Harley davidson invite gymnastics meet 2016

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harley davidson invite gymnastics meet 2016

02/08/, Hal's Harley-Davidson Invite, 9, 17+, (2), (1T), (3) 02/27/, Dairy Aire Invitational, 8, Sr B, (2), (4), (7). Schedule will be available by January 15, The girls have 4 gyms. 3 girls gyms; Silver (s), Orange (o) and Teal (t) and a boys gym Black (b) gym. Stuck in the Middle is an American comedy television series developed by Alison Brown and Linda Videtti Figueiredo and created by Alison Brown that aired on Disney Channel from February 14, to July 23, That prompts Harley to let go of her desire for the sweet seat and let the family know about her big day.

Hoping to reach Abuela's by Christmas, the Diaz family turns to a repairman named Buddy Burtz, whom Harley discovers is a middle child just like her, often ignored by his brothers.

harley davidson invite gymnastics meet 2016

With the backlog at the Burtz repair shop, Tom offers to pay double to get the bus fixed, while Suzy attempts to withdraw the necessary funds from the bank, which falls through.

Harley finds out that Buddy's brothers are taking part in an annual holiday race known as the Iron Elf but are not interested in having Buddy on their team due to his fear in one event the year he took part. Harley strikes a deal with Buddy, having him compete with her family in the race, and if they win, he will fix the bus for free. Buddy ends up facing the event he struggled with before, but with Harley believing he will overcome his fear, he succeeds, helping the Diaz family pull out the victory.

harley davidson invite gymnastics meet 2016

Harley gives the trophy to Buddy, while the children donate the presents they won on Georgie's request. Sticking to his end of the deal, Buddy prepares to work on the bus, with his brothers offering to help.

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The Diaz family makes it to Florida in time, and they surprise Abuela with their visit. She surprises them by celebrating the holiday on the beachside.

Ronni Hawk departs the series as a main character in this season. Kiera took ninth place on vault at the Regional Championships. Kiera started her season placing third in the all-around, balance beam and floor exercise at the level 10 Team Spirit meet.

Kiera earned a gold medal on floor exercise, silver medal on balance beam, and third place all-around at the Blizzard Invitational.

harley davidson invite gymnastics meet 2016

At the Harley Davidson Invite, she took second on uneven bars, third on vault and floor exercise. At that competition, she also took first place on vault and uneven bars, second on balance beam, and third on floor exercise. It was not discovered until the end of the meet that she had a concussion.

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Despite her compromised status, she competed all four events and took second place on her last event which was vault. In Kiera was a fourth year Level 10 gymnast.

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Kiera's performance at Midwest Twister's Harley Davidson meet secured a second place beam and third place vault. The fourth meet of the season was at her home gym, the OGC Invitational. There she won first place on two events and in the all-around.

Next Kiera headed to Green Bay Packers territory and the Lambeau Leap where she swept her session winning first all-around and on every event except for bars, where she placed second.

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At those championships she also earned third on bars, fourth on floor and fifth on vault. Kiera had an excellent Region 4 Championships and achieved her goal of earning a spot at JO Nationals! At Regionals, she won silver on beam, sixth place all-around, fourth on vault and fifth on floor.

harley davidson invite gymnastics meet 2016