpse of a YouTube celebrity.

The last time I saw such passion was at the peak of Pokemon Go madness here last year. The luckiest fans secured wristbands for official meet-and-greet sessions with the biggest YouTube stars, such as American comedian Jenna Marbles, who has more than 17 million subscribers on the platform.

During such sessions, fans got autographs, took photos with the celebrities and chatted with them. Followers of less-popular YouTube stars got to see their idols at more informal meet-ups, often over coffee or pizza. Ask nicely and you may even get a celebrity's phone number. At a Starbucks cafe, I had a rather deep conversation with year-old content creator Mason Healy, known for his do-it-yourself videos in which he does things such as make his own bubble gum or cook food on an iron.

After our meeting, he followed me on Twitter which, to me, is the ultimate compliment.

how to meet a famous youtuber

When not meeting fans, many YouTube stars appear on panels to talk about their personal projects or issues related to online culture. One panel, for example, featured blind motivational speaker Molly Burke and deaf vlogger Rikki Poynter, together with other content creators. The pair shared their personal experience with disability and how it has enriched their videos. In the evenings, the celebrities performed concerts, giving fans the precious opportunity to watch their idols perform live, instead of on a computer screen.

A musical parody of Disney princess movies - depicting what happened to four Disney princesses after their dreams came true - broke the Internet in It was the work of musician Jon Cozart, who is from Arkansas, and he got among the loudest cheers. A rousing performance by musical group The Gregory Brothers, originally from Virginia and known for their news-related comedy music, also met with thunderous applause.

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Having watched, and re-watched, their videos online, seeing them perform in the flesh was a surreal experience. Given the growing number of attendees at VidCon every year, even movie and music celebrities - such as American actress Anna Kendrick and American singer-songwriter Jason Derulo - made it a point to show up at this year's event.

The sheer number of people at the venue, however, posed problems, making it difficult to get from one activity to the next.

How to meet a famous youtuber?

There was also quite a bit of drama, given the intense adoration some attendees had for the celebrities. Several times, I saw frustrated, angry fans sobbing in public. Thankfully, I have long accepted that celebrities have their boundaries and am content with whatever I can get. My fondest moment was when American singer-songwriter Ricky Dillon let me into his official meet- and-greet session even though I technically "gatecrashed" the event without a wristband.

how to meet a famous youtuber

Briony is extremely talented at editing, as her hard work has payed off with 40, subscribers on teenagecrime3 and 3, views, which is an absolutely insane number and with this number was able to hold a very successful meetup with fans in the middle of Melbourne with over people showing up to take photos, give gifts and have things signed by Briony. On this channel she has 34, subscribers and 3, total video views. She is the co-owner of AussieImperfections with Kaity and is also a part of the CollabDownUnder group so she is in the same boar as Kaity with having a fair few channels!

Briony is an amazing youtuber and also one of my closest friends too, I hope she stays on YouTube for a long time to come because she could become even bigger then she already is right now! Check out her channel here: Reading About Charlieissocoollike, makes you like, cool. He was born and raised in Bath as the middle child in a family of three kids. He has a brother, William, and a sister, Bridie.

He has completed all of these challenges as of March On 9 Augusthe announced that he is dating fellow YouTuber Bryarly Bishop, to the shock of many of his subscribers since they have been dating since 3 April and not many people had known.