1999 royal rumble ending relationship

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1999 royal rumble ending relationship

Attitude Era is a term used by World Wrestling Entertainment to describe the company's . Austin would wrestle McMahon in at St. Valentine's Day Massacre in a At WrestleMania XV The Rock, the WWF Champion faced off against the .. His on-screen relationship with Stephanie ended shortly after his return from. Royal Rumble () was the twelfth annual Royal Rumble professional wrestling (a nod to The Fabulous Moolah's screwjob over Wendi Richter in the mid '80s) but it ended in a no-contest when she started whipping Sable with her belt. Today, I will be talking about the 12th annual Royal Rumble. Big Boss Man beat Road Dogg in the opener, which got pretty good near the end. .. ROH & ' Lightning One' To Continue Their Working Relationship, + Caprice.

Edge delivered a low blow to the big man to slow him down.

1999 royal rumble ending relationship

Road Dogg eliminated Edge. As Road Dogg and Mabel came to blows, the arena went black. They kept up the offense as The Undertaker and Paul Bearer appeared. Undertaker got in his face and said something, which seemed to confuse Mabel. The angle transformed Mabel in to the darker gimmick known as Viscera. Back in the ring.

Road Dogg waited for his next opponent; Gangrel. Al Snow out next. Looking really good as well. Godfather out with his hoes. Lawler was disappointed he left his hoes to enter the match. In his Royal Rumble debut.

1999 royal rumble ending relationship

Guys in white suits showed up to take Kane back to the mental hospital, but he refused to put his straitjacket on. Kane was so infuriated he eliminated himself to pursue them. McMahon slinked his way back in to the ring, as his Corporation member Ken Shamrock entered. McMahon endorsed Shamrock as he got out of the ring, and headed for the commentary table.

Billy Gunn rushed out and fought frantically with Shamrock. His ankle was injured earlier from their match, so he was fighting on one leg.

As we cut to the Ministry Of Darkness kidnapping Mabel, an ambulance pulled up very quickly in to the arena.

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McMahon gulped, as he had a feeling his nemesis had returned with a vengeance. In the ring, Test and Shamrock teamed up on the one-legged Mr. As Bossman was scheduled to enter, Austin made his way to ringside. He chased McMahon around the ring, and in to the ring, where he was cut off by Shamrock. Bad idea, as Austin eliminated Shamrock. Bossman did a good job of keeping Austin busy, as Triple H entered the mix. The Big Valbowski out next. Austin got sick of Billy Gunn pestering him, so he eliminated the Ass Man.

And then we got Jeff Jarrett with Debra. Feels like a lifetime since the last elimination. Speak of the devil, McMahon was getting anxious because Austin was still in there despite Corporation members in the ring.

Test tried having a go, but Austin soon had him kissing floor. X-Pac tried jumping at Bossman, but his attack was dodged so he was eliminated.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Owen Hart came out as 29 in his last Rumbe match before his tragic death five months later. And coming in as 30, the first ever woman to enter the Rumble. She eliminated Mark Henry right away. Val Venis out next, courtesy of Triple H. Austin kept his good form by eliminating Triple H, and later Owen. Just Bossman, Austin, and McMahon remaining. They started scrapping on the announce table. Austin stalked him with a chair, waiting til he turned around before bashing him square on the head.

Austin threw the boss back in to the ring. Out of desperation, McMahon low blowed Austin. Cole said something interesting here. Despite the Rumble usually deciding who faces the champion in the main event? So I guess this Rumble was for nothing?

Or Cole spoiled the storyline? Anyways, The Rock goaded Austin, got on the ring apron, and they exchanged blows as Vince got behind Austin and eliminated him! McMahon is the winner of the Royal Rumble! Cole thought he was dreaming and asked for someone to slap his face. The fact of the matter is.

What does that mean? It means The Corporation had to come out as the victors leading in to Wrestlemania season. McMahon painted himself as the ultimate bad guy, surrounding himself with a stable and a set of stooges. Montreal Screwjob Another important feud from to was between Hart and Shawn Michaelswho had legitimate issues with one another outside of wrestling. The conflict behind the scenes spilled out into their on-screen story line, where both men made pointed personal remarks in interviews and promo segments that were often rooted in these issues.

Halfway through the segment, Michaels appeared on the TitanTron; rather than a coherent rebuttal in response to Hart's promo, he appeared to be drunk and slurred his speech. Michaels went on a tirade and appeared to break kayfabe when he said: His next insult would trigger this feud to reach new levels: McMahon, a corrupt evil-owner caricature fixated on destroying the lives of disobedient employees. Tyson, who at the time was still suspended from boxing, was to be introduced as the "Special Guest Enforcer" referee for the championship match at WrestleMania XIV.

However, McMahon's presentation of Tyson was interrupted by Austin, who flipped off Tyson, leading to a brief scuffle. Following the victory, a distraught Michaels confronted Tyson, who then knocked out Michaels with a right-handed punch as Austin celebrated. McMahon storyline, where Austin, the company's defiant top star, would have to overcome the odds stacked against him by Mr.

This rivalry would prove to be one of the biggest factors for the WWF to finally start turning the tides in the ratings war with their competition, World Championship Wrestling. McMahon presented him with the newly designed WWF Championship belt and informed him he did not approve of his rebellious nature and that if he didn't conform to society and become his image of what a WWF Champion should be, Austin would face severe consequences. This led to a segment a week later where Austin had pledged a few days prior in a meeting to agree to McMahon's terms, appearing in a suit and tiewith a beaming McMahon taking a picture of himself and Austin, his new corporate champion.

The entire thing was a ruse by Austin, who in the course of the segment proceeded to tear off the suit, telling McMahon it was the last time he'd ever be seen dressed like this he was subsequently seen in a suit in his WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Austin punched McMahon in the 'corporate grapefruits'and took another picture with McMahon writhing in pain. On that night Raw defeated Nitro in the ratings for the first time since June 10, Steve Austin would become the company's most popular star at the time and would receive significant positive responses from the crowds. The rivalry would start to get more intense as time went on, with McMahon trying to sabotage Austin whenever he could to stop him from being the WWF Champion.

Austin would often exact revenge on McMahon, creating many of the era's most famous moments, such as attacking McMahon with a bedpan while he was in the hospital, stealing a cement mixer and driving it into the arena, then filling up one of McMahon's Corvette cars with cement, [19] driving a Zamboni to the ring before attacking McMahon leading to Austins arrest once again, [20] kidnapping Vince in a wheelchair, wheeling him down to the ring at gunpoint which ended up actually being a toy gun with a scroll that reads "Bang 3: Austin would wrestle McMahon in at St.

Valentine's Day Massacre in a steel cage, which he won when the debuting Big Show accidentally threw him through the cage wall, thus earning a world title shot at WrestleMania XV. Through the rivalry, McMahon founded two heel factions: The Rock[ edit ] Dwayne Johnsona third-generation wrestler, made his debut at the Survivor Series as "Rocky Maivia", naming himself after his grandfather Peter Maivia and his father Rocky Johnson. Despite being a babyface with an impressive winning streak and an Intercontinental Championship reign, he was frequently met with negative reception from live audiences: Nation of Domination[ edit ] The Rock, one of the biggest stars of the Attitude Era Maivia joined the Nation of Domination in and renamed himself "The Rock", an egotistical jock who referred to himself in third person and often cut colourful promos insulting rival wrestlers as well as fans who did not support him.

The Rock eventually overthrew Faarooq to become the leader of the Nation. It was during his time as leader of the Nation that he would develop his character and significantly improve his talking abilities on the microphone and later on became more popular with the fans for his engaging and entertaining promos. After the Nation disbanded, The Rock referred to himself as the "People's Champion" and was seen more of a face rather than a heel, which led to Vince McMahon and the Corporation to target him: After battling McMahon's goons for the chance to go to the Survivor Series, the Rock entered the tournament and made it to the finals against McMahon's chosen representative, Mankind.

During the match, a double turn occurred with the help of McMahon, similar to the previous year's Survivor Series, revealing that Rock was working with The Corporation all along. The Rock officially joined McMahon as the crown jewel of The Corporation, abandoning his previous moniker as "The People's Champion" and declaring himself "The Corporate Champion", once again turning heel to the dismay of many fans. The Corporation[ edit ] As a member of The Corporation, The Rock's persona changed yet again, to an even more callous attitude and would further develop his character, where he would insult the fans and other WWE superstars on a regular basis, calling them "trailer park trash" and various other insults he would also start to use more of his trademark catchphrases around this time.

The Rock would go on a lengthy feud with Mankind, with a rematch at Rock Bottomwhere Rock retained the title due to a technicality, even though he lost the match. Mankind would get his revenge, winning the title on Raw Is War.

Royal Rumble (1999)

Mankind, knowing he never quit during the match, was furious with the Rock and stole a large amount of the Rock's money to bribe him into a rematch during halftime of the Super Bowl. The match was titled "Half-Time Heat", and Mankind won the match and the title, after pinning the Rock underneath a forklift. The Rock got a rematch at St. The bout ended in a draw after both men were unable to stand at the ten count. Vince McMahon would interfere in the match attacking Stone Cold to try and stop him but was unsuccessful.

Austin, after winning the title, described the belt as not being good enough, using his personalized Smoking Skull Belt.

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McMahon, who was in possession of the belt, ordered Shane McMahon to give it to Austin, seemingly ending their feud. But Shane had other plans, as he went against his father's wishes and gave the belt to The Rock. The People's Champion[ edit ] After being fired from the Corporation, The Rock once again turned face and declared himself the People's Champion and went on a number of small feuds during the latter part of It was during this time The Rock's popularity began to flourish once again, and he joined his former rival Mankind to create the tag team, The Rock 'n' Sock Connection.

Stone Cold would once again defeat The Rock to regain the title and also turned heel in the process joining his nemesis Mr McMahon to a very mixed reaction from WWE fans. The Undertaker[ edit ] As one of only a handful of top performers who never left the WWF before and during the Monday Night Wars, The Undertaker was involved in various pivotal storylines and matches during this era. His gimmick, a horror-themed, macabre entity who employed scare tactics and held links to the supernatural, allowed the WWF to push the envelope from a creative perspective during this era.

The Brothers of Destruction[ edit ] Main article: During the course of their conflict, Bearer threatened The Undertaker with the threat of revealing his 'secret', calling him a "murderer" and accusing him of killing his parents and brother. In the following weeks on Raw, Bearer revealed that his brother Kane was actually still alive. Kane debuted at Badd Blood: At first, the Undertaker refused to fight Kane. Following the conclusion of this story line, the rivalry ceased as The Undertaker and Kane united to form a tag team that became known as The Brothers of Destruction.

Now proclaiming himself as the "Lord of Darkness", he began taking a more macabre and darker persona, claiming that a "plague of evil" would hit WWF. The story line continued over the weeks that followed, as the Undertaker announced his intentions of taking over WWF and claimed he was working for a "higher power". In Your House on April 25, Mr. McMahon had Shamrock face The Undertaker in the hopes that Shamrock would break Undertaker's ankle with his ankle lock toehold submission, but his plan backfired and Shamrock was attacked by Bradshaw after the match.

Later, The Undertaker commandeered Stephanie's limo and drove off into the night with a screaming Stephanie in tow as Backlash went off the air. The Undertaker attempted to marry her the next night on Raw Is War by holding a "Black Wedding" for himself and Stephanie in a bid to take control of the company. The Corporate Ministry[ edit ] Main article: This group came to an end when The Undertaker suffered a legit injury in September and was written out by quitting, rather than taking a match ordered by Mr.

Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack. While Mankind was his main persona in WWF and Cactus Jack was previously used in his days in WCW, Japan and independent circuits, Dude Love was inspired by a character Foley created when he and his high school friends did backyard wrestling in his hometown of Long Island.

The image of Foley being thrown from the top of the Hell in a Cell by The Undertaker at the King of the Ring is synonymous with the era, along with Jim Ross ' commentary of "as God is my witness, he is broken in half".

That night, WCW attempted to sabotage Raw's rating by announcing the result of the match on Nitro, but their plan backfired when Nielsen ratings indicated that overhouseholds changed the channel to watch the victory and shifted the ratings for the night in WWF's favor.

He remained off-camera during the tumult following the Montreal Screwjoband later reappeared using the nicknames "Black Hart" and "Lone Hart".

1999 royal rumble ending relationship

Owen would align with the Nation of Domination for much ofwinning the European Title along the way.