Half life gman ending relationship

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half life gman ending relationship

Half-Life series writer Marc Laidlaw stated that, the relationship between . The G-Man congratulating Gordon Freeman at the end of Half-Life. Now, a lot of people here don't seem to understand the relationship between According to one of the writers of Half Life and Half Life 2, Xen was sort of a An explanation if I may, it is pretty long and I'll post a tl;dr at the end. This, coupled with the remarks Breen made at the end of Half-Life 2 and during his While Breen's relationship with the G-Man is ambiguous, there is definitely .

Here is what he says: As a matter of fact, you're not. Get back where you belong, and forget about all this. The discussion of this sound file seemed to have ceased since the release of HL2.

I believe this could be important information possibly regarding Episode One formerly known as Aftermath. I hope that somebody will make some kind of write up about this file in this section of the G-Man page. It may be crucial to understand the plot in future releases.

half life gman ending relationship

Also, I added my personal opinion about the fact. I think it's at least mildly logical, but if you don't think that way, feel free to warn me, and I'll cut it out. The developers are congratulating you for discovering the dialogue files outside of the game, but you're "not supposed to be there" and "in fact, you're not", because it isn't Freeman hearing it, it is the player directly.

In light of the new info about Episode Two, it might be interesting to add it. For instance, he may have been teleported away from the Xen forces, the G-Man having made his point. I always thought the "illusion of free choice" meant G-Man had put Freeman to such a position that he had no choice survival-wise but to accept G-Man's offer.

Has any of you ever heard of a philosophical view called determinism? Because it has everything to do with free choice being an illusion. It says when people think they choose, they do not actually choose; in fact, their thought just follows an inevitable pattern that couldn't have lead them to any other option.

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It might be that the G-Man supports this view. The latter is more likely, as the decal an image shown over walls and models to simulate blood, bullet holes etc. Because it sounds more like a metallica "ping" to me, which I guess is used for non-breakable glass as well. Instead, they simply use a Sprite with the image of G-Man, and as such it cannot be interacted with, killed, etc.

half life gman ending relationship

In the game, G-Man is programmed to always evade the player, until the end where Gordon no longer has weapons, and so there is no reason to make him vulnerable, as this might make him die from freak accidents in the game. So, unless you are using noclip or other console commands, you wouldn't notice the difference! And that, good sirs, is why G-Man is invulnerable. The GMan is not a sprite, for the engine treats him as a "model" not a "sprite. This is reasoned for the few sightings and the ending in which he only talks.

The only plausable reason that he is invincible is so that his model cannot be killed during the game. Anyways, there are points in the game in which you are allowed to take a few shots at the G-man before he walks off. Namely one nearly directly after the cascade happens. He's up on a platform and is looking at you.

half life gman ending relationship

There's also the part on the Dam, when he's on the platform and goes into the teleport I may be thinking of the wrong version of the game, though I'm not sure about the rest of the game, but I think he's behind walls. Yes, there are indeed a few places you can get a shot at him. First is around where you meet the houndeyes. He looks at you from the upper platform. When you climb up there, he's gone there is a professor sitting in a corner and a room with hand grenades on that platform, to give a more exact explanation about whereabouts.

Also in the dam stage. If "he has little programming for his AI," he obviously must be O I'm not sure if he is an "entity" or "sprite" or how it works. But that time when you see him talking to a prof before the incident, while you are supposed to get your HEV suit, I used noclip mode and impulse I succesfully placed lots of trip mines on him, dropped several satchel charges then exploded them. What I got was just sparks. Then I released some snarks. They completely ignored him.

So, you actually can take a shot actually as many shot as you can till he moves away at him at some points. I do not know though, if programmers took that into consideration, or they just thought players wouldn't attack him. He is neither invincible nor Is he referring to the human race or the Combine? Its just struck me that he is surrounded by dead HECU soldiers and wrecked equipment, which ties in with the info on Xen and the Combine that was recently released by Valve, stating that the Combine conquered Xen prior to invading Earth.

I'm assuming that the HECU forces were dispatched to Xen to conquer it, but were defeated by the recently-arrived Combine armies? Would this support the theory that he works for the Combine? I'm not sure whether or not to work this into the article or not Rusty When a portal from Xen to Earth was accidentally opened by the Black Mesa team, Freeman was sent through to kill the Nihilanth and close the Xen-Earth bridge.

half life gman ending relationship

However, this info claims, the Nihilanth's death allowed the Combine to invade Xen, with Earth only a short step away. I think there's a distinct possibility that the GMan works for the Combine - maybe as a double agent trying to bring it down from within, like Dr. Which is why, at the end of HL, he talks about Xen in his employers' control while he is surrounded by a defeated human army on Xen assuming they were sent to conquer Xen but were in turn defeated by the newly-arrived Combine.

He may well arrange the City 17 incident because he's a double agent. Maybe he thinks Earth is a waste of the Combine's time.

We'll never really know, I was just wondering what other people thought Rusty Who can tell what the real story is? I'm probably just being picky, but the idea that he's working for the combine seems a bit close to fan speculation. Certainly, the stuff in the Xen article about fleeing to Xen doesn't make much sense to me. The "original" interpretation for all its own plot holes seems most consistent for now.

The original plotline Xen being part of the Combine Empire makes a lot more sense, but there's a little hole in that plot revealed by Dr Mossman, when she says that unlike Earth and Xen which have entanglement teleporters, the Combine has string teleporters. If the Combine had been in control of Xen in the first place, wouldn't they have access to both types of teleport? The Combine was able to contact the administrator of Black Mesa before the accident.

The Combine learned of earth after we found the xen world, and Breen made a bargain with the Combine allowing them to take over the world in turn for power.

He arranged for the incident. Now apart from many theories ariving around why Freeman was to be the guiny pig for the "experiment," he inevitably helped the Combine eventually gain control of earth. Twice Freeman helped them by launching the satelite into space which they used to help control portal storms while invading earth.

The GMan tried to stop the Incident but failed. Freeman made his first blow against the unknown existance of the Combine by destroying the Nihilant, and the Combines control over the Xen race. Also, the soldiers are not an indication of a human assault on Xen. The dead HECU soldiers could have arisen a number of ways. Surely they could take over the whole planet with very little effort and wouldnt need to make a deal with any of Earth's inhabitants?

No doubt they didn't need to. It was apparent the Combine could have achieved their goals of plundering Earth whether the nations's governments surrendered or not. It was our idea to surrender, and since the Combine wasn't intent on simply wiping out humanity As G-Man said, the Combine provided "the illusion of choice".

From what I understand, the combine's weapons in regards to a new world, while devestating may not be suited for an extended occupation. So they hit a world as hard and as fast as they can 7 hours war then they quickly set about harvesting manpower and weapons so that they can create an army that is idealy suited for control of a particular world, at the same time they look over they're inventory of weapons and find other, already existing, weapons e.

With this in mind, they need to keep the populus as blind as possible to the fact that they are ruled by something not of this world, which is why they install puppet leaders breenbesides that since he is a puppet breen is, at least in theory replacable.

I do hope some people notice and respond to it Anyways, let's say that the G-man is, in fact, working for the Combine. Perhaps he's doing it in an odd, undercover way Right, well, let's say the G-man gets Gordon to come and kill Nihilanth because he wants the Combine to know where Earth is, so they can take it over.

The Combine go and nearly take over, but Breen appears and surrenders Earth. The G-man doesn't like this, so he gets Gordon to do the dirty work, yet again. This time, his mission is to kill Breen and cause a rebellion in the Human race. This would anger the Combine, who would then eliminate all of humanity. All this adds up to a fun little line: It's not very well thought up, sadly, but I just though of it, and it's like past midnight, and I should be asleep Some of the Dr. Breen's monologues indicate that the Combine are not entirely happy with his work, and his comments at the end of HL2 may indicate the the G-Man intends to use Gordon as a figurehead to quell the rebels.

However Breen's discussion with the advisor involving a 'host body' could be said to show that the Combine are happy with Breen for the time being. Maybe some of the HECU were teleported to xen at random and killed by xenian forces, much like how xenians teleported to earth were killed by the Security Team and the US Military.

The only difference is that the Nihilanth exploited these portals and invaded Earth, something the US Military wasn't able to do to xen. I used the Source Model viewer to look inside it, and I saw nothing! Take a look at him here: Firstly, he has three arms — each with bracers. The majority of the fauna we encounter on Xen have three arms. This suggests a relationship between him and the other intelligent creatures of Xen on a biological level. Marc commented on this: Steam Forums — Episode 2 Vortigaunts, Alien Grunts and Controllers all have this staple, central arm with bracers and the Vortigaunts even have collars.

He almost exactly resembles a human Stalker. Amputated legs, evident vivisection and missing eyes. His mouth is intriguing. In older concepts, Stalkers had metal bands wrapped around their faces to assist with being force fed. Even without these kind of restraints, the Nihilanth clearly resembles the Stalkers we have seen. The interesting thing about his similarities to the Stalkers is that according to Marc Laidlaw, the Nihilanth was never caught by the Combine. Steam Forums — Episode 2 So who or what mutilated him?

We can only question what may have happened to him. Over the years Marc has come forward with information pertaining to the Nihilanth. He has briefly touched on events that lead him and his followers to Xen.

Some kind of war took place which resulted in the Nihilanth and his followers retreating to Xen. They adapted to survive in Xen but were under pursuit by the Combine. The rift created at Black Mesa became an exit strategy for them and they poured through. First the Nihilanth and its kind came through, under desperate pressure of pursuit by the Combine; and eventually, more leisurely, the Combine tracked them and followed them through.

Aside from Freeman, he is the only entity in the Half-Life universe we know of who has successfully evaded capture and suppression.

The Nihilanth was an organism capable of teleporting himself and others locally.

1. His Strange Physiology

The Combine are extremely interested in the concept of local teleportation. They had already failed once, by allowing the Nihilanth to escape.

It also explains why the Borealis is so important to them. Vortigaunts appear to be able to teleport locally without the assistance of the Nihilanth. This was witnessed at the start of Episode 1. The Nihilanth appeared to be able to interact with the Xen crystals found in his chamber. The Nihilanth himself was even meant to have one of the crystals in his head.

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That was the plan. But we ran out of time to make the clear visual association. His Followers The intelligent races that accompanied the Nihilanth were more than just followers.

This takes us back to his vestigial third arm.