Monster mash gymnastics meet results 2012

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monster mash gymnastics meet results 2012

Monster Mash (Monster Math?) in her gymnastics class (Pike-a-saurus, stretch- a-saurus, bend-a-saurus, . life as a children's book illustrator usually results in some serious paralysis as well. . Meet French Bulldog Puppy Can't Roll Over. Results tagged “women's gymnastics”. Freshman Blog, Feb. 13, - Lexi Carroll. By on February 13, AM The meet will be a Double Dual with the Men's Gymnastics Team against . Friday we hold our Halloween "Monster Mash" intra-squad where both teams will come in decked out in. Monster Mash Invite RESULTS. More. COMPETITION SCHEDULE. Let's Compete! Checks Payable to: Gymnastics Academy of Charleston.

I encourage you to connect with your inner child, too. Ask child-you what makes them feel stuff.

monster mash gymnastics meet results 2012

Luckily, we have all been a kid at some point, so thinking like a child just takes a little effort. When I searched my memories for child-Kayla, I discovered a whole bunch great material.

Monster Mash (Cover by Whitney and Blakely Bjerken)

My spirits lifted and suddenly I was bursting with ideas. Koala Bears in suits!

Girls Volleyball

I have lived with myself my whole life, I know what images I want to hear and what images I want to see. Why try to guess the ideas of other people when there are so many ideas inside of ME? When you write what you know and what means something to you, the reader can tell. Kids will know you had fun writing your story because they had fun reading it. Even if your story is not meant to be fun or happy, if you feel deep emotions about your work, then so will your audience.

She told him to feel more. Childhood was all feeling. Think of something from your life today and then see it through your memories as a child. I want my drawings and my life to be playful.

monster mash gymnastics meet results 2012

I usually start a drawing by making shapes. I trust that my right brain will make associations and see something that I find interesting. Writing is like driving at night in the fog.

You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way. Bats, Where the Bears Sleep, Elephants. Kayla also does custom pet portraits.

monster mash gymnastics meet results 2012

Peter is the father of Doodle. Ooh, something to win from Peter, too! Both winners will be randomly selected in December. As though it were written into their code, rather than contemplated carefully and reevaluated case by case.

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And in order to be successful, units need to be moved. Units do not stand the test of time. And for that reason, they often sell books in spite of their better judgment. They sell them out of love.

Sometimes the PP will wake clear-eyed at a meeting a year later, looking at some abominably small number in a column and wonder what they ever saw in that silly little volume. But sometimes that love will win the day and that number will not be small. It will be large. If it is large the first year, it will, perhaps, continue to be large the second year this is often the case with the books that are loved very well. In fact, it will sell year after year.

And we will, indeed, end up with a book that stands the test of time.

monster mash gymnastics meet results 2012

Friends, this is where you come in. When you look at a bestseller list of picture books, you are often—not always—looking at a list of units.

When you look at shelves of sparkly pink princesses and less sparkly dumptrucks, you are looking at units. So, as you are making lists of ideas, I want you to consider the following five point entreaty: Pull them from your soul. What combination of experiences, relationships and ideas has come together to make your thoughts what they are? Each team can earn points by dressing up in costume for each themed day and completing the assignments.

Whichever team wins the most points for costume gets to pick a "Trick-or-Treat" card at the end of practice. If you pick a "Treat" your team will earn more points but if you pick a "Trick" you give the opposing team points. Monday's theme was "Decade Day". The Smashing Pumpkins dressed up as the Spice Girls for the 90s, The Black Widows dressed up in 80s workout clothes and the coaching staff came in representing the 50s with their cuffed jeans and button-down shirts.

Tuesday was "Goth Day" and it was a dark and scary sight. The whole team, including the coaches, came in wearing all their black clothing and makeup along with fishnet stockings, fake piercings and drawn on tattoos. Everyone had their thick glasses on and their pants up to their chest's. Suspenders and ties were both popular accessories as well. We have to say that Randy definitely stole the show with his costumes.

None of us girls could take him seriously with his ridiculously goofy costumes. Dressing up made it a really fun week filled with laughter and we thank our coaching staff for that. Friday we hold our Halloween "Monster Mash" intra-squad where both teams will come in decked out in orange or black to show their team spirit. After the intra-squad all the points will be tallied to see which team wins.

The losing team has to cook dinner for the winning team! A few events happened over this past weekend that I would like to tell you all about. For those of you who do not know what THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world!

There is a competitive race, a fun run, and also a children's run which is not the full 5K as you would expect. Each of us were registered in the fun run. The entire team minus the senior class who had to all ride bikes due to some nagging injuries and the coaching staff ran together. Each and every girl finished with race without having to stop! I would have to say that this event was extremely successful.

After the race, the four seniors went to the local food bank with our Phi Mu sorority sisters. There were a total of 10 of us who came ready to help. Fortunately, the food bank has had tremendous amounts of help from different organizations and volunteers, that there wasn't much work to be done. There wasn't one bag to be packed, one shelf to be stocked, or one shelf to be organized.

We were told that this is an extremely rare condition but we were still going to put our help to good use. The 10 of us helped the food bank get ahead on the fast approaching year of