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It's just that even towars the end, Emma's risking her life and her son's life, and her friends' and .. S1 one to S3 will always be the golden age of Once Upon a Time for me. 2x22 he was the one who chose to call a truce and find Henry. 2. Once Upon a Time - Rated: K+ - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 22 Or will his fear & insecurities prevent a happy ending? Swanfire, Snowing, Rumbelle, the Stilskins' fathers and sons relationships . Shortly after 2x22, Emma and Neal reunite in the Enchanted Forest and contemplate their future together. Close up of activated trigger (2xAnd Straight on 'til Morning) seem to refer to the shadow until the end, when they mention Peter Pan by name. . My theory is that Peter Pan and Rumple have a relationship from before.

Rumple crippled himself to see his son. Rumple became the dark One to save his son. But then the dagger came and risked the wellbeing of his son. Rumple's a bad, bad man. Alter some of the situations and it's pretty much similar. I like Hook a bit and it's understandable that Emma has a love interest. It's even passable with the extreme levels of forgiveness, but at this point her relationship with Hook is hurting and has hurted relationship with Henry.

Emma has tarnished her son's first love, sucumbed to darkness, memory-wiped her family and friends for the love of this man she should have let die. Emma of old aka before season 4 and onwards didn't let anything stand in her way and her son's happiness because of her love for her son. But now, she's devolved into someone else. This new Emma threatens her son's livelihood because of reasons. She ends of failing, not because of her parents or son, but because of a man that wandered into her life.

But this isn't some feminist's verbage or something, it's just a clear observation. Emma never cred to pursue any relationship unless it ws good for her son and if it was best.

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In season 3, she dismissed another start and what home was for her son's potential happiness. Blanchard CentiStories by princessmelia reviews My collection of drabbles.

Will be a variety, including bromance, humor, friendship, romance, and angst. No slash, but plenty of bromance to suffice. Chapter Percival's whole village burned before him. Family Merlin - Rated: It also brings Neal and Emma to Storybrooke 10 years earlier where Emma makes an instant connection with the mayor. Blanchard Magic's Price by Snapegirlkmf reviews Zelena's sacrifice of Neal cheated the dark gods of their due, and now their vengeance will fall upon all in Storybrooke, destroying everything.

AU of Quiet Minds. Rated M for violence. Rumpelstiltskin kept Bae from falling into the portal and has kept him alive for the past years using magic. Tags aren't just for romantic pairings. Christmas is coming, and the Gold family is going through some rather difficult times, can they manage to have a merry and bright holiday?

It's also Regina's first Christmas with her new family, and what mischief and hilarity will happen when she discovers Santa, elves, and the true meaning of the holiday? Yes, this is one of those ridiculous fics where someone is turned into a small child.

I was bored, ok? Abbie's vision didn't end after Lachlan Fredericks was impaled. There was another child brought into the world that night Sent into the future for their own protection, Remy and Nicholas Crane have grown up in our time. Now, evil has come for them, and the one place they may find safety is with the man they've never known: Sleepy Hollow - Rated: Katrina was led to believe that Johanna died shortly after she was born.

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Johanna believes that she was abandoned by her family in Her parents don't know of her existence and she doesn't know of theirs. Make A Wish by charmingsmills reviews Regina makes a wish but the result of that wish was not exactly what she expected. Tallahassee, Houston, San Francisco, it doesn't matter.

As long as they were together.

  • Emma and Hook's relationship is bad for Emma.
  • "And Straight On 'Til Morning"

There is no curse, and Snow and Charming get to raise their daughter Emma as the brave, wild and free-spirited princess of the kingdom they rebuilt together.

Carlyle reviews Just thirty of the many, many things Emma and those around her have done in Storybrooke that were probably not the best-advised plans. Rated T for possible language later on, as well as Rumplestilstkin has demanded Emma to come with him to find his son, but Emma can't, and will not leave Henry again. What will she do? The fic initially starts building on the original storyline, but takes on a different direction in an early stage, touching on some original events along the way.

Shortly after Rumplestiltskin leaves to save Henry, Belle discovers she's pregnant. With her lover gone, possibly forever, Belle faces her most difficult challenge yet: I won't give to much away but Neverland is actually an island in a world that goes by the name of mirror and both the beans portals open up on the other side of mirror and an epic race ensues to see who can reach Neverland first.

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Also, Neal try's to go home to Emma. Pretty AU; K now, may be T because of language and other stuff later: Will Charming and Snow be able to save Emma's innocence at set everything right? T - English - Chapters: Imprint by Faux Pax reviews Post-Manhattan.

Gold won't let anyone stand in the way of getting his boy back.