The hubble distance velocity relationship states that have medical marijuana

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the hubble distance velocity relationship states that have medical marijuana

The total kinetic energy of the Hubble expansion need only to be about 5% of the rest The velocity-distance relation for large and intermediate distances is studied, and The protocosl of necropsies and medical histories corresponding to this Full Text Available I review the current state of determinations of the Hubble. Force and Distance from Central Axis of the Transducer with a Comparison of . “Understanding the Impact of National and State Medical Marijuana Policies. There are many improbable events that were required to allow the Earth a planet with at least the mass of Mars and within 10% of the distance of This ring of material, the theory states, would have coalesced to Such a rapid rotational period would have resulted in surface wind velocities in excess of.

Before Galileo the general thinking was that objects have its place by its weight in nature. It was thought heavy objects fall faster. Galileo is called father of experimental Science. He showed the world that free fall acceleration in gravitational field is independent of weight.

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To prove it he rolled the balls of same size but different weight on a slanted table. This became the foundation of science. Fallowing Galileo, Newton observed an apple falling to develop his famous three laws of science that caused the great revolution in science.

When electromagnetism challenged it, Einstein observed a spider crawling on a Globe and blew up the globe in his vision and went ahead save Newton by developing his famous Relativity Theory.

Had Galileo observed Himself and his role, had Newton observed the tree growing and the seed concealed in apple sprouting, had Einstein blew the spider instead of the globe, the situation of the world would have been different. We would not have been looking for the origin of the Universe or Big Bang in material world. We would not have been breaking atoms to seek God Particle. Most importantly the world would not have been endangered by immense heat and violent fluctuation of energy or unwinding and winding force, leading to all the natural calamities, instability of human mind leading to war and violence and self-destruction.

In this field it transforms gravity into anti-gravity. It is a creative field and has the potential to conquer time and initialize it. The only life that goes with gravity and leads it gravitational collapse is humans. The ego and self-centered mind of humans that has distanced from God and Truth in its ignorance digs its own grave.

Ego of Humans that has become slave to material world and gets blown to a point of shrinking the world to its critical state. When the space-time in human life takes negative orientation, earth winds and shrinks to a collapsing state. We are seeing the after effect of global growth of humans with ego and self-centered negative thinking spiced with material power.

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If humanity has to survive it has to reverse and take the path not taken. This idea of inner space-time field of life controlling the universe can include all conceptual developments in science and lead to reinventing Big Bang origin sensibly and unite the western philosophy with Eastern philosophy to reveal the secret of Calvary Sacrifice.

Indeed, a number of studies have done by physicists in an attempt to determine an upper limit to the mass of the photon. My understanding is that everything that exists has to be made of matter. What would that something be if not matter?

Best regards, Richard H. Well, Einstein taught us in that mass and energy are essentially the same through his famous equation.

Paul Dirac, inprovided an actual mechanism by which energy in the form of a photon can turn into a pair of particles with mass. The discovery of the Higgs in actually explains the mechanism the Higgs Field through which some particles have no mass photon, gluon and others receive their mass through interacting with the Higgs. For massive particles, other than the energy inherent in their mass measured typically in electron volts there is also the kinetic energy, which you described, and a potential energy if a rock is held 10 feet above ground, it has potential energy, which turns into a certain kinetic energy when it falls….

Kinetic energy is obtained by mass times velocity squared, divided by two, etc. But when there is no mass, we obtain the energy of a massless particle, a photon, using another formula: So there are ways of handling the energy in any eventuality. Richard Harkness Electromagnetic energy refers to photon particles. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.

There is no matter. It is much more difficult to deal mathematically with fluctuating energy fields than say a particle, that is why the current consensus defines matter as particles not orbs of confined energy. Richard Harkness You seem to have it backwards, Physicists could do a much better job of explaining these things to prevent such popular misconceptions.

There is only matter. Energy is a property of matter—it does not exist apart from—or independently of—matter. Energy is an abstract term that simply refers to the physical process of matter in motion and interacting with other matter. Matter is an entity, energy is not. August Pamplona Sounds like a fake quote. So, perhaps the affects of gravitational waves interacting at the edge of galaxies produce the observed results.

One if them is that dark matter and dark energy do not exist. The theory of everything however does explain what they could be using a different concept. The book will be published by early next year.

AbedPeerally Numerous science papers in so called well publicized journals have been reported as fake.

For such reasons among others most European countries are going for free access. My first relativity paper in SAJS was vetted by one world renowned scientist who published a book wit Hawking. I have good reasons to prefer free access for my Theory of Everything papers. I dont trust several reviewers. You are entitled to your views. AbedPeerally The modern tendency is to go towards open access publications. The whole world academics is taking that trend.

My first Einstein relativity paper was refereed by a world very famous cosmologist who coauthored a major book by Hawking and the paper was accepted within three days of submission to SAJS. Randell Mills is making a dark matter engine called the Suncell which is going to change everything. Resurrected Mormons ruling planets are dark matter. Dark matter is an apparition fomented by the Devil to fool us.

the hubble distance velocity relationship states that have medical marijuana

Dark mater is an observational anomaly caused by the Earth being truly being flat and cylindrical so the oceans to not spill. Boris And hey, they just discovered that the insides of neutron stars have been touched by The Noodly Appendage. Now…parameterize curve fit and publish. Might ask for more. These fluctuations are of unparticle character of random noise. We can also observe many dark matter analogies in socioeconomical phenomena like the ignorance of breaktrough findings and ideas.

the hubble distance velocity relationship states that have medical marijuana

The hype curve of dark matter acceptation by scientific community therefore exhibits its own dark matter effect. OWilson Humans will always be limited by human perception. We have been likened to eternally living in a dark cave, seeking to explain the shadows we see on the walls from the outside world. The search for understanding has given us many new hypotheses, each one raising new questions, but we, the latest great apes, can never really separate ourselves as detached objective observers of this weird universe that apparently has no reason to exist.

We can however, like the spiders in the cave, utilize our localized experience to build our webs, and exploit the local environment. According to Einstein, if you take everything out, there will be no space.

the hubble distance velocity relationship states that have medical marijuana

So you can imagine a cavity that does not exist, anything flying in will emerge without having to pass a certain distance at all.